Asics MetaRide: Preview

Going for a long run? Save your energy says ASICS…

With two years research under their belt, ASICS are this week launching, in limited quantities, the METARIDE™ which they believe will disrupt the world of long-distance running.

Turning the spotlight on to the Japanese ASICS Institute of Sport Science reveals a two year project which focuses on the minimisation of the ankle joint.

Why? ASICS believe that by minimising movement at your ankle they will save you over 1/5 of energy.

The science behind shifting your body weight forward with a new precision-shaped curved sole called the GUIDESOLE™ will then aim to give you the feeling of effortless motion.

So what have the science bods created? A 10.8oz neutral shoe which built on three layers creates a rocker sole design. There’s no drop – with a 31mm heel height and a 31mm forefront height, the ASICS crew are saying that this GUIDESOLE™ will lessen your fatigue and make your leg muscles work less – hence the ‘saved energy’.

Let’s examine the three differing layers and see what’s on offer.

  1. The midsole is firmed up with a layer of FLYTEFOAM® LYTE TECHNOLOGY. This is giving you your structure and cushioning.
  2. FLYTEFOAM® PROPEL TECHNOLOGY forms the second layer. We’ve seen this in other tried and tested stalwarts such as the Kayano and Cumulus and ASICS are confident of its energy and bounce.
  3. Turn to the heel and the visible REARFOOT GEL® TECHNOLOGY is backing up the cushioning at your foot-strike.

So with a price tag of $250 are we confident that we are getting value for our money? ASICS President, Yasuhito Hirota says, “ Our athletes have told us that METARIDE™ is already transforming how they train, race, run and recover. This is just the beginning of a new era for ASICS…We bring the best innovations to our fans while attracting a new generation of runners”

So with all this proposed extra energy left over what do ASICS want us to do? ‘Go beyond the finish line and meet your next milestone.’ ASICS are encouraging all runners to put the METARIDE™ shoe to the test with the WIN THE LONG RUN™ program on the RUNKEEPER™ app.

Asics Metaride Photo Gallery

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