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Founded in 2009, Running Shoes Guru is the place to go for independent, unbiased, expert reviews on running shoes and GPS running watches.

The center of operations (my laptop) is Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but our team is spread across the globe: from our web developer that lives in Thailand to the majority of our testers who live across the United States.

What Makes Us Different

The way most review websites work, companies send products to review. We are different because we purchase all the shoes that we review at retail, with our own money – just like you do. The same applies for GPS Running Watches and anything else we are reviewing.

We often add new testers to our group, but most of our team has stayed constant for a few years. This allows our expert to have tried, over the years, many shoes from many different brands.

They have tested new technologies, new ideas, materials… Running shoes are a very personal matter, but you can trust our advice because we know what we are talking about, and we don’t have to thank anybody for it.


For two years in a row (2018 and 2019) we won the “Best Professional Blog” award at the Running Awards, an independent award ceremony held every year in London (the weekend of the London Marathon), entirely voted by runners.

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Some Numbers

  • 750,000 -> the number of visitors to our website every month
  • 90,000 -> the number of runners on our mailing list
  • 120 -> the number of running shoes we review every year
  • 15 -> the number of our testers

Who am I?

About to cross the finish line

About to cross the finish line

My name is Ruggero, I recently passed 40 and while originally from the Alps of Italy I now live in Amsterdam.

(fun fact: you can now found Running Shoes Guru in Italian!)

I have always practiced a lot of sports in my childhood/teenage years.

I used to be a competitive swimmer and a decent cyclist: if you are born in a little town in the mountains and a mountain bike is your only way of transportation, you have to be a decent cyclist. I started running in 2008, when I registered for my first triathlon, the London Triathlon.

While going through various running shoes I decided to start a website to review the shoes me or my friends were running in at the time.

I have worked in the footwear division of companies such as Nike and Reebok/Adidas, (not anymore once I launched the site), I believed I could put out the best running shoes reviews out there.

RunningShoesGuru.com started to grow almost immediately – and there were always more running shoes to be tested. So the team grew from me alone to what is now a team more than 15 testers.

Our testers come in all shapes and speeds: from semi-elite coaches to exercise physiologists, ultra-runners, trail runners, everyday runners. We test more than 120 shoes a year !!!

Why a Running Shoes Guru Blog ?

Whether you run to get back or to keep in shape, to race short or long distances, to raise money for a cause or just because you like it – choosing the right running shoe can make your running experience a joyful, rewarding one. On the other side, choosing the wrong shoe can introduce you to a whole new galaxy of pain, blisters and injuries.

Your unique physical characteristics, from gender to body weight, from the shape of your foot to the biomechanics of your running gait together with the distances and surfaces you run on – all require different help from your footwear to support you, protect you and make you run at your best.

Sports companies are constantly developing new shoes and new technologies to help you run at your best. Information though can be overwhelming and misleading.

The purpose of this blog is to help both the novice and the experienced runner find their way to the best running shoe for their needs, by reviewing the latest offering from sports companies and giving clear and simple explanations of the characteristics and technologies of the shoes, as well as tips and advice on how to pick the right shoe for you!


  • Our reviews are independent. We don’t get paid to review shoes and nobody has any saying on the content/ratings except for us.
  • Since at least 2017 we decided to STOP receiving free samples from shoe companies. We do buy our shoes at retail to guarantee absolute independence in our reviews.
  • We display advertising. Our inventory is managed by a third party and we have no influence on who advertises on our site.
    This allows us to concentrate on testing shoes and creating great content. It also ensures we stay neutral, as nobody is directly paying us to.
  • On review pages you will find price comparison and links to buy in online stores. If you buy through those links, we get a small commission from the retailer, with no additional cost for you. Actually, you might actually get a better deal because of it.
  • Running Shoes Guru is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and/or its international subsidiaries.

The advice given on this website does not constitute or replaces medical advice. Please consult with a doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition plan. Run safe!

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Traffic and Advertising Info

Running Shoes Guru receives in excess of 25,000 visits every day from runners or runners-to-be all around the world. We do not accept direct sponsorship or advertising deals. We do not accept product for review in exchange for payment.



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