Running in the Roman Empire

Thousands of ancient men crossed entire continents on their bare feet, and were still in good enough shape that they could fight when they arrived at their destination. I'm specifically talking about Roman soldiers.


Too Far, Too Soon?

One of the most admirable qualities of a distance runner is ambition. Beginners often start thinking about running their first 10k within months of discovering the pleasures of running. And sometimes, those who have just run their first 10k immediately start planning for their first half-marathon or marathon


SofSole CoolMax Running Socks – Impressions

Ever since I began running, I’ve been obsessed with picking the right socks for the job—thin socks for hot summer days, heavy wool pairs for bitter winter mornings, and even the occasional $15-a-pair number for long distances and races. While some people love to experiment with different shorts, shirts, or watches,


The Runner’s Diet for Weight Loss

Runners with weight loss goals are faced with two opposing options: they either can eat whatever comes their way and compromise their weight loss efforts, or not to eat at all and thus, sacrifice energy and running performance. Nevertheless, the solution is not all white and black.


Running on Film: 5 Great Running Movies

Some have approached the sport through documentaries of running legends and landmark races, while others have fictionalized stories that help bring emotional and physical aspects of the pursuit to life. The following five movies stand out as classic films devoted to running

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