Brooks Ravenna 5 General Info:

Continues to making enhancements from its predecessor, the Brooks Ravenna 5 includes adjustments to the midsole and outsole which were evident from the first run. I will admit I had high expectations for the Ravenna based on this version’s updates, and this being my first experience running in this model, the shoe did not disappoint. The Ravenna had a secure overall feel throughout and a smooth transition during the stride due to the ample cushioning.

The slim design of the shoe lent itself to be a daily trainer as well as a comfortable, stable option on longer runs.The lightweight nature of the shoe does not comprise its stability, which provides security and a smooth ride through the entire foot strike. The latest Ravenna weighs around 10.3 oz. for men and 8.9 oz. for women—weighing less than previous models due to the new-look overlays, redesigned upper, and redesigned midsole cushioning.


Brooks Ravenna 5 Sole Unit:

The midsole of the Ravenna 5 has been redesigned to include BioMoGo DNA foam. This “integrated” foam design provides for a smoother ride with just enough cushioning throughout the foot strike. The one fear I have in stability shoes is too much cushioning; I was pleased, however, with the Ravenna 5 as it has the right blend between stability and cushioning.

The entire sole unit from front to back allowed me to feel that I had the benefit of a daily trainer which was responsive and agile for shorter runs,while still providing adequate stability and cushioning for mid- to long- mileage outings.

Brooks Ravenna 5 Upper Unit:

The mostvisible change to the Brooks Ravenna 5 is its newly-designed thin, clear plastic overlays over the toe box and sides of upper. The overlays are part of a lightweight plastic seamless mesh upper. The upper is modest,but still provides for a solid fit and reduces the overall weight of the shoe.

Another noticeable enhancement to the Ravenna 5 is the updated adjustable midsole “shank” or “strap” which keeps the foot securely in place throughout foot strike. The midsole strap covers the upper from the midfoot to the heel while being anchored securely to the sole. It allows for a customized and personalized fit through fine tuning the strap.

Brooks Ravenna 5 Opinion:

This was my first time running in the Brooks Ravenna, and I was pleased with the comfortable fit, stability, and overall feel of the shoe. The Brooks Ravenna 5 has many positive enhancements to this year’s version– made lighter through BioMoGo DNA cushioning and a new mesh upper.

The shoe’s stability features remain solid through a modified midsole shank and the adjustable v-shaped medial strap. The Ravenna 5 provides stability, ample cushioning, and great transition throughout foot strike whether using for high mileage or as a daily trainer.

We thank the nice people at Brooks for sending us a pair of Ravenna 5 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

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