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The Reebok HIIT training shoes are, as the name not so subtly suggests, designed for 'high intensity interval training' style workouts. This type of training involves moves such as burpees, jumping squats, lunges, short runs. Basically anything that gets your heart rate up and body moving in all sorts of directions, and generally last 20-45 minutes.

The benefits of this type of workout for runners include building muscles in your legs and feet which long term can aid injury prevention, and also improving up your cardiovascular fitness, which can help with performance in faster parts of your training, or that sprint finish at the end of a race.

The demands of this rapid movement mean your feet need to be supported in a different way to a traditional running shoe. The ideal HIIT training shoe will be lightweight and breathable, perfect for a sweaty studio or gym, and have a flat, low to the ground sole to keep the feet, and therefore your centre of gravity stable when squatting or using dumbbells.

Looks wise, the Reebok HIIT is VERY similar to the popular Reebok Nano range of training shoes, especially the later models such as the Nano 9, and the soon to be released Nano X. However, the HIIT more lightweight, flexible and it loses some of the upper durability of the more expensive Nano range. The HIIT is also marketed at a different audience, gym class goers vs Crossfitters.

The upper on the HIIT is a thin breathable mesh with inner liner for a snug fit and comes in a variety of bright, modern colors which look great both inside and outside of the gym. A reinforced mid foot cage and padded heel collar help to lock the foot in securely.

The outsole is large, wrapping up the shoe slightly, and featuring a tougher rubber on the lateral side to add more grip and traction for lateral moves- something a traditional running shoe wouldn't be as supportive for. The heel drop is low, to keep your center of gravity over your heels, which is important when squatting to work the intended muscles. This midsole features lightweight EVA foam cushioning to offer some responsiveness in a short run.

Who is it for?

The HIIT is recommended for people who want to mix up their training, and are looking for the right shoe to use for gym work such as squats, burpees, and work with dumbbells. The HIIT is Reebok's answer to the Nike SuperRep, is slightly cheaper, and looks much different, but both designed for the same purpose and demands. If you're a runner looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness or muscular strength in the gym, these specific training shoes are great to add to your shoe repertoire to train comfortably and safely.

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