User Submitted Review   User Review: Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 by Dana McKeen

User Review: Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 by Dana McKeen

 February 10, 2013 0
User Review: Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 by Dana McKeen

Right now these shoes are my current “go-to” shoe. My shoe evolution has come from starting in Brooks Addiction (which is a motion control level shoe), and as I lost weight into the Brooks Adrenaline models, but I introduced the Mizuno Wave Inspire into the rotation and now it’s my number 1 shoe. I do believe I need less support than I originally did, but I definitely still need some. I tend to have issues with my left IT Band and have had PF as well. The photo I have included was after the shoes carried me through my last marathon.

I sometimes like to run in the Mizuno Wave Elixir, which is a lighter performance shoe – but I don’t feel they offer me enough support at the time to take me beyond a half marathon, so when I become more fatigued and need more shoe, they aren’t as good for me as the Inspire. But the Wave Inspire offers me the best combination of light fast feel with great responsiveness, and also the support needed to go the distance. I’m wearing these Mint colored ones almost every day. For me the Brooks Adrenaline feels cushier, but I don’t feel they are as responsive and they feel heavier to me, although I still like them for recovery runs. Wave Inspire is the perfect package for the level of support I need right now. Bravo Mizuno!

You can read our own review of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 here, or the newer Mizuno Inspire 9

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