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  • Comfortable and soft Flymesh upper
  • Good stability provided by the 3-density midsole
  • Soft cushioning
  • Good value for money


  • For me - none


This version of the Nike Structure 19 is the best I have tried yet. The 18 was close, but had a slightly constrictive toebox. The newest Structure gets rid of this issue completely.
Zoom Structure 19
10.5 oz. (298 gr.)
120 US$
27 mm
9 mm
Heel Drop
Nov / 2015
Release Date
Previous model
Runners with flat arches and overpronators looking for a comfortable, cushioned trainer for daily use.

If you have been following our website for a while, you’ll know I am the biggest fan of the Nike Structure (Triax) series. I am a quite heavy runner at 6’2″ and 180 pounds, with a completely flat foot.

I have been running in the Nike Structure series since 2009 and I have been running in every iteration since. The 16 and 17 disappointed me (and many other runners) while the Structure 18 completely won me back.

Every year around November I eagerly await for the release of the stability shoes of all the major brands:

There are obviously many more – but these are the shoes that have been around for a few years, making fans along the way and sometimes losing some. The structure is one of those shoes who lost following in its 16th and 17th editions a couple of years ago. Let’s see how I found this new version.

Nike Zoom Structure 19 Impressions

Nike Zoom Structure 19 - Lateral Side View

Out of the box, the Structure 19 is definitely a last generation Nike shoe. Even if the “Swoosh” wasn’t there, there’d be no mistake is a Nike shoe.

Waffle outsole, Flymesh upper and Flywire are such easily identifiable features of this shoe and the whole Nike lineup lately.

The shoe looks good and has some kind of “cool factor”. Extreme VOLT colorways aside, this is the first time I’ve ever worn a running shoe to work and been commented on as “dope kicks” by one of my sneakerhead colleagues.

But the most important question is… how do they run?

Nike Zoom Structure 19 Sole Unit

The beauty of the Zoom Structure 19 sole unit is that there is a lot going on with it, but the design is very clean and linear – as to hide the technology rather and shoving it in your face.

At a first look, especially from the lateral (external) side, the sole of the Structure 19 seems like the one of a pretty non-technical shoe. You can see what’s going on if you look at the heel and the medial (internal) side.

Nike Zoom Structure 19 - Heel View

In the picture above you can see the midsole material being of 3 colors. This is because they are 3 different foam materials.

The white part is the softest, and it’s encapsulated inside the darker -and harder – blue foam in the medial side. A “cage” called Stock Fit is made of the hardest of these 3 foams and provides support to the collapsing arch.

Nike Zoom Structure 19 - Medial Side View

To complete the sole unit, a Zoom Air unit has been placed under the ball of the feet to provide extra cushioning and the outsole is Nike’s Trademark BRS rubber in its waffle pattern structure.

This unit is the same as the Structure 18 so you’ll find no surprises: a very cushioned run from heel strike (if this is how you hit the ground) all the way to the toe-off.

The footbed is quite flat, with a slight rounding under the ankle to position the foot in the right place, but it’s barely noticeable even for a complete flat foot like mine.

Nike Zoom Structure 19 Upper

The upper is what differentiates this year’s model vs the previous one.

Although both are “engineered Mesh” or Flymesh – the Structure 19 seems to be much more flexible and soft, particularly around the toe-box, which was the area I wasn’t a big fan of in the previous model.

For the same size 11US I wear, there is sensibly more wiggle room for the toes without losing any fit and support around the ankle.

Flat Fly-wire secure the eyelids to the sole and a heel cup securely grips the heel.

Overall it feels lighter and slightly colder than the previous version.

Nike Zoom Structure 19 Conclusions

I gave the Structure 19 5 stars. I love this shoe.

Cushioning is bouncy in the heel and discreet under the ball of the foot. The support for over-pronation is definitely there without feeling too constrictive. They look the part and after more than 100 miles hardly look like they were worn at all.

I absolutely feel confident in recommending these shoes to all runners looking for a cushioned, high-mileage daily trainer with a lot of “understated” support. This is truly a support version of the Nike Pegasus.

We purchased this pair of Structure 19 ourselves for the review. This did not influence the outcome, written after logging more than 50 miles in the shoes

Nike Zoom Structure 19 Price Comparison

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