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Mizuno Wave Prophecy Running Shoes Review

 November 11, 2011 28
Mizuno Wave Prophecy Running Shoes Review
Mizuno Wave Prophecy

Mizuno Wave Prophecy

Full Name: Mizuno Wave Prophecy
Category: Neutral, Cushioning
Weight: 14.4 oz. (400 gr.)
Suggested Price: 200 $
Recommended For: Neutral to mild overpronators seeking a durable ultra-premium shoe
  • Mizuno Wave Prophecy General Info:

The Wave Prophecy is Mizuno’s first entry into the ultimate feature running shoe category. The Prophecy includes every available technology, and luxury, that Mizuno has to offer. As such, it is primed to compete with shoes like the Saucony Paramount and Asics Kinsei.

  • Mizuno Wave Prophecy Sole Unit:

The most immediately noticeable feature of the Wave Prophecy is it’s lack of midsole foam. In traditional shoes, the midsole foam is usually the first part of the shoe that wears out. Mizuno has now constructed a shoe that uses less foam than any other shoe on the market. In place of the foam is Mizuno’s new Infinity Wave plate. Mizuno engineers it’s wave plates to disperse shock and provide stability during the gait cycle. The Wave Prophecy’s Infinity plate is comprised of two separate plastic plates that are joined at 10 locations by plastic struts from heel to toe. The heel portion of the Wave Prophecy uses the same wave design as the Mizuno Wave Creation 12 but the midfoot and forefoot employ a completely new wave plate design. The top wave in the Wave Prophecy includes Mizuno’s InterCool ventilation system which evacuates hot air from inside the shoe via a series of ports engineered into the plate design. Mizuno’s AP+ midsole foam is in place at the toe of the shoe. Also included is Mizuno’s Gender Engineering which creates male and female specific heel geometries to accommodate differing foot strikes.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy Medial View

Mizuno Wave Prophecy Medial View

  • Mizuno Wave Prophecy Upper:

The Wave Prophecy upper is built using Mizuno’s Dynamotion Fit design principles that integrate movement of the upper with the natural motion of the human foot. This is accomplished by using materials that move equally well in all directions. Flex eyelets allow the laces to simultaneously keep the shoe locked in and allow the eyelet row to move with the foot. The laces used in the Wave Prophecy are also an all new design. They feature a ribbed texture that aims to reduce the chances of the laces coming untied during a run. The overlays in the shoe are well placed and utilized only where necessary to keep the foot locked into the heel counter and centered over the wave plate. Mizuno also used the attached tongue found in the Wave Creation and Wave Nirvana. Rounding out the upper is an Ortholite memory foam sockliner.

  • Mizuno Wave Prophecy Opinion:

Let me say this first; I don’t run in neutral shoes. Ever. My feet won’t allow it without a plantar fasciitis flare-up or some other undesirable consequence. So it was with some trepidation that I laced up my test pair of Wave Prophecy’s. I immediately noticed how stable this was for a neutral shoe. The heel and arch fit nicely with my foot profile and the upper was like a second skin. However, I did feel as though the shoe stood taller off the ground than I am used to. As I ran I was amazed by how quickly this shoe got me through each step despite it’s 14 ounce weight. In fact, the shoe never once felt heavy through the seven miles that I ran in it.

The Wave Prophecy is also a head turner due to it’s over-the-top styling cues. Flaming reds, shimmery silvers and high-tech gunmetal grays make up the color palette in the men’s version. A shoe that retails at $200 had better make a visual mark! I‘m definitely all for Mizuno becoming more aggressive with their aesthetics. Nice job there, guys. In fact, I got several compliments and questions about the shoes after my test run. This shoe certainly has an expensive look and feel throughout.

The Wave Prophecy is truly a revolutionary shoe for Mizuno and is an excellent shoe for a certain runner, in my opinion. In all likelihood, high-mileage neutral runners will feel most at home in the Wave Prophecy and I would definitely use it as my go to shoe if my footstrike was more towards the neutral category. However, It’s not a shoe that will cross a lot of boundaries outside of neutral to mild overpronators. I fall into the moderate overpronator category and my main training shoe is the Mizuno Wave Nirvana. If Mizuno ever comes out with an “ultra Nirvana” I’ll be the first in line but for now, I’m sticking with what works for me.

