News   Saucony Reduces the Drop of 3 Shoes to 8mm

Saucony Reduces the Drop of 3 Shoes to 8mm

 August 29, 2012 1
Saucony Reduces the Drop of 3 Shoes to 8mm

In the coming months, Saucony will be introducing a new geometry to several of its top sellers. The new models – Guide 5, Triumph 9 and Hurricane 14 – will have a new heel- to-toe offset of 8mm. This is a 33% reduction in the heel-to-toe offset of the average running shoe. This tiny geometric shift just might change running forever…


This new geometry puts every runner in a more balanced, comfortable and powerful position without reducing cushioning or stability. Also, runners can more easily adjust their stride to a midfoot strike, aligning the lower body to absorb impact. Through extensive testing of different heel to forefoot offsets, Saucony was able to find what they believe is the best geometry for their most popular models. It is a significant development for the running community, as typical running shoes have had 10-12mm drops for the last 20 years.

Check this promotional video from Saucony to learn a little more about the reasons behind this design change.

The first three shoes that will feature this new design philosopgy will be the Guide 5, the Triumph 9 and the Hurricane 14.

Saucony Triumph 9

Saucony Triumph 9

(Update Jan 2012: Here is the Saucony PowerGrid Triumph 9 full review!)

Saucony Guide 5

Saucony Guide 5

(Update 12/1: Here is the Saucony Guide 5 full review!)

Saucony Hurricane 14

Saucony Hurricane 14

Saucony kindly sent us a pair of Triumph and Guide to review (with the Hurricane to follow in February) and we’ll be publishing our usual detailed reviews soon. You’ll be the first to know what we think of this new 8mm drop.

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  • I don’t run because of foot problems, But I bought a pair of Saucony hurricane 14. And my foot,feet never felt better. The sneaker is so light and comfortable.It also makes a great walking shoe.

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