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  • Highly supportive
  • Great for long runs
  • Cushioned


  • Not a great choice for track workouts
  • Price
  • Sole can be a little rigid for some


The Blade Max Glide is a little heavy and stiff for my taste, but it is definitely a great option for runners that like a more cushioned shoe.
Blade Max Glide
11.9 oz. (337 gr.)
120 US$
Neutral runners looking for a highly cushioned and solid shoe that provides plenty of additional support; beginning runners; heavy heel-strikers

K Swiss Blade Max Glide General Info

K Swiss, which has a strong presence in the triathlon world, is making a strong push for running-centric shoes with their new Blade series. The Blade Max Glide is the cushioned shoe of the bunch, and aims to provide maximum cushioning for neutral runners for long runs and high-mileage training. Featuring a smooth, lightweight upper and thick, highly cushioned sole unit, the Blade Max Glide is meant to provide plenty of cushion, support, and comfort to runners for the long run. While it might not be suited for all runners’ tastes, it’s definitely a great option for runners who like a more supportive shoe and don’t mind a little extra weight on their long runs.

K Swiss Blade Max Glide Impressions

Having never tried a pair of K Swiss shoes, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Blade Max Glide. The upper is incredibly smooth and flexible, and was immediately one of my favorite features of the shoe. Taking them out for the first run was a bit of a challenge, as they’re heavier than my normal shoes, and the overall ride is less smooth than what I’m used to. Post-run, however, my feet and ankles felt great, without any of the achiness tend to follow my longer runs. Though I continued to have issues with the overall feel of the shoe—I often felt like I was fighting them through my foot strike—it was clear to me that all of the cushioning did make a difference. While I had issues with their feel and ride, the Blade Max Glide is definitely worth a try for runners that tend to be heavy heel-strikers and runners that like a highly cushioned shoe.

K Swiss Blade Max Glide Sole Unit

The sole unit of the Blade Max Glide is all about maximizing cushioning. Running between the upper unit and the midsole is a full-length layer of foam called the GuideGlide, which is meant to provide additional stability. Next up on the sole unit Blade Max section, which is the shoe’s most distinctive feature. The “blades,” which are constructed of K Swiss’s Superfoam (a rigid durable foam), are meant to provide additional cushioning and some flexibility. Rounding out the sole unit is a high density rubber on the outside to provide durability. The Blade Max Glide holds up well against everyday abuse as well, and I saw little evidence of wear on them after logging runs on dirt, trails, and the roads.

The sole unit of the Blade Max Glide is definitely designed with runners looking for more cushioning than most neutral shoes on market. Runners that like a softer, more flexible shoe might be disappointed in the Blade Max Glide, but those looking for a little extra support should consider giving them a try.

K Swiss Blade Max Glide Upper Unit

The upper unit of the Blade Max Glide is smooth, flexible, and lightweight. Consisting mostly of mesh, the Blade Max Glide would be great for warmer runs. While I didn’t get the chance to try them out in hot weather, they did well during treadmill runs on a warm gym floor. The sock liner is an especially nice touch—it’s extremely smooth and soft with a seamless construction. I didn’t experience any issues with blisters or irritation. A final touch is the laces, which are flat with small bubbles, designed to keep shoes tied. Out of all of the shoes I’ve tried recently, the feel of the upper unit is one of the most comfortable, and its lightweight, flexible, and smooth design was my favorite part of the Blade Max Glide.

K Swiss Blade Max Glide Opinion

The K Swiss Blade Max Glide would be a good long-run shoe for runners that are accustomed to a slightly heavier shoe and like a shoe that gives them a lot of support. Though they were a bit heavy for my taste, and I missed being able to feel the road, the Blade Max Glide is a solid option for runners looking for plenty of protection and shock absorption.

K-Swiss Blade Max Glide Price Comparison

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