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Olympus 2.5

11.5 oz. (326 gr.)

Heel Drop

List Price
150 US$


For those unindoctrinated to maximal shoes the Olympus 2.5 can be quite a treat for the feet.

Designed with ultra marathons in mind, this 12 ounce monster an incredible amount of cushioning and room for the toes without feeling overbearing or clunky.

The Olympus actually does quite well on technical terrain but true comfort comes when cruising on mellow trail.

For those curious in trying a maximal shoe the Olympus 2.5 is about as plush as they come thanks to Altra’s A bound cushioning and it features a zero drop just like all Altra shoes.

The only complaint we’ve had about the Olympus 2.5 is the premature wearing of the outsole which made it difficult to find traction in loose, sandy, or slightly muddy conditions.

However, the Olympus feels great on the roads and works well as a hybrid road-to-trail shoe.

Who is it for?

Trail runner that want a plush, soft cusioning in a zero drop package. It is versatile enough to double as a road-to-trail shoe.

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