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  • Built for durability.
  • Great for running in the cold.
  • Comfortable.
  • Very reasonable price.


  • Not built for speed.
  • Not so great for running in the heat.


The Under Armour Horizon RTT prides itself on being durable and handling trail obstacles with ease.

The rugged trail shoe lives up to that promise with solid protective layering inside and outside, including a reinforced toe bumper and plate that are smoothly integrated within the design.

The $110 price tag is well worth it for this type of trail shoe.
Horizon RTT
10.60 oz. (301 gr.)
110 US$
7 mm
Heel Drop
Apr / 2017
Release Date
Runners looking for a solidly built, comfortable shoe will find a lot to like about the Under Armour Horizon RTT. Runners who are looking for a shoe to help them zoom through fast terrain would be well advised to look elsewhere.

Immediately upon unboxing the Under Armour Horizon RTT (10.6 ounces, 7 mm drop), I could tell these trail shoes were unlike any others I have previously worn.

The upper is extremely well fortified while the 5-mm lugs are in a straight pattern, an interesting choice for what otherwise would figure to be shoes for hard-core adventures.

Under Armour Horizon RTT General Info

The lugs work well to navigate through rocky terrain, though they do tend to get bogged down in mud. A diagonal pattern would help the runner push off and through stick situations more fluidly than is attainable with the straight lugs.

In basic trail conditions, the Horizon RTTs work well with the runner’s natural gait, keeping a consistent flow. That said, the transfer from heel to toe is more of a steady feeling than that of being able to accelerate quickly.

While the Horizon RTT is definitely a trail shoe, it did not miss a beat when taking on roads. I wouldn’t recommend the shoe for a marathon or ultra solely on roads.

But it would be an option to consider for long endurance races that have significant sections on the roads or paved trails.

Under Armour Horizon RTT Sole Unit

The Horizon RTT’s outsole was built to provide better traction and stability than Under Armour’s Horizon KTV. The RTT is up to the task, allowing the runner to brake on downhills with confidence.

Whether slashing down hill or braking hard on a decline, the heel is supported by a protective mesh layer and dual protective welds.

On the other side, the toe bumper and plate provide flawless protection from tree roots, rocks and other hazards of the trail.

During my runs, I had no trouble in navigating various terrain obstacles without compromising my stride or causing injuries to my feet.

In fact, I purposely came down hard on rocks, testing both the toe and heel sections. And the RTTs handled even those high-impact jumps, pushoffs and turns with ease.

Under Armour Horizon RTT Upper Info

Under Armour used a synthetic covering over practically all of the upper, meaning it — and your ankles — will be well protected from roots, rocks and other trail menaces.

It is also important to note that underneath the outer protection a mesh layer protects the runner’s feet.

All of this material also means that your feet will be warm in these shoes. That’s a relief for cold winter mornings, but may not be what you want during hot summer runs.

The padded gusseted tongue felt a little funny at first, but after a few miles, I didn’t notice it any more. And after 50+ miles, the tongue is clearly an asset to the shoe.

It provides comfort and protection to the top of the foot. It just takes a little while to get used to a slightly different fit.

Under Armour Horizon RTT Conclusions

If I were heading to a trail race where I wasn’t sure of the conditions, the Under Armours would be a pair worth packing.

I wouldn’t use these for a fast course or one where I thought I could run fast. However, if the course was decently technical — rocks, tree roots and the like — these could provide the best choice.

When I am not at a race, these Under Armour trail shoes will be among my go-to footwear for runs on challenging terrain.

We thank the nice people at >Under Armour for sending us a pair of Horizon RTT to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Under Armour Horizon RTT Price Comparison

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