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  • - Lightweight
  • - Low-profile
  • - Super responsive ride


  • - Large cut-outs in the midsole allow for rock collecting.
  • - Slightly stiffer than most performance shoes.


Nice lightweight, breathable, super responsive performance road trainer or race day shoe. This shoe is best suited for efficient neutral runners looking for a super responsive shoe that provides a nice ride. Could also be a nice alternative to spikes for track training.
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AdiZero Rush
7.9 oz. (224 gr.)
100 US$

Light makes fast and this holds true with Adidas newest shoe the Adizero Rush. Right out of the box I quickly noticed how light the shoe was. Question is will this stripped down light weight performance trainer provide enough protection and durability?

Adidas Adizero Rush First impressions:

After sliding on the Rush for the first time I felt like I had actually just put on a racing flat. The shoe sits very low to the ground and the cushioning felt very minimal. The fit of the shoe was awesome the upper being very minimal felt very supportive, and was extremely breathable. Just walking around the house the response of the SPRINTFRAME was immediately noticeable underfoot.

Adidas Adizero Rush Upper:

The entire upper of the rush is constructed of Adidas Zero mesh. Thin, minimal, flexible, and breathable are just a few adjectives that I can think of to describe the fit and feel of this upper. Carefully hidden inside the mesh layers lies the internal SPRINTWEB. The web eliminates overlays and provides good strong support that held my foot securely to the frame of the shoe.

Along with the internal web the Rush also has an external SPRINTWEB at the heel. This web eliminates the need for a traditional plastic insert cutting both weight and bulk. The external web functions the same as the internal web only forcing the heel slightly in and down to the shoes platform using a thin seamless reinforced overlay.

The fit and last of the Rush holds true to the rest of the Adizero collection having a wide toe box, snug mid foot, and narrow heel. All of which coupled with the pliability of the Zero mesh made the shoe very comfortable and easy to run in.

The heel collar and the tongue of the shoe follow the same minimalist theme as the rest of the shoe. Using a thin but effective layer of foam around the heel collar Adidas has created a nice fit that provided good support. The tongue of the shoe is nice and thin and constructed with a perforated lining allowing it breathe really well. The shoe was secured with a set of simple flat laces that remained tied on all of my runs and caused no discomfort.

Adidas Adizero Rush Midsole:

Here is where the Rush begins to get interesting as the midsole is quite possibly the most interesting looking midsole, except for the Feather, that I have ever seen. Let’s begin with what I would consider the supercharger of the shoe or the SPRINTFRAME. The thin plastic frame is visibly noticeable through the foam midsole of the shoe running the full length. This chassis provides the most amazing energy return of anything I have ever run in, and makes running fast not only effortless but fun.

The Sprintframe sits on top of a full forefoot layer ofresilient adiPRENE+ cushioning that takes an already responsive toe-off and makes it dynamic. The remaining midsole is constructed of Adidas Lite Strike EVA that despite its slim appearance provided a nice firm responsive ride. Midfoot and forefoot strikers alike will appreciate this firm ride and sense of proprioception the shoe provides. The midsole is one piece but is molded with several cut outs to help reduce weight which also did an excellent job of catching rocks.

Adidas Adizero Rush Outsole:

The outsole of the Rush is also very different in its design. It is formed from a 50/ 50 mixture of adiWEAR rubber and the actual midsole. The rubber is a skeleton type frame fused into the midsole in the high wear areas. The traction is very basic resembling that of the skin of a basketball. Although this outsole is very light and simple this might also be its down fall in the durability department. After approximately 80 miles the Rush’s outsole is beginning to show some mild signs of wear especially in the areas that the rubber is not present.

Adidas Adizero Rush Opinion:

The Rush really impressed me with its lightweight feel, firm cushioning, and most of all its responsiveness. I primarily used the shoe for strength intervals, fartleks, and pace runs up to 10 miles. In every setting the Rush was smooth, comfortable, and dynamically responsive all of which make this shoe built for fast running.

The Rush would be a perfect shoe for runners with a relatively neutral foot strike looking for a performance trainer, or road race shoe. I think the Rush could also be a good alternative to spikes when track racing. At 7.9 oz. for my size 10 this light weight low to the ground shoe really impressed me with each and every run.

We thank the nice people at Adidas for sending us a pair of Rush for testing. This did not influence our review of the shoes, written after running more than 80 miles in them.

Adidas AdiZero Rush Price Comparison

Sorry - Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.

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