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Asics Trabuco Max 2 review

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As editorial policy, we do not accept free samples. We purchased this pair at Running Warehouse with our own money.
Review written on 22nd October by Jennifer Wilkins Running has been a part of Jen's life for as long as she can remember.
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Asics Trabuco Max 2 Verdict

The Asics Trabuco Max 2 is an excellent choice for anyone spending time on the trails. It's very lightweight and responsive. I immediately felt like I was bouncing over rocks and tricky terrain from the first moment I put these on. They've quickly become my go to shoe for most of my moderate 1-13 mile trail runs.

The pros

  • Excellent traction
  • Very comfortable
  • Built for speed
  • Propels you forward
  • Lace grip on top

The cons

  • Wide
  • Long laces
  • Not waterproof

Where to buy

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Rating breakdown

Build quality
Sole unit
Value / Price

Facts / Specs

Trabuco Max 2
10.8 oz (306 g)

43 mm.
38 mm.
Heel drop
5 mm.
Carbon plate
No plate


True to size
Heel fit
Midfoot fit
Toebox fit

Cushioning & ride

Type of cushioning
Amount of cushioning
Highly cushioned
Some stability

Trail specs

Not present
Provide Traction
Water resitance

Best for these distances

Regular training
Long, slow training runs
Speedwork on flat surfaces
Short trail races (up to half marathons)  
Marathon and 50k trail races
Ultra distances, 50 miles and greater

Best for these terrains

Moderate trails  
Technical trails  
Rocky areas  
Muddy areas  
Through creeks and streams
Through snowy or icy sections
Dirt trails  
Paved trails  
Through grassy sections  

Who should buy the Asics Trabuco Max 2 ?

This shoe is made for someone who’s looking to move quickly and efficiently on the trail. It’s designed to handle even the most difficult terrain. You can feel confident that this shoe will grip and propel you forward even on the most technical up and downhill sections.

Who should not buy the Asics Trabuco Max 2 ?

This shoe definitely runs wide so it’s not ideal for someone with a narrow forefoot. It also doesn’t have any waterproofing on the outer surface.

Asics Trabuco Max 2 Introduction

Picture of ASICS Trabuco Max 2

The Asics Trabuco Max 2 is soft, bouncy and well cushioned.

It was made to give a runner confidence on the trail. You can run quickly knowing it will grip and propel you forward all while keeping you very comfortable.

Don’t let the tall stack height concern you at all. Despite being a relatively tall shoe, you will immediately feel stable while running in these.

This is a very similar shoe to the Brooks Caldera 6.

Asics Trabuco Max 2 Impressions

Picture of ASICS Trabuco Max 2

When I first took these shoes on the trail, I was immediately impressed. I felt like I was running on a cloud and my feet were so comfortable. They have a slight bounce to them as they propel you forward with each step that you take. I felt like no matter how I landed, the shoe would quickly help center my body back into proper alignment.

When I’m climbing on my toes up steep sections of the trails the heal doesn’t slip whatsoever. The laces stay locked on top with the secure band. They are on the longer side, but it’s not a big deal if you properly secure them.

I like to run downhill quickly, and this shoe gives me total confidence that I will not slip. I even tested it on some muddy sections of the trail and it managed to grip really well in the mud! It will definitely get wet if you run through puddles or water sections on a trail. When the shoe is wet it doesn’t feel heavy and your foot does manage to stay fairly warm.

I really think this should be considered as an everyday go to trail shoe – similar to an everyday trainer with road shoes. The only issue I encountered, was some forefoot movement when running downhill because it does run a little wide. I’d most likely stick to 1-13 mile runs with this shoe because that movement could cause blisters over longer distances.

Asics Trabuco Max 2 Protection

Picture of ASICS Trabuco Max 2

The manufacturer uses JACQUARD MESH which is very breathable. Structure is added to the toe for additional protection.

Asics Trabuco Max 2 Durability

Picture of ASICS Trabuco Max 2

After running over 50 Pacific Northwest trail miles in these shoes I’m happy to report they’ve held up well!

I would not wear these for Ultra distances but most definitely on anything sub Ultra: 5k-half marathon ideally.

The only reason I won’t wear them in Ultras is because they’re a little bit too wide for me.

Asics Trabuco Max 2 Responsiveness & speed

Picture of ASICS Trabuco Max 2

You can absolutely hit your top speed in these shoes while pushing off any terrain.

I never once felt out of control or unsafe even though this shoe does propel you forward. I raced in this shoe on a well-groomed but very hilly 10k course and I felt like it was absolutely the right shoe choice.

I also raced an advanced trail half marathon with 3600 feet of climbing in these shoes and my feet were in great condition afterwards.

Asics Trabuco Max 2 Comfort and fit

Picture of ASICS Trabuco Max 2

The overall feel of the shoe is very comfortable. My only complaint is the slight movement in the forefoot as it does run a little wide.

Asics Trabuco Max 2 Conclusions

Picture of ASICS Trabuco Max 2

This shoe really is a must to add to your trail shoe collection. It would also be a great option for a “first” trail shoe that you’ve ever purchased.

I also felt like this shoe worked great when I was hiking / walking up very steep sections of the trail. It’s something to even consider if you plan to hike only and not run.

How does the Trabuco Max 2 compare?

Nike React Pegasus Trail 4
Asics Trabuco Max 2
Hoka One One Torrent 3
Expert score
User score
Best price
Retail price
Shoe type
10.4 oz
10.8 oz
8.7 oz
Heel Drop
10 mm
5 mm
5 mm
Recommended for
Moderate trails, through snowy or icy sections, dirt trails, paved trails, through grassy sections
Moderate trails, technical trails, rocky areas, muddy areas, dirt trails, paved trails, through grassy sections
Dirt trails, through grassy sections
Cushioning type
Cushioning amount
Highly cushioned
Highly cushioned
Highly cushioned
some stability
some stability
some stability
buy half size smaller
true to size
true to size

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We purchased this pair of Asics at Running Warehouse  with our own money.

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Reviewed by Jennifer

This review was written by Jennifer Wilkins on 22nd October.
Running has been a part of Jen's life for as long as she can remember. She ran at the collegiate level in both cross country and track & field; specialising in the 5k and 10k. After college she continued to run and shifted her focus to the half and full marathon distances.

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