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FuelCell 5280

6 oz. (170 gr.)

Heel Drop

List Price
200 US$


This is just an overview, not a review. We did not test the FuelCell 5280 yet.
The New Balance FuelCell 5280 is a road racing shoe that Runner’s World calls “a track spike, without the metal pins.” This is because the FuelCell 5280 is designed to help you run fast on the pavement. In fact, the shoes are especially designed for runners who run a mile under five minutes and 30 seconds. The shoes provide the same level of power as a track spike. However, if you have wide feet you may find a problem with the overall fit of the shoes because of how narrow they run.

The midsole is made of New Balance’s FuelCell, which is lightweight and bouncy. Carbon fiber plates are made with unidirectional fibers that twist and bend, but are rigid from the toe to the heel. This gives the shoe some flexibility but will also generate more power from a smoother landing.

The sole is curved wide on the lateral side that propels you forward as you run. This also helps you keep proper form as well. The lateral edge is beveled at 17 degrees, which science says it the right angle for runners.

The upper is lightweight but fits pretty tight. New Balance has engineered zonal areas on this shoe for extra support and a little bit of stretch. However, your feet won’t move around much once you have these shoes on because of how narrow they fit.

Who is it for?

The New Balance FuelCell 5280 is designed specifically for runners who run a mile under five minutes and 30 seconds. The shoes are also made to handle one mile at a time. Overall, the shoes have a narrow fit but offer lots of power during your toe off.

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