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Review written on 22nd October by Olivia Yoder Ultrarunner, personal trainer and soccer coach.
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Nike Winflo 10 Verdict

The Nike Winflo 10 is a neutral daily trainer that allows you to use them for an array of activities. They are incredibly comfortable and work great for runners who are new to the sport, runners who are veterans, and individuals who just want a good-looking practical shoe.

The pros

  • Versatile
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable enough for all day wear

The cons

  • Not the most responsive on longer runs
  • Laces could use an upgrade

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Rating breakdown

Build quality
Sole unit
Value / Price

Facts / Specs

Winflo 10
9.9 oz (281 g)

33 mm.
23 mm.
Heel drop
10 mm.
Carbon plate
No plate


True to size
Heel fit
Midfoot fit
Toebox fit

Cushioning & ride

Type of cushioning
Amount of cushioning
Medium cushioning
Very stable


Daily training  
Long distance racing
Ultra distance racing

Who should buy the Nike Winflo 10 ?

This shoe is for the individual who is looking for a versatile shoe that can accomplish different goals. They are great for short runs to logging mid-range distances.

Who should not buy the Nike Winflo 10 ?

They are not for the runner who is looking for a shoe that will help them during those grueling long runs. They work well for runs under 10 miles. I also wouldn’t suggest them for a racing shoe.

Nike Winflo 10 Introduction

This is Nike’s 10th version of the Winflo. I have had the past three models and each year there are great improvements. Just looking at the different versions you can see the significant changes that make the shoe look more expensive like some of Nike’s higher-end shoes.

The Winflo 10 is a balanced neutral daily trainer that wears many hats.

Not only is it a great running shoe for short to mid-distances, but it’s also a gym shoe and a shoe that can be worn around town.

It’s got a stylish look to them that stays true to the Nike brand. You can have a pair of your own for $100.I think the price is fair considering how versatile and well-made they are.

They weigh in at 9.9 oz (men)8.5 oz (women)and has a 10 mm heel to toe offset.

What’s new about the Winflo 10? The biggest change is the revamped toe box. It’s made to provide better a better fit. Another area that has been changed is the collar. There has been extra padding added in all the right areas. Each year Nike upgrades the Winflo nicely.

If you’re interested in a shoe that offers almost the same feel but you don’t want to pay $100, check out the Winflo 9. Both have an incredible pillow-like feel to them.

This is a significant improvement from the Winflo 8. Still a good shoe, but not on the same level as the past two versions. The 10s are now my new favorite.

The Winflo is similar to the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40 except you will pay more but they have a more responsive midsole.

Nike Winflo 10 First Impressions

Picture of Nike Winflo 10

I loved the Winflo 9s, so I was excited to test out the 10s. Opening the box, I noticed right away how Nike just keeps making them look more like the higher-end Nike running shoes. The Winflo 10 is no different. They are looking more like the Pegasus. I guess you could call them a budget Pegasus?

I bought the color: White/Citron Pulse/Vivid Orange/Black. They look great!
Putting them on for the first time I quickly noted how plush the midsole and upper felt. The upper is noticeably different from looking at it but feeling wise they feel similar.

The first run was a 5k at a decent pace. Out of the gate, I could tell that they were not going to cause any problems. There is no need to have a break-in period.

I felt like I didn’t run faster or had an easier run, but they did make for a very comfy run. I have done a variety of workouts in the shoes. The area they shine would be short to midrange runs and just get shoes to wear all day.

I have used them for tempo runs and they do work well but tend to be a tad too cushioned. I prefer a firmer midsole with a quicker toe-off transition.

Nike made the Winflo 10 through their Move to Zero initiative.

Nike states “this product was responsibly designed utilizing recycled materials from post-consumer and/or post-manufactured waste. One of our biggest steps on our journey to zero carbon and zero waste is in choosing our materials because they account for more than 70% of any product’s footprint. By reusing existing plastics, yarns, and textiles, we significantly reduce our emissions. Our goal is to use as much recycled materials as possible without compromising on performance, durability and style.”

Nike Winflo 10 Upper

Picture of Nike Winflo 10

The upper is made out of an engineered mesh that provides you with great support and allows for optimum ventilation. It’s very flexible and overall plush. There are no overlays so you will not have any trouble with rubbing. One of the biggest improvements in the Winflo 10 is the toe box area. You have plenty of room but they hug your foot in just the right places.

The tongue is connected to the inside of the upper and is very padded. Lacing them up, you can pull them secure enough that your foot feels locked down without any other added pressure on top of your foot. An area I see improvement in would be the shoe laces themselves. They are your typical standard shoelace. I did have a few times where they came undone but I just made sure you double-knot them.

