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  • Incredibly responsive shoe with a comfortable ride;
  • Ideal for the road


  • Price. The Energy NR are actually on the low-end for Newton shoes which are generally a little pricey.
  • However, they seem to be keeping in competition with other specialty brands marketing a unique technology.


The Newton Energy NR is a good light-weight trainer option for neutral runners who enjoy a firmer and responsive ride.
Energy NR
7.0oz Women; 9.0oz Men oz. (198 gr.)
119 US$
Neutral runners looking for a reliable daily trainer or a long run shoe which promotes midfoot strike and push-off.The Newton Energy NR is specifically designed for runners who are new to the brand’s technology and are looking for a smooth transition from traditional training shoes into the Newton line. Loyal Newton runners will also love this shoe as it still boasts the brand’s signature forefoot lugs in a lower profile setting for optimized energy return.

Newton Energy NR General Information

The Energy NR is a brand-new addition to the Newton line and it offers Newton’s unique Action/Reaction™ technology in the forefoot outsole although the lugs have been reduced to accommodate new-to-Newton runners. The Action/Reaction™ technology is designed to provide optimal response off the ground that promotes high energy return with every stride.

Newton Energy NR Impression

The model I received was avivid green, blue, and yellow which are my favorite colors; so I was quite pleased when I opened the box.Newton consistently offers bright, eye-catching colors and these shoes are no exception. With its flat outsole, the Energy NR is best on the roads where the streamlined lugs can provide a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The no-frills upper fits comfortably, and the shoes seem to run true-to-size. Newton’s shoes are all crafted to accommodate custom orthotics if needed, which I find to be a nice consideration.

Having never run in Newtons before, the Energy NR really impressed me from the first run. They feel like no other shoe I have ever run in, which is refreshing. I found myself getting excited each time I laced up the Energy NR. I have completed comfortable easy runs in these shoesand also attempted some faster progressions. The Energy NR promotes an efficient gait cycle which translates to more efficient stride.

These shoes are snappy off the road and they made me want to run fast. Theyfelt best when running at a moderate pace around 6:30-8:00 per mile. With a 6mm heel-to-toe drop, the Energy NR are a comfortable mid-point between traditional training shoes and the zero-drop models of the barefoot movement. Newtons promote a midfoot strike which is optimal for efficient and quick turnover.

Newton Energy NR Sole Unit

As mentioned,the outsole employs Newton’s signature Action/Reaction™ technology in 5 actuator lugslocated just under the metatarsal heads of the foot. This feature provides a high level of response and energy return. The shoes provided a firm, but comfortable ride. The Energy NR may take some getting used to for runners who prefer a soft and highly cushioned ride.

I really appreciate the fact that the midsole lacksthe hard plastic plate which can be found in so many running shoes. The midsole and outsole are seemingly simple and, like all Newton shoes, are made of recycled materials. The Energy NR have something to offer for runners who are used to traditional trainers as well as those who prefer a minimal ride, and everyone in between. This is a shoe that is effective for long runs down to tempos and moderate threshold-type work.

Newton Energy NR Upper

The upper is simple and comfortable. There are no aggravating seams or liners. Flex panels allow the foot to expand and move naturally. The toe-box provides plenty of space for toe-splay.

Newton Energy NR Opinion

Newton really got it right with the Energy NR. This shoe offers something for virtually everyone in terms of response, efficiency, and energy return on the road.

We thank the nice people at Newton for sending us a pair of Energy NR to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Newton Energy NR Price Comparison

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