Review: Salomon S-Lab Sense 7

Written by

Henry Howard

Ultra runner and certified running coach.

This expert review is written by

Henry Howard

Ultra runner and certified running coach.
Henry Howard has come a long way since a teacher called him "molasses" during a fifth-grade track and field event.

Now living and running in Indiana, he has completed more than a dozen marathons and is a regular age-grouper in shorter distances.


We usually consider 10 ounces a "medium" weight for a running shoe: less than 10 and we are entering the lightweight category and above 10 the shoes start to be heavy.

Heel-to-toe drop

Heel drop is the measurement in mm of the difference between the height of the heel and the toe of the sole.

A lower drop (0mm - 5mm) promotes running on mid-foot and fore-foot, while higher drops (8mm - 12mm) are more traditional and meant to support a heel-striking gait.
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Expert Review: Salomon S-Lab Sense 7

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Quick overview

Best for
Speedwork on flat surfaces, short trail races (up to half marathons)
Best for on dirt trails, on paved trails, on paved roads, sidewalks, etc..., through grassy sections or cross-country courses, along moderate trails
The S-Lab Sense 7 provides good traction on most types of terrains and surfaces
Lack Traction
Average Traction
Provide Traction
The S-Lab Sense 7 offers little cushioning
Little cushioning
Medium cushioning
Highly cushioned


213 g
Heel to toe drop



Pros and cons according to our running expert

Pros and cons according to our running expert

  • Comfortable fit
  • Light and nimble
  • Built for speed
  • Not very durable
  • Expensive
  • Not built for technical terrain

Our verdict

I was excited to try out my first pair of Salomon trail shoes. That excitement continued as I slipped them on. They are comfortable and just feel like a lightweight, fast shoe, built for cruising through single-tracks. But my joy waned the more I wore them and discovered that they lack the durability I need in a trail shoe.

Introduction Salomon S-Lab Sense 7

The Salomon S-Lab Sense 7 is designed as a speedy, minimalist shoe. But it does come at a price — $180 — that may be off-putting to some, especially when the shoe’s durability comes into question.

Cushioning Type
The S-Lab Sense 7 is a perfect mix of... Read more responsive and plush: good shock absorption
Cushioning Amount
The S-Lab Sense 7 offers little cushioning
Little cushioning
Highly cushioned
The S-Lab Sense 7 is extremely flexible at... Read more the expense of some structure
The S-Lab Sense 7 is not stable: not... Read more indicated for runners that need support
Not particularly stable
Very stable

Impressions Salomon S-Lab Sense 7

To be fair, the shoe is not designed to handle rugged, technical trails. If it is speed you want, the seventh version of this model will provide that and is an improvement over previous models.

I found myself able to glide through single track and smooth trails with ease in the Salomon Sense 7 (7.6 ounces for a size 10 men’s). The 18mm/14mm drop works well for me.

It struck me that the shoes actually have decent room in the toe box, even though they are shaped for speed. During my runs, I never felt my toes being cramped like I have experienced in other minimalist shoes. Salomon’s unique lacing style looks odd at first, but it works well to secure the foot in place comfortably. (The one downside is that after a muddy/wet run, the lace connection got jammed up so it took some manuevering to free it in order to get the shoe off.)

Protection Salomon S-Lab Sense 7

When it comes to protection, let’s start out in the front. The toe bumper is a bit of a misnomer. It is basically a thicker reinforced mesh that tries its hardest to protect the foot. On lesser technical trails, runners may be accepting of a random rock or two that they kick. But on more technical terrain, the lack of protection becomes more of an issue.

In the back, the heel counter is low and keeps with the shoe’s minimalist approach. However, it does appear to be secure.

The padding around the collar is once again minimal. Probably good enough up to moderate trails, but could be an issue on more challenging terrain.

The S-Lab Sense 7 does not have a rock plate.
Not present
Solid protection
The S-Lab Sense 7 provides good traction on... Read more most types of terrains and surfaces
Lack Traction
Provide Traction
Water resistance
The S-Lab Sense 7 provides a decent... Read more protection from splashes and puddles
Water Resistant

Durability Salomon S-Lab Sense 7

I saw the Salomon Sense 7’s begin to age as I wore them on more challenging trails. It will not perform well on rocks or trails packing a lot of obstacles in the runner’s way.

That said, it is important to note that the lugs do provide some support through the mud. The lugs are widely spaced, which allows for a cushioned feel though, as noted, it does slow the runner down. This is an important distinction, especially for those who do a lot of training and/or racing in wet or muddy environments. The shoes would, I believe, perform well on cross-country courses even through wet grass or muddy spots.

Responsiveness & Speed Salomon S-Lab Sense 7

During my first run with the Salomons, I tested them on a fairly flat trail with minimal technical challenges. They performed superbly, allowing me to hit that extra gear when I wanted to.

However, the more challenging the trail became, the less useful the shoe became. It was challenged by mud, more so than other shoes I would consider to be on the faster side. Same goes for snowy or sandy areas. For those who love the shoe, it’s important to understand on what surfaces it can be most beneficial to the runner.

Comfort and Fit Salomon S-Lab Sense 7

The shoe gets well-deserved kudos for its single-layer breathable mesh upper. Somehow Salomon has figured out a way to produce really thin, light, ventilated and quick-to-dry shoes. The fit is secure, partially because of the thin overlays that combine with the booty like SensiFit system.

If I had these last summer, I definitely would have worn them for my half marathon trail race that was mostly on a cross-country course. However, I am looking at longer, more technical races this year, and don’t see the Salomons being an option.

The S-Lab Sense 7 has average sizing: buy the... Read more usual size
Buy size smaller
Buy size bigger

Conclusion Salomon S-Lab Sense 7

In my several years of testing and reviewing shoes, there is perhaps no other shoe that has quite capably filled its niche than the Salomon S-Lab Sense 7. If it’s speed you want for a short to medium length race on mild terrain, this will be a solid choice.

However, when presented with challenges from muddy terrain to root-strewn trails to ultra distances, the shoe loses a lot of its luster. As with other shoes built for speed, these conditions pose a challenge.

But if it’s speed you need, the Sense 7’s are a solid option that will allow you to cruise down the minimal to moderate trails.

Price comparison:
Salomon S-Lab Sense 7

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