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We purchase all the shoes we review at retail with our own money, then we run in them for at least 50 miles. We don't receive free samples from companies and provide only expert, unbiased opinions.

What is a HIIT training shoe?

Firstly, we’ll take a look at what HIIT is… High Intensity Interval Training is a style of workout that is short, fast and usually combines strength training and cardio work. It’ll get your heart rate up, fast, and can aid with building strength or weight loss.

It typically involves any combination of running, jumping in all directions, squatting, lunging burpees, kettlebells, mountain climbers and much more.

HIIT training shoes are designed to cushion the foot on landings, but also provide stability under the heel for strength work, and remain lightweight and breathable in a warm studio or gym. Oh and your typical HIIT fan will probably want to them to look great too! A real jack of all trades is required…

Shoes for High Intensity Interval Training

Big, bold and in your face. The huge sole unit offers cushioning and energy to keep you going rep after rep, and side plate ‘brakes’ for fast lateral moves. Specially designed for this type of workout the SuperRep features a midsole burpee plate to flex the foot comfortably in all movements. Read full review »


  • Cushioned for fast movements in high impact and high intensity class
  • Does the job which they're designed to do
  • Made burpees and box jumps feel great
  • Technology in sole unit makes them unique
  • Modern look and colorway options


  • Instability when running and lifting
  • Narrow fit
  • Rubbing on heel counter
A lower priced, lightweight, breathable training shoe, which offers some cushioning for running, and a denser foam under heel for work with dumbbells and light barbells. Read full review »


  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Low Price vs Competitors
  • Good all rounder


  • Poor padding
  • Thin upper provides little support
A more lightweight and breathable version of the Reebok Nano Crossfit training shoe, designed for high tempo work with flexible outsole for good indoor grip.
Designed to bring strength, style and stability to a workout. A 4mm heel to toe drop makes this suitable for weightlifting too, and features a Vibram outside for durability and traction.
Adidas’ all purpose gym workout offering, using Boost technology in the midsole and a denser foam on the medial side for added arch support.

What are the best shoes for HIIT training?

The ideal HIIT training shoe will support quick changes in direction in the body, provide some stability and support around the heel and keep feel comfortable and cool. There are a few new HIIT specific training shoes out there which we have tested, in addition to Crossfit specific ones. Shoes designed specifically for HIIT, such as the Nike SuperRep have raised support on the sides of the forefoot to stabilize feet, and even a ‘burpee plate’ which helps the foot flex better for burpees.

Can I run in a HIIT training shoe?

Yes, you can. However, we’d recommend if you’re doing a running workout, or running further than around 1km you look into specific running shoes, which are better designed for that purpose, and will make your run more enjoyable, comfortable and less likely to cause an injury. Running long distances in shoes designed with a different purpose in mind, could mean the feet get hotter faster, rub in some areas when the feet expand, and not provide adequate cushioning from the impact of the road. HIIT training shoes may lack the cushioning and outsole durability of a running shoe. As they are designed generally for indoor wear they may also lack traction and outsole grip so may be slippy.

Can I do HIIT in a running shoe?

Yes, but a running shoe is not designed with all of these different activities in mind. A running shoe upper may wear down faster than a more durable upper of a training shoe, and your feet and joints aren’t protected as well from lateral movements in a traditional running shoe.

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