Perhaps most exciting to me is the hope that the innovations present in the Wave Prophecy will trickle down to the rest of Mizuno’s line up. The shoe has a luxurious fit and feel, the ride is deceptively quick and surprisingly stable but,again, is probably best suited for runners who like the Wave Creation and want to experience the pinnacle of Mizuno technology.
Review by Theo Clyatt

Let us know what you think of this shoe in the comments!

  • Mizuno Wave Prophecy Price Comparison:

{"datafeed": { "header": "Datafeed", "items": [{"MYKEY": "23_048586", "DEEP_LINK": "", "MERCHANT_NAME": "Holabird Sports", "IMAGE_URL": "", "NAME": "Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 Men's White/black/directoire Blue", "CATEGORY": "", "USERFIELD1": "", "CURRENCY_PREFIX": "$", "DISPLAY_PRICE": "209.95", "USED_PRICE_HTML": "", "MERCHANT_LOGO": ""},{"MYKEY": "1_041969494233", "DEEP_LINK": "", "MERCHANT_NAME": "Zappos", "IMAGE_URL": "", "NAME": "Mizuno - Wave Prophecy 4 (turbulence/black/bolt) Men's Shoes", "CATEGORY": "Footwear > Athletic > General Athletic", "USERFIELD1": "", "CURRENCY_PREFIX": "$", "DISPLAY_PRICE": "209.95", "USED_PRICE_HTML": "", "MERCHANT_LOGO": ""},{"MYKEY": "29_b00duqif80", "DEEP_LINK": "", "MERCHANT_NAME": "", "IMAGE_URL": "", "NAME": "Mizuno Wave Prophecy 2 Men Blue Depth Gold Us 9", "CATEGORY": "", "USERFIELD1": "", "CURRENCY_PREFIX": "$", "DISPLAY_PRICE": "259.99", "USED_PRICE_HTML": "", "MERCHANT_LOGO": ""},]}}



  • Argh! Sorry, but your misuse of “it’s” is driving me crazy. Here’s a simple rule to help remember when to use “its” versus “it’s”; think of the words his and hers. Both of those words are possessive. And they both don’t have apostrophes, just like “its” the possessive doesn’t have an apostrophe.

  • Rusty, WTF??? the first comment on this review had to be about gramma?? seriously mate GET OVER IT!!! Great review, I own a pair of the Prophecy and love them, my prevois shoes are been the Wave Inspire and Gel Nimbus, i transitioned very smoothly and quickly into the Prophecy and recently completed a 50km road run in them without any problems at all. The Prophecy will be my high road mileage shoe and i use the Mizuno Wave Cabrakan as my trail shoe. I apoligise now for any gramma errors in my post, i have a life.

  • David, WTF its GRAMMAR you dill. I understand where Rusty is coming from. Some people are too lazy to learn what they should’ve picked up in school. “I would of done it” for example. Sheesh, just because it sounds like ‘of’ doesn’t mean it is!!!! These things drive us crazy. The apostrophe police are all around you…stay alert!

    • Neil – you do realize you also just used “its” uncorrectly, right? 😉
      I apologize for the mistakes in the article, some more proofreading is needed for sure…

  • I just bought these Mizuno Wave Prophecy shoes today from my local running store (never had heard of these shoes until I stepped into that store and saw the shoes there. Definitely the most comfortable running shoes I’ve worn and look great as well. I even got a free Mizuno duffle bag from the store for spending the $200+ for these shoes. Normally I wear a stability shoe due to pronation and flat feet but these shoes feel great thus far and I’m wearing them with the Superfeet Blue inserts… plus these shoes are definite headturners… had a number of people compliment me on how nice the shoes look (not that this is an important criteria for buying these shoes, but they still look nice).
    I have a comment for Rusty… a SIMPLER way to remember when to use “its” versus “it’s” is to simply replace “it’s” with “it is”… if it doesn’t work in a sentence that is supposed to use “its” then you know you’ve used “it’s” incorrectly. :-)

  • Nice website, but you probably don’t want to loose the readers bye using uncorrect gramma! Especially the English teacher runners.

    Does anyone hesitate to spend $200 for a pair of running shoes? They’re [glad I used the right form of they’re] probably still made in China. Really, I think Mizuno’s lower-end neutral shoe would do me just fine. This shoe should be in a category called “maximal shoes”.

  • Love the Prophecy, My feet are really sensitive and my shins are
    fragile but the Prophecy just eases away the twinges!! Go Mizuno.

