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  • Stability for pronation with generous cushioning
  • Lightweight upper
  • Fluid ride
  • Very Flexible


  • 4mm drop lower than most shoes in stability category


The Pearl Izumi EM Road H3 is another great shoe in the E:Motion line which provides stability and cushioning to those who pronate with a very light-weight feel. The new sole design from Pearl Izumi adds to the smooth ride which allows the shoe to be used as an everyday trainer as well as ability to handle higher mileage.
EM Road H3
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High mileage training.

Pearl Izumi EM Road H3 General Info:

The Pearl Izumi EM Road H3 continues on the company’s push into the light-weight and durable road (and trail) shoe space. Pearl Izumi adds another shoe to its E:Motion line-up, “H” = “stability”, by providing a road shoe with ample stability, cushioning and fluid ride. From my first run with the EM Road H3, I was impressed with the comfort and “sock-like” feel of the shoe. The shoe weights approximately 10oz yet feels lighter due to the sole design and seamless upper and overall solid fit. The shoe provides stability and sufficient cushioning from toe-to-heel giving a smoothride from the first run.

Pearl Izumi EM Road H3 Sole Unit:

In keeping with the overall theme of the shoe, the outsole is made of a light-weight rubber with simple tread pattern which provides the plenty of grip to keep in-line while adding increased flexibility for the shoe. The outsole allows for a shoe that can be used in speed training and with cushioning of the shoe that will allow for higher miles while providing traction and comfort. The simple lug pattern is a good fit for this shoe

The shoe has a new sole design which gives it the cushioning and smooth ride. For the EM Road H3, Pearl Izumi created a new shape for the midsole that adjusts the shape allowing for a smoother ride throughout a runner’s foot strike and this creates a 4mm (at toe) to 7.5mm (midsole) drop in the shoe.

When you combine this new technology to the cushioning provided from forefoot to heel along with added stability for pronation, it allows for a fluid smooth, comfortable feel throughout the foot strike. The cushioning is provided throughout the shoe in the necessary impact points from forefoot to heel while still providing the appropriate stability. I was expecting this cushioning to affect the stride and stability but I what I got was a stable shoe that had just the right about of cushioning during short and long runs.

Pearl Izumi EM Road H3 Upper Unit:

The EM Road H3 is fitted with a seamless, mesh upper that is simple yet provides for a great fit. The seamless upper provides a “sock-like” fit from the moment I placed shoe on and went for a run and that helped with the overall light-weight feel of the shoe.

The durable mesh that runs throughout the upper allows the shoe to be breathable and helps the feet dry as needed. The insole provides an overall well-fitting feel for the entire foot while keeping the heel firmly in place.

Pearl Izumi EM Road H3 Opinion:

From the moment I put the Pearl Izumi EM Road H3 on, I was surprised overall feel of the shoe through its stability, overall cushioning and light-weight feel. The EM Road H3’s overall construction of the upper gives a secure feel from toe-to-heel whether going for a quick, short run or longer more demanding run.

The overall benefit of the seamless upper combined with the mesh throughout gives the shoe a flexible, fluid ride and still provides the stability for those who need it.

The EM Road H3 provided a remarkable overall fit along with smooth and stable ride. The shoe has minimalist features when first taken out of the box, however, the features such as the seamless, mesh upper and simple yet comfortable tread design gave me a solid and comfortable running experience.

We thank the nice people at Pearl Izumi for sending us a pair of EM Road H3 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

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