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  • Lighter weight than other cushioned trainers.
  • Nice plush yet mildly responsive ride.


  • Ill fitting upper causes pressure in the toe box
  • The overuse of overlays affects the shoes breatheability.


Puma delivers its first cushioned trainer to the Faas line. The shoe has a nice plush midsole that offers up a natural ride, but issues with the upper may have runners giving the shoe second thoughts.
Faas 900
10.4 oz. (295 gr.)
110 US$
Any neutral runner looking for a cushioned long-range road shoe.

The Faas 900 is Pumas Newest addition to the Faas family. The 900 is aimed to be a high mileage neutral trainer packing premium plush cushioning. In trying to thrown down with other cushioned trainers such as the Vormero and Cumulus the 900 has will have to some stiff competition to make its place in plush category. However, the 900 has a few differences, such as a reduced weight, that will help to set it apart.

Puma Faas 900 First impressions:

The 900 is everything that I have come to expect from a Faas lab shoe. It delivers a very colorful upper with big overlays atop a one-piece midsole. I am not to sure about the color that was sent to me as it seems that it might be something that you might find in cousin Eddy’s closet, but I guess that function is more important than fashion. When holding the shoe for the first time I was pleasantly surprised at its weight for a shoe in its category. The 900 had good toe flex and was not overly stiff torsionally. The midsole feels cushy, but has a bit of responsiveness to it when I pushed into it with my thumbs. Overall the 900 has the look and feel that is in line with a cushioned neutral trainer.

Puma Faas 900 Upper:

The upper of the 900 is seamless and constructed of a honeycomb mesh. Atop this breathable mesh is a network of Bonded TPU overlays. The overlays do provide good midfoot support and structure without irritation, but seem a bit overdone. The overuse takes away from the effectiveness of the breathable mesh upper leaving the shoe somewhat on the warm side. Being a plush shoe Puma has taken that concept one step further and has given the shoe an overstuffed heel collar and tongue. Although neither was uncomfortable the added bulk was noticeable in both areas especially the tongue where it felt excessive leaving the top of my foot feeling a little sandwiched. The toe box of this shoe was what had me concerned since it is fairly narrow. This lead to a snug fit around my toes that I thought may loosen after a break in period, but it never did. The pressure was never to the point that I was in pain but I could never seem to be comfortable, and after most runs it was a relief to get them off.

Puma Faas 900 Midsole:

The midsole of the 900 is one piece and molded from Pumas Faas Foam. Along the lateral side of the midsole are the same lateral release grooves that are used in all of the Fuss line to help aid in shock absorption, and encourage momentum to travel along the foots lateral edge. This translates into a smooth clean natural ride, which was evident while running. The overall cushioning of the shoe was plush and did feel nice underfoot. The one thing that I did notice and appreciate was the midsole did offer a bit of firmness that gave the shoe some responsiveness particularly from midfoot to toe off. One thing that the midsole may have against it is that it definitely absorbs everything as you run and particularly rocks. So, that being said if you are a runner that has somewhat tender feet and struggles with a rock jabbing at you than take caution. The midsole performed well on paved surfaces and seems to be well suited for that running surface in particular.

Puma Faas 900 Outsole:

Since the midsole is one piece it also comprises the majority of the outsole as well. Puma has added its evertrack rubber into some of the higher wear areas for added protection. Most of the shoes traction comes from a series of pads uniformly placed along sets of groves. This provided the shoe with simple and effective traction on paved surfaces, while keeping the ride and transition natural and smooth. Although the construction of this midsole keeps the shoe light I will remain skeptically optimistic as to its durability. I think that I could comfortably say that it could easily last 300 miles possibly more.

Puma Faas 900 Opinion:

For a first installment of a cushioned shoe with a comfortable ride I will say that the 900 isn’t bad. I think that it has some areas to improve upon in respect to the upper of the shoe. It’s definitely not a fast transitioning shoe but offers a little more pep that what I would expect from a plush shoe. With a weight of 10.4 oz. It is lighter than that of the Vomero or Cumulus, which helps give it a slight leg up. I think that the 900 would be a good shoe for heavier runners or those looking for a cushioned road shoe for long recovery runs.

We thank the nice people at Puma for sending us a pair of Faas 900 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

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