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Asics GT 2150 Running Shoes Review

 June 21, 2010 11
Asics GT 2150

Asics GT 2150

Full Name: Asics GT 2150
Category: Stability
Weight: 11.7 oz (330 grams)
Suggested Price: 100$
Recommended For: Moderate to mild over-pronators. Runners with normal to low arches.
  • Asics GT 2150 General Info:

The GT-2000 series is Asics’ bread and butter stability shoe. Depending on which source you consider, the predecessor of the Asics Gel GT-2150 (the 2140) has been the most sold stability running shoe of 2009 and this should be a good indicator of its popularity As it seems to be the common denominator for this years’ round of updates, Asics made just a few, slight adjustment to the midsole and outsole and worked on improving the fit of the upper, starting by making the shoe slightly lighter than last year’s version.

  • Asics GT 2150 Sole Unit:

As announced, not many changes on the GT-2510 sole unit compared to the 2140. Let’s start with what’s unchanged. Two Gel units (bags of sylicone-based material which are Asics’ trademark cushioning technology) are inserted in the heel and forefoot to absorb the shock at the impact. The heel is decoupled in order to absorb the shock on the heel landing without resounding it throughout the whole surface of the sole. The midsole itself is made of Solyte – the same foam used in the majority of Asics’ top of the line running shoes. This for the cushioning side.
On the stability side – which is the category of the GT 2150 – we see Asics’ DuoMoax technology: the insertion of an injection of harder foam into the midsole (clearly visible by the grey colour) that stops the arch from falling excessively inwards during the roll of the foot from heel strike to toe off. Trusstic System: another common stability feature that has Asics probably as the best executor: the brigde of plastic material (TPU) that wraps the midsole under the arch to and provides torsional stability to the midfood area so that toe and heel stay longitudinally aligned during the running gait preventing issues such as sprinkled ankles. Here is the first update we can observe in the 2010 edition: the Space Trusstic is slightly shorter (as in extends less far into the heel) than in the previous model. We didn’t feel much difference, but we assume is part of the solutions to refine the ride and reduce the weight. The Trusstic system is now gender specific, wrapping up higher on the womens’ version to provide that extra stability that women need – as they naturally tend to pronate more due to their wider Q-angle.
Furhter innovations have been made to the outsole (the part that touches the ground). The pattern of flex grooves and pods has been changed so to be more flexible on the lateral side (external) and more supportive on the medial side (internal) of the toe area, adding another layer of stability to the ride.

  • Asics GT 2150 Upper:

The upper of the GT 2150 is how we like it: without too many gimmicks and focusing on providing a good fit. The outside has been modified by changing the placement of some of the support overlays, most noticeably on the lateral side of the toebox, helping preventing bunions. The heel collar has been lowered as it seemed to annoy a few runners in the past edition. For the rest, the level of comfort that Asics’ has accustomed its runner to is still provided by a ferw nice details. The ComfortDry sockliner provides additional cushioning right underneat the plant of the foot and it has been treated with an anti-microbial material that prevents bad odours. The heel collar is nicely padded with memory foam, a material that assumes the shape of the foot, granting maximum comfort. The heel counter is secured to the heel section of the midsole through syntetic overlays that encapsulate the heel without feeling too hard on the skin.

  • Asics GT 2150 Opinion:

What do we think of the Asics GT 2150? We liked it. Not much changed in the feel versus the GT 2140 and that’s definitely a good thing. The weight has been slightly reduced, too little to actually feel it immediately, but clear as soon as the mileage packs up. How does this shoe performs compared to its major rivals, specifically its biggest sister Asics Gel Kayano 16 and with the Nike Structure Triax+ 13?
The Kayano 16, a part from costing 40 extra dollars, is a heavier, more supportive shoe – suggested to heavier runners or runners with a more serious over pronation problem. If you don’t need the whole support of the Kayano 16, you will will be pleased by the reduced weight of the GT 2150. With the Structure Triax 13 the comparison is much more subjective. The GT 2150 is slightly heavier than the Nike Triax 13, but the support provded is very similar. Nike Focuses the stability features in a Dual Density foam injection (same tech as the DuoMax mentioned earlier) that extends further in the heel, while Asics extends further towards the forefoot. Asics’ plastic shank (the Trusstic System) is also much more constructed and firm than Nike’s.
Overall the GT 2150 is a great shoe – suggested as everyday training running shoe for mild to medium over pronators.

  • Asics GT 2150 Price Comparison:

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  • I thoroughly regret buying these trainers. They cripple me on runs of over 10 km. I believed the hype, believed the shop assistant who convinced me they were the best cusioning available. They don’t even come close to the cusioning of my old Nike Vomero 2 and many generations of Pegasus that I ran with before those. From now on my asics will become casual wear, and I’m out to purchase a newer version of Vomero.

  • Hey Gaff, the 2150 is a stability shoe, not a cushioning shoe! The shop assistant advised you wrong! You might have better luck with the Vomero which is a true cushioning shoe!

  • Hi There

    Sorry to put this in a comment but I couldn’t find an email address.

    I have just read your review of the Asics 2150’s and was wondering if you would be interested in swapping in-content links between our websites so that out readers can be pointed towards some additional complimentary reading.

    Let me know what you think

    Kind Regards


    Asics GT 2150 Review

  • I just bought these shoes last week, since I’m an overpronator. With previous shoes, my ankles and knees hurt terribly after running for any length of time. I worked out with the GT-2150s the other day and I felt no pain. I’m looking forward to longer, more frequent workouts. I’m pleased with my purchase, and even more pleased that they were 40% off at DSW when I bought them.

  • I love the 2140 and do NOT like the 2150. The biggest complaint I have is they are way more narrow. While I was able to put on the 2140’s and run 8 miles the 1st day I was in them, I have gotten horrible blisters from running only 4-5 miles in my 2150’s and this is after months in them. I kept thinking maybe I need to break them in, but bottom line is it’s the shoe!

  • I just got the GT 2150, had painful blisters and sore legs after running only about 7km’s. I decided to get new insoles from Dr. Scholl’s, and seemed to remedy situation. I ran 10k’s in them last night and didnt have any blisters whatsoever.

  • I am an asics believer and have run in the the 2110 and 2130 therefore, when it was time to purchase a new pair of shoes, I naturally bought the 2150. Big mistake. The 2150 is nothing like the 2130. The arch has been increased. Unfortunately I kept on my marathon traing in these shoes and at week 12 sustained an injury as a result. Pool trained for the remaining 4 weeks however had to pull out at mile 10 of the actual race due to the same injury. Now looking for a shoe that is similar to the 2130.

  • I purchased these shoes about 4 weeks ago and cannot figure out why they hurt my feet. seems like I cannot get the width to fit right for some reason can anyone help me with this. thanks

  • Sorry to say I have also had blisters and leg pain after using GT-2150 shoes. I gave them some time to break in but that has only increased my suffering.

  • These were the only shoes that consistantly worked for me. Since they’ve been discontinued In many other shoes I get pain in the metatarsal and outer ankle.

    I’ve been having trouble finding a replacement. Any suggestions?

  • I stand on my feet all day,on cement. Any suggestions?

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