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  • Great durable woven upper
  • Blended materials in the sole unit provide superb cushioning and a responsive ride.


  • Heavier than similar shoes.
  • Roomy making the shoe feel sloppy at times.


Nicely cushioned maximal road shoe for a very reasonable price. These are a great buy for runners that have never tried a maximal shoe and are looking to explore.
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GoRun Ultra Road
11.5 oz. (326 gr.)
90 US$
Heavier runners and runners with a higher volume foot. Any runner that wishes to try a maximal cushioned shoe for the first time.

Skechers GoRun Ultra Road General Info

While continuing to establish itself in the challenging running shoe market Skechers performance division continues to evolve from its successes.

After releasing its second version of the GoRun Ultra hybrid and finding some positive feedback the GoRun Ultra Road was born. The Ultra Road is a ultra-cushioned maximal shoe built for daily road running.

Like the Ultra the Ultra road provides a soft landing but takes it a step further by adding a resilient and responsive take-off making the shoe more suitable for faster paces.

Skechers GoRun Ultra Road Sole Info

The sole of the Ultra Road is stacked high with Resalyte material, and is actually two soles. The midsole material is plush and provides a nice soft landing with a little bit of give on impact.

The Outsole layer is a much firmer and resilient material. This layer provides the shoe with a quick transition after the much softer layer has settled in.

The transition is very quick springing the foot from heel to toe amazingly fast. I was really surprised that this big of a shoe could snap as fast as it does.

The outsole is structured with pods under the forefoot and heel that give the shoe ample grip and flexibility that are inset with rubber in the high wear areas for better durability.

While this cushioning and resilience were enjoyable on longer runs it definitely comes at a price as the shoe is heavy. I really felt the weight of the shoe on longer runs when my legs began to get tired.

Skechers GoRun Ultra Road Upper Info

The upper of the Ultra Road is definitely one of the best features of the shoe. The material used is a stiff durable woven knit.

This stiffer material has made it possible for the upper to be not only one piece, but free of any overlays aside from a bonded logo at the lateral midfoot and two small reflective accents on the toe.

The upper was breathable and flexible and capable of a lot of abuse. This upper is roomy which I appreciated as it allowed my toes to splay outward and upward.

However, having slightly narrower feet the roominess was a bit much in the rest of the shoe making it feel sloppy at times.

When I really noticed this was while running downhill and making tight turns where I needed plant my foot and pivot.

Skechers GoRun Ultra Road Conclusions

This is a good shoe with a soft and uniquely resilient ride.

I would recommend the GoRun Ultra Road to anyone looking to try a max cushion shoe for the first time, but unsure if they want to pay the price tag of many of the other models.

I really feel that the GoRun Ultra Road would be an ideal shoe for heavier runners and those with higher volume feet. Skechers has done a good job with this shoe on its first release.

I would like to see the shoe lose some weight on the next round, but overall this is a decent shoe capable of tons of comfortable miles.

We thank the nice people at Skechers for sending us a pair of GoRun Ultra Road to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Skechers GoRun Ultra Road Price Comparison

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