Around the heel counter, you’ll see a padded collar that hits the ankle at the perfect spot. I had no problems with irritation and it kept my heel secure. No problems with slipping or rubbing.
They are light and breathable shoes. The upper also dries out fairly quickly if they get wet.

Nike Winflo 10 Sole Unit

Picture of Nike Winflo 10

You’ll notice the Nike Air cushioning that runs the full length of the midsole. It also has Cushlon foam. These two combined give you a soft landing with minimal impact. You will also notice how this soft foam works with the Nike Air cushioning to give you a springy pop with each step. I would say it has medium cushioning, where on those shorter runs it’s greatly felt but on distances past 10 miles, they start to lack in their responsiveness.

It’s a very stable shoe that offers fantastic support. Nike states that “the more supportive the shoe, the more stability it can give your natural stride.

A combination of tuned support and intentionally placed cushioning helps you feel secure with every step. The Winflo 10 has neutral support. It gives you balance, whether you’re a heel or forefoot striker.”

The outsole is pretty much the same as the Winflo 9. It’s made from rubber and has a waffle-like pattern that covers the entire bottom of the shoe. It provides reliable traction no matter the condition.

Nike Winflo 10 Conclusions

Picture of Nike Winflo 10

My conclusion of the Nike Winflo 10 is an exciting one. I love this shoe. Each version Nike puts out keeps getting better. If you’re on the market for a budget daily trainer that you can wear for logging miles, or wearing out to lunch with friends, get on the Winflo wagon and purchase a pair.

How does the Winflo 10 compare?

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40
Nike Winflo 10
Asics Dynablast 3
Expert score
User score
Retail price
9.4 oz
9.9 oz
9.2 oz
Heel Drop
10 mm
10 mm
8 mm
Recommended for
Daily training
Daily training
Speedwork, daily training, long distance racing
Cushioning type
Cushioning amount
Medium cushioning
Medium cushioning
Medium cushioning
very stable
very stable
not particularly stable
true to size
true to size
buy half size smaller

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Reviewed by Olivia

This review was written by Olivia Yoder on 22nd October.
Lives in Marietta, Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and dog. Olivia is a personal trainer and soccer coach. She has been running for 10 years and competes in various distances. For the past few years she has been concentrating on the ultra distances. She never would have thought that one sport would change her whole outlook on life like running has.

User feedback (8)

  • avatar-comment-1035285
    3 months ago

    If I could give this a zero rating, I would! Just bought these and they were a complete waste of money. The high back on the right shoe cut into my leg so badly that it was bleeding. After walking (not running) approximately 1 mile I had to hobble back to my car with blood soaking through my sock and onto the shoe. I still have a giant painful scab above my right heel after 2 weeks.

  • avatar-comment-1033878
    Daniel Buenfil
    6 months ago
    10 score

    I’m a beginner runner and decided to take the shot on the Winflo 10’s after reading this review, and I could not be happier with them. They are extremely comfy but have good response when needed. The toebox does not feel narrow and the padded tongue allowed me to get a secure but comfy lacing.

  • avatar-comment-1033789
    Francisco Abecasis
    6 months ago
    10 score

    I have bought the shoes based on the runningshoesguru review. And I must say I totally agree. I have run 156 km so far with this shoes and they are great. Very light and comfortable. So far there are no issues and I hope they last long. They are definitely very cost effective. I could not ask more for the price. I have not tried them in long distances, but for 10-15K they are great.

  • avatar-comment-1031589
    Sabu Jose
    9 months ago

    A crack on the sole was formed by hitting a small stone at the bottom where a gap on sole without hard protection

  • avatar-comment-1028659
    Mo Wills
    12 months ago

    How is the heel 33mm, the tow 23mm but the drop 19mm. That does not add up?

    • avatar-comment-1028681
      Ruggero Loda
      12 months ago

      Oeps! That was a typo, now corrected. Thanks for noticing it!

  • avatar-comment-1028571
    Ariane Mitz
    12 months ago
    8 score

    for a running shoes its not half bad. but can i be possible to lessen the cost value.

  • avatar-comment-1028173
    Niña Badilis
    1 year ago
    8 score

    Nike Winflo 10 is definitely worth buying.

    It has lightweight design, which makes it easy to wear and move in. The shoe’s mesh upper is breathable and flexible, I love it! ensuring that your feet stay cool and comfortable even during longer runs.

    Another impressive aspect of the Nike Winflo 10 is its cushioning system, which delivers a soft and supportive feel. This is particularly important when running on hard surfaces.
    Overall, the Nike Winflo 10 is a reliable and comfortable running shoe that is definitely worth checking out.

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