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  • The Glide 4 features a reduced midsole that has helped reduce its overall weight by an ounce.


  • The new midsole may have also reduced the amount of arch support.


Very solid daily high mileage neutral daily trainer. Newer improvements make the shoe lighter and more streamlined than previous versions. AdiPRENE technology provides a firm responsive feel.
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Supernova Glide 4
11.3 oz. (320 gr.)
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Neutral to mild pronators seeking a durable firmer cushioned high mileage shoe.

Many high mileage runners have enjoyed the stability and durability of the Adidas Glide series. The Glide is the workhorse of the Supernova product family. Many runners have remained loyal to this shoe for these very reasons, and also for the fact that it remains fairly unchanged from year to year. However, Adidas stepped up its game and made a couple a bigger improvements this year to the Glide 4. This newer version is now lighter that the previous Glide 3 and with a reduced midsole hopes to promote a more natural foot position than its predecessors.

Adidas Supernovea Glide 4 First Impressions

Past runners of the Glide will take comfort that at first glance the shoes look fairly similar to its predecessors. It still holds that same durable simple design that requires no extra flash or added accents. However, after closer examination users will find that the shoes upper profile has been reduced slightly giving it a slimmer profile. The Midsole is also less substantial than the Glide 3, giving the shoe a slightly more streamlined look.

The Glide 4 feels true to size with a comfortable interior and EVA sockliner (which when removed revealed the compartment for the mi coach system accessory), roomy toebox, and snug comfortable fit lacking maybe some arch support. Adidas remained with the comfortable, snug, and well-padded GEOFIT heel. Tubular oval laces secured the shoe nicely that remained tied on all my runs causing no discomfort.

Adidas Supernova Glide 4 Upper

The upper is composed of a stitched-on microsuede similar to the Glide 3. The pattern to the 4 is different being a tighter closed honeycomb mesh than before. This new pattern may allow for greater flexibility, breathability, and weight reduction. This mesh covers the majority of the midfoot area in the same fashion as the 3. The overlays continue to remain very simple and basic providing strength, reinforcement, and support to those areas that need it. Reflective highlights have also been added to the heel and toe that appear to not have been present on the 3.

“GEOFIT” construction still remains a solid performer in the Glide 4. For those unfamiliar with GEOFIT it is a technology developed by Adidas where padding lining is placed in exact areas where it is needed. GEOFIT offers greater stability and distribution of pressure offering better heel fit. The heel was built up enough to provide great support without heel slip, and did not create any unnecessary pressure around my Achilles. I found my heel to feel very centered and locked in over most terrains that I covered. I did find it to be a little stiff in my initial outings with the shoe, but as time went on this became less noticeable.

Adidas Supernova Glide 4 Midsole

Adidas has changed up things in the midsole department a bit in the Glide 4 from the 3. Fans of the 3 will remember a 30mm heel and an 18mm forefoot with a 12mm drop altogether. The Glide 4 still has kept the same 12mm drop, but has reduced the overall height of the heel and forefoot by 0.5mm down to 23.3 and 11.5. This has allowed for reduced weight, but also drops the profile of the shoe lower to the ground. This lower profile allows for a more natural foot position leading to a more natural midfoot to forefoot foot strike, and thus greater running efficiency.

The midsole contains very minimal arch support that may pose problems to those needing additional support. This lack of arch support may be helpful to the true neutral runner as it provides that additional flexibility that we are looking for.

The Heel is decoupled (separated from the rest of the midsole) to allow it to be built using Adidas FORMOTION technology, which is a unique sliding plate technology that absorbs shock in three dimensions. This decoupled design did make for a nice heel to toe transition.

The remaining sole is still comprised of Adidas own adiPRENE + EVA foam material. I found this to be not too soft and not too firm, so if you are a runner seeking a more cushioned ride this is definitely not your shoe. This is also the same foam used in the Glide 3 and the rest of the Supernova line.

A plastic “TORSION SYSTEM” bridges the midfoot to provide torsional stability. This torsional system may interest those that enjoy the added stability, but I found it to be a bit much and I missed some lateral movement from time to time.

The outsole is comprised of blown rubber with a non-marking carbon rubber finishing off the heel. The outsole provided durable good traction on pavement and crushed gravel surfaces both of which were the primary surfaces that the shoes were wear tested on.

Adidas Supernova Glide 4 Opinion

In this runner’s opinion, Adidas has once again created a nice high mileage shoe for the neutral runner. I put this shoe though several miles of testing at varying distances and speeds over varying terrain. The shoe was very stable and kept my foot in a very nice neutral position.

The ride was smooth with outbeing overly cushioned, but leaning more to stiffer and firm. I found the Glide to not be overly bulky and was suprisingly lighter than I would have given it credit for.

In conclusion, the Glide 4 is a good durable daily high mileage shoe fans of Glide can still count on the same durable high mileage shoe that they have always found comfort in, and will probably love it even more with the reduced weight and midsole.

We thank the nice people at Adidas for sending us a pair of Glide 4 to test. This did not influence our review, written after running more than 50 miles in the shoe

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