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Fresh Foam 1165

9.8 oz. (278 gr.)

Heel Drop

List Price
99.99 US$


The New Balance Fresh Foam 1165 provide arch support, are lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The insole is removable so you can insert your own custom orthotics if needed. These shoes are good for walking and daily wear.

In the midsole, you will find Fresh Foam technology, which is soft and smooth. The Fresh Foam reduces impact when you step down and then springs back once the pressure is released off the midsole. Furthermore, the midsole is raised in the medial midfoot for arch support and stability. There is a cushioned textile insole on top of the midsole that adds another layer of comfort and keeps your feet from slipping as you walk.

The outsole of the Fresh Foam 1165 has a deep groove in the midfoot to separate the arch from the forefoot. This groove allows for flexibility while also providing arch support. The outsole is made of rubber and has lugs facing different directions for traction and flexibility.

The upper is made of synthetic mesh, which is breathable and will keep your feet cool. On the inside, the shoe is lined with soft fabric. Side panels are integrated with laces to lock down on your feet and provide a secure fit.

Who is it for?

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1165 are designed for walking. They are well-cushioned and offer a good amount of stability. If you need arch support and lots of cushioning while you walk then these are a good choice for you.

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