  • After some comflicting advice and some personal experience where fit was concerned involving a pair of Mizuno Creation 11s, I opted to go up in size. Unfortunately, the advice was that the Prophecy is small and that I should go a half size larger. I say unfortunately because I am usually a 13US and there is no 13.5, so 14 was my only option. And, yes, they are a bit too big. Not so much that I can’t run in them, but I have to pad the a bit with some gel insoles.

    I have to say that my first impressions were not of a radically different shoe from the Creation. Mizuno makes a bit of a deal about getting rid of all the foam and relying purely on the wave technology. My response is that they need to be a bit careful about misleading advertising. There are discreet pieces of foam throughout the shoe. You just have to look carefully. Indeed, which Mizuno claim that the shoe is for neutral runners, they have actually put a desner foam on the medial edge of the heel between the lower wave plate and the outsole than on the lateral edge.

    My impressions? As I said, not remarkably different from the Creation. Heavier – yes. Springier – a bit. Do they propel me forward as one reviewer claimed they did for him? No, but then I am probably somewhat heavier that that guy. Do I like them? Yes. Do I think they are worth $200? No, not really. Indeed, I can’t see $200 worth of shoe. They are just a variation on the Creation, and I regard that show as overpriced an $140.

    Would I recommend the Prophecy? Yes, but with caveats. If you are a big guy, they are going to last you a lot longer than the average EVA midsole. Definitely try before you buy, as sizing may be problematic. Be aware that, like the Creation, they are built on a curved last, which won’t suit everyone’s foot shape and is not particularly recommended to pronators.

    My last word are on the colourway (that is the English/Australian spelling, Rusty). Personally, I think it sucks. But then I loved the Nike Internationalist of the late 7os with its Cobalt blue with Ochre Swoosh stripe. Oh well, to each his/her own (that is the politcally correct way of say it, as it is gender-inclusive).

  • I so want to buy a pair of these! maybe after I get married and get some extra money! I love my nike air max’s, I have no foot pain while wearing them, but I do get shin splints…. And as for the it’s/its debate, it is much easier to think of it this way it’s is used to combine it and is. So if you are not sure which one to use try saying the sentence with it is, if it doesn’t sound right then you use its!

  • I’m sorry but anyone who buys this shoe or any “gimmick” shoe is making a huge mistake. You’re better off getting a shoe that has almost no heal and learn to run correctly. Ever notice you don’t land on your heels when you run barefoot? It’s because your body naturally forces you to run correctly in order to land the softest and safest when you don’t have the support of your shoes. With all this shoe “technology” you end up running incorrectly, heal to toe, which causes strains on other parts of your body that running shouldn’t do. Research pose running or barefoot running and learn the correct technique and stop relying on overpriced shoes that actually cause more harm than good.

  • Couldn’ t agree more with Glenn and Maximus comments.
    Glenn’ s comments are wise words from a consumer’s prospective. This is the kind of info anyone of us wants to get from so who’ s already used a product.
    And YES there is nothing more important than knowledge on how to work out, what to take care of, how to deal with each one’ s personal pros and cons. You do not need all this stuff on a shoe for the medium runner needs to be covered and certainly many times true substance of a product is far from gimmick advs.
    However, I think that research should go on and we must be glad for all those people in the R&D sections of Mizuno (and other sport gear companies) that try to come out with the best possible. But, hey, there is Nature in all of us, too, and we should not forget we do not need a whole armour around our feet to run properly. Just train and learn to listen to your body (head to toes), learn from science info, good sharing runner friends and adopt with skepticism and in small increments each time.
    (By the way I run on Asics and Mizuno for more than 20 years now – I am 44- and never ever was strikingly let down by any wisely chosen pair of shoes so far; Remember what is best for me could be not that ideal for so else – for any matter in life that is!)

  • The feet are developed in mixed terrain (hardnes and angel against the feet) and therfor the feet are designed to land on both front fot and heal (it has multipel purpose). Most of the time I personaly land on front fot. Asphalt is a very hardt surfes that attacs your feet with the same hardnes and angel. This is tough for the feet to run on, not just because its hard, but most importantly since it doesent give the fot any vaiarity. The running shoe is a simulated surfes (maybe like running front fot on gras, the front fot sinks down until the heal tutches the gras) ataced under youre feet, it doesent neseserely give you anny vaiarity, but it is more “natural” than running with out shoes (on asphalt). Running bare feet gives you bether, faster and more accurate sensomotor feedback btw. Fucked up writing…runner from norway

  • Good looking shoe but when I went to the websight they didn’t have any wide width options(I’m a size 13 4E). WTF! $200.00 for a running shoe and no wide width option? Hell no. And I have to agree with Max about the false prophet promises shoes makers make about their swag.
    That shoe is a marketing gimmick all the way.
    Bottom line, if that shoe sales well it will be seen as the 2nd coming of jesus christ. If it flatlines, then it will be relegated to the job of paper weight.

    • Hi Terry – we knew that the Prophecy, like the Kinsei, would raise a lot of these kind of responses. Premier running shoes like these are a way for a company to show off and try new technologies. Ie the asymmetrical lacing on the Kinsei. Making major design changes or bringing up a new technology costs money. You can spread it across many models and make the technology cheaper for the runner, but it’s a very risky strategy.
      By launching premier shoes, running companies can get creative and experiment with new materials and shapes. As for the widths, it’s the same problem. Launching different widths is like developing a new shoe and it’s almost always too risky for a new shoe, especially one that costs that much!

  • Nice article Rusty boy. The content is m0re important than minor typographic errors.

    If it he|ps y0u, just remember:

    “IT’S a g00d d0g that scratches ITS own fleas.”

  • This shoes is good for shock absorption, but the downside is it is no good for cross country, when you have to deal with muddy ground. The shoes become much more heavy when stick with lots of mud !!

  • as one of the shoes in my rotation, got in a couple of 10Ks in it and then some. i have been loving it since the first time i got it and am pretty excited on how the prophecy would be developed in the long run. everything in the shoe speaks of quality and the ride… well you have to try it to understand! The hefty price tag is the only major con factor making one really hesitate to step on just any surface when its brand new. Inspecting the shoe carefully though makes you realize why mizuno would charge that much.

  • i bought prophecy, tried and tested for few weeks of running, i found that the shoe design not for everyone. The shoe is design for (neutral) runners only, and only runners with heavier weight will feel its benefit and runners with flat arc will definately enjoy this shoe. Runners with light body weight won’t feel the benefit, and will find that the sole will be too hard when running.

    Runner with heavier weight will feel the shoe being light during run, due to its spring like feel sole construction and superb stability. Keep in mind that, this is not an off-road running shoe, it is for running on normal roads and track n field only.
    The wave technology and superior quality sole definately last way longer than any shoe out there where others won’t last long and worn out.

    Price is definately high, but after inspecting the shoe construction, function, its quality and all the detailing, i won’t say its too expensive but rather up to expectation for that price tag.

    • … have to agree with the heavyweight requirement.

    • I recently gained a lot of weight due to a medical condition but have been an avid runner my entire life. It is no surprise that it is so much harder running when heavier-in terms of energy and injuries. Its crazy how much different it feels–your shoe become even more important then before! This shoe is absolute heaven compared to all of the others I have tried and I highly recommend it if you are on the heavier side. I also think that for a neutral show it seems to have more stability so as long as you are a mild overpronator you should be able to get away with this.

  • wearing it since my first comment and i feel that if mizuno continues with this flagship model they should make the plastic struts of the shoe softer so lighter runners could benefit from its wonderful technology. take note mizuno!!!

    • I wish they would. But it seems they make all their premium models for heavyweight runners.. Sofer plastics PLEASE

  • Thorn between the Mizuno Prophesy and Asics DS-Trainer 17. If I already have bone spurs and a slight arch, which would you recommend?

  • I wish i didn’t waste my time reading a review of grammar. A lot of you need to get over yourself. BTW, I love the shoe!

  • Do you yourself a favour the most comfortable running shoe I have ever worn. Like everyone says the moment you put them on you want to run fired up. A personal note I have a slight bunion on left foot and it simply doesn’t hurt. I can’t believe how these runners want to make you train. What a wonderful discovery and thoroughly reccomend them. Trevor

  • I have hallux limitus in both big toes. Doctor said no more distance running. I had constant pain. Local running shop recommended Prophecy because of the stiff “rocker” toe. Been running pain free…completing multiple half marathons. Love love love the shoe!! Running feels good again. One note though….I recently purchased the prophecy 2. Was not as comfortable as the original. Had some pain during and after run. Wonder what changed? Going to buy a few pairs of the original and hope #3 is better.

  • I purchased a pair of these. At first I was very pleased. After approximately 200 miles I started noticing a lot of pain in my legs, knees, and hips. Day after day I would just try to stick it out thinking it was something I was doing. I thought it was possibly my diet or water intake. I couldn’t believe the shoe could already be wearing down. I put on an older pair of shoes and had no pain at all. Disappointed…..

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