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Nike Zoom Nucleus + MC Running Shoes Review

 October 21, 2011 1
Nike Zoom Nucleus + MC Running Shoes Review

Nike Nucleus+ MC

Nike Nucleus+ MC

Full Name: Nike Zoom Nucleus MC+
Category: Motion Control
Weight: 12.8 oz. (363 gr.)
Suggested Price: 120 $
Reccomended For: Severe Over Pronators
  • Nike Zoom Nucleus + MC General Info:

The Nucleus is the only shoe that Nike presents for their Motion Control line. Everything on this shoe screams “support”, let’s have a look and see if it’s true.

  • Nike Zoom Nucleus + MC Sole Unit:

At a first look you can notice that the Nucleus MC+ is based on a very solid sole unit. First of all, the midsole is fairly high from a side view and if you turn the shoe upside down and look at the outsole you’ll notice that it is not deeply carved – the opposite – and it is very robust.
There is a very large piece of dual density foam injection (the darker grey material) that goes from deep in the heel till right under the arch, providing all the possible support during the heel strike and on the transition from there to the midfoot, preventing the arch to collapse excessively. Further, the dual injection post is aided in its duty by TPU (plastic) inserts.
A firm plastic shank wraps the foot in the mid area from the external to the internal side of the arch, keeping heel and toe aligned during the transition and it is probably the best shank in Nike’s stable.

The heel is decoupled (split in two sections), one of which lands on the harder density foam in order to provide guidance to the foot during the heel-to-toe transition.

Support is achieved in the toe area too, by providing flex grooves (the carved lines that allow the front of your foot to flex and lift your toes off the ground at the end of the gait) which are not deeply carved.

Nike Zoom Air and the Nike+ enabled pocket complete the technology dotation of this shoe.

  • Nike Zoom Nucleus + MC Upper:

Upper design is spartan and slightly old-fashioned, but we have to admit Nike did a very good job on this upper. There is not a over-abundance of synthetic leather overlays, but the ones present all hold the shoe together in a very effective and efficient way.
On both sides of the shoe you can find one overlay that connects the toe with the last eyering and then again to the midsole, and two strong overlays that connect other two eyerings with the medial and the external heel side of the midsole. The womens shoe here differs in the way that there is an extra, wide overlay that wraps your arch.

The rest of the upper is made of a very breathable mesh and the strategic positioning of the overlays makes it so that the mesh part are very open.

  • Nike Zoom Nucleus + MC Opinion:

When looking for a Motion Control shoe, runners often look only at the quality of the solutions implemented in the sole unit. The upper structure is very important as well because keeps your foot in the right place.
The Nike Zoom Nucleus+ MC achieves good levels of control and support, and at the same time the intelligent design of the upper overlays makes it possible for this shoe to be lightweight and breathable – which is often not the case for motion control shoes.
We recommend this shoe to heavy over pronators and runners with severe flat feet who want the protection and support their foot demands but at the same time want a comfortable and lightweight shoe.

  • Nike Zoom Nucleus + MC Price Comparison:

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Let us know what you think of this shoe in the comments!

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  • The tread and shape of the sole of the Nucleus is 100% identical to the Equalon 1. In fact, the feel and shape of the show is identical. I just came back from a road runner sports and compared my own Equalon 1 with the new Nucleus. The difference is the dual injection plastic in the instep as well as the mesh upper.

    I purchased the Nucleus as a replacement for my worn Equalon 1’s as the new Equalon 3’s are in the Stability class.

    Heavy Overpronator
    6’2″ 195lbs
    7 marathons, PR 3:17:01

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