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10.7 oz. (303 gr.)

Heel Drop

List Price
135 US$


With a climbing heritage, La Sportiva produces some amazingly sticky rubber for sloppy conditions as well as dry rock.

The Mutant is a great all arounder and runners love this shoe for varied trail conditions as well as scrambling on dry rock.

The upper is innovative in the fact that it uses a built-in gaiter to keep debris out of the shoe as well as La Sportiva’s innovative Fusiongate to lock down the midfoot of the shoe while still retaining a wide forefoot feel.

Trail runners applaud the mutant for its durability and versatility and it’s 10.9 ounce weight and 10 mm drop works well for most runners looking to combine a bit of off trail adventure into the runs.

Who is it for?

Trail runners who want great traction and a comfortable upper.

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