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The Team

Since 2009, half a million readers every month trust our independent advice. We are a team that includes Nutritionists, Ultra-marathoners, Semi-elite runners and coaches. We strive to provide correct, useful and easy to understand information to help runners of every level to perform at their best.

Ruggero Loda

Publisher and Editor.

Steven Ballmer

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Hood

Cheif Financial Officer

Tony Bates

Executive Vice President

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Be Leaner and Stronger in 8 weeks


  • Fuel Rules
  • How Much do You Really Need
  • Nutrition Timing to Maximize Performance
  • The Truth About Supplements

Weight Loss

  • The Calorie Equation
  • Timing Your Carbohydrates
  • What your Race Weight Should Be
  • 8 Week Weight Loss Training Schedule
  • 8 Week Weight Loss Diet Plan
  • How to Maintain Your Weight all Year

Strenght Training

  • How to Incorporate Strenght Training in Your Schedule
  • Bodyweight Strenght Training and Callisthenics
  • Correct From Explanation for Every Exercise
  • Combining Running with Other Sports
  • 8 Weeks Plan to Strenghen your Core, Back, Legs, Arms, Shoulder and Torso
  • 4 Quick-Win Exercises to Perform at the End of your Runs


  • Difference Between Pain and Injury
  • When you Should See a Doctor
  • Complete Analysis of Injuries by Body Part (Knee, Foot, Hip...)
  • Simple Exercises to Avoid Common Injuries
  • How to Come Back to Training After an Injury

...And Much More!

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  • I absolutely loved your Marathon Training eBook. In fact, from the moment I downloaded it, I couldn't put it down. I thought it was very well written and found it provided excellent explanations...

    Jason Newsletter Subscriber

  • I am new to running and would like to set a goal of a 5K within the next three months. Your site has been invaluable...

    Sharmaine Proud New Runner

  • That information made my day. Nice to know that my slow running is doing the rest of my life some good...

    Mark Newsletter Subscriber

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We are still working on it.
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Since 2009, is the most trusted source of running shoes reviews on the internet.

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Frequent Questions:

  • When will this be out?
  • Preparing the kind of resource we want to create takes time. Hopefully in 2 months from now.
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  • Which format will it be?
  • While we are still uncertain about the media, at the moment we are thinking of downloadable PDF eBook with eventual extra content (ie. Video)

  • Can I suggest a topic?
  • Sure! Send us an email! One of the advantages of eBooks is that we can constantly tweak and improve them.

  • What are the topics of this guide?
  • We want to create the perfect guide on how to prepare your body to its best for running and through running.
    We will talk about nutrition, cross training and bodyweight strength training. Plus injurie prevention, workouts...

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