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  • Ample Cushion in the Sole
  • Comfortable Upper
  • Snug, but Not Tight, Heel Cup


  • Slightly Snug Feel in the Toe Box (Shallow Height)


The Altra Torin 3.0 is a road shoe that performs well in a variety of uses. This is a shoe that can be confidently worn in any race from the 5k to the marathon, as it is light enough to go fast but cushioned enough to hold up to hours on your feet.
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Torin 3.0
8.7 oz. (247 gr.)
125 US$
0 mm
Heel Drop
Previous model
The Torin 3.0 is a great shoe for anyone new to running in zero drop shoes and/or needs one pair of shoes that will work well over a variety of race distances and workout types.

The Altra Torin 3.0 is a very “middle of the road” type of shoe in the best possible way.

It really is a do anything kind of shoe, that works just as well doing speed repeats or racing the 5k as it does grinding out long runs or racing the marathon.

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a variety of shoes that each have a specific purpose, a pair of Torins may be all you need.

These are the first pair of Torins that I have worn, but they compare favorably with recent iterations of the Altra Instinct (Intuition). If you’ve liked the Instinct but wish it had a bit more cushioning, the Torin 3.0 may be the shoe you are looking for.

Altra Torin 3.0 General Info

The Altra Torin 3.0 is the newest iteration of Altra’s most popular road shoe. The upper of Torin 3.0 has been changed compared to older models to improve the breathability and comfort of the shoe.

The sole has remained largely unchanged, maintaining the soft and responsive feel that has made previous versions of this shoe so popular.

Altra Torin 3.0 - Lateral Side

Altra Torin 3.0 – Lateral Side

As would be expected with any Altra shoe, the Torin 3.0 features the foot-shaped toe box and zero drop platform that Altra is known for.

Altra Torin 3.0 Sole Unit

The Altra Torin 3.0 is classified as a highly cushioned shoe, and it delivers on that promise. That said, for a shoe with a 28 mm stack height, this shoe was almost surprisingly lightweight and very responsive from the very first time I put them on.

Altra Torin 3.0 - Pair

Altra Torin 3.0 – Pair

The sole of the Torin 3.0 is made up of an A-Bound mid-sole + an updated FoodPod outsole.

What does all that mean?

The A-Bound mid-sole is (according to Altra via their website) a layer of cushioning that compresses 2-3x less than traditional running shoe foam, is it should hold up better over time than the foam found in other shoes.

It is also supposed to maintain a good ground feel while reducing the impact of striking the ground while running on hard surfaces.

The FootPod outsole is (again, according to Altra) the tread design that is very similar to the bones and tendons in the human foot.

This allows the shoe to bend and flex at the same anatomical locations as the foot, which allows the foot to function as naturally as possible.

The sole of the Altra Torin 3.0 definitely delivers on the promises that it makes.

I typically prefer as little cushioning/material between my foot and the ground as possible, and even with the 28 mm stack (way more than I would usually select) I still am able to feel the ground with each step.

The shock absorption is evident and the Torin 3.0 delivers a very smooth ride for the amount of cushioning that is built into this shoe, which was a big concern of mine when I first saw the specs for the shoe.

Altra Torin 3.0 Upper Info

Altra Torin 3.0 - Toe

Altra Torin 3.0 – Toe

The upper of the Torin 3.0 is composed of quick-dry air mesh that is flexible, comfortable, and lightweight.

There is a moderate amount of cushioning around the opening of the shoe which really provides a snug feel, without being tight or restrictive, while wearing the shoe. My foot hasn’t moved at all while running in the Torin 3.0.

With the fabric of the upper being a quick-dry mesh, the shoe is very breathable.

However, the flip side of that coin is that if you wear the Torin 3.0 when running through any dewy grass or during a light rain, your feet are going to be wet.

They will dry quickly of course, but these shoes will not provide much (if any) wetness protection during a run.

My one negative about the upper of this shoe has to do with the height of the toe box of this shoe.

The length and width of the toe box are true to size, but the toe box is a bit shallower than many other Altra models which may result in some rubbing/irritation on the tops of your toes while wearing this shoe.

Altra Torin 3.0 - Heel

Altra Torin 3.0 – Heel

I’ve noticed this a few times, but it hasn’t been a huge problem for me. If in doubt, go up a half size and that should solve the problem.

Another thing that stuck out to me about the upper of the Altra Torin 3.0 is the texture of the exterior of the shoe. At first glance, the upper looks mesh-like, but it is actually a textured exterior (raised dots).

I have no idea why the upper is textured, and from what I can tell there are no benefits/negatives associated with it, it is just really weird.

Altra Torin 3.0 Conclusions

All things considered, I was pleasantly surprised with the Altra Torin 3.0.

As I mentioned above, I prefer minimally cushioned shoes and the Torin 3.0 would never be confused with being a minimally cushioned shoe.

That said, it is a comfortable shoe, delivers a smooth ride, and provides a good ground feel while running on the roads.

This shoe will absolutely be in my rotation going forward. The Torin 3.0 can definitely be worn for any length workout or race, but this shoe has become my go-to shoe for easy/recovery days along with the occasional long run.

The Torin 3.0 definitely fits the bill as a serviceable/