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The North Face Summit VECTIV Pro

9.8 oz. (278 gr.)

Heel Drop

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249.95 US$


This is just an overview, not a review. We did not test the The North Face Summit VECTIV Pro yet.
Introducing the North Face Summit VECTIV Pro, a new and improved trail racing shoe. Designed with the ultra-marathoner in mind, this shoe utilizes the brand's most progressive technologies. It's an effective fusion of stability and cushioning, meticulously considered to cater to your comfort and performance needs.

The midsole is comprised of Peba and high-rebound EVA foam, a proprietary blend that ensures a cushioned yet reactive underfoot feel. This provides the Summit VECTIV Pro with the capacity to afford the necessary comfort for those extended distances, without forsaking a quick and efficient stride. Nestled atop the foam is the VECTIV 2.0 forked carbon-fiber plate, running from the heel to the forefoot. The unique forked construction allows for optimal adaptation to uneven trails, while the implementation of wings in the forefoot and heel surround the foam for added stability on technical terrains. An aggressive rockered geometry optimizes this innovative midsole design, allowing for a smooth transition to your toes for efficient long-distance running.

On the matter of grip, the Summit VECTIV Pro has you covered. Equipped with a Surface CTRL rubber outsole and 3.5mm lugs, the shoe is ready to tackle anything from single tracks to rocky trails. The upper part of the shoe features a dual-layered TPU mesh that is resilient and breathable. It also includes serrated laces for a secure fit. From 10K trail races to 100-mile marathons, the North Face Summit VECTIV Pro is more than well-suited to stepping up as your reliable trail racing companion.

Technologies included are the VECTIV 2.0 Carbon-Fiber-Plate, a midsole made from PEBA and High-Rebound EVA foam, and the Surface CTRL Rubber outsole. The upper is constructed from a Dual Layer TPU Mesh, ensuring breathability, durability, and managing water weight if you come across water along your path.

Who is it for?

The North Face Summit VECTIV Pro is designed for the dedicated ultra-marathoner who seeks to conquer technical terrains and long distances.

This runner appreciates high-performance technology and values a blend of stability and cushioning for optimal comfort and efficiency during their races.

They are competitive, running on various challenging surfaces from single tracks to rocky trails, and participating in events that range from 10K trail races to 100-mile marathons.

They would also likely appreciate the resilience and breathability aspects of the shoe, especially when encountering wet conditions on their path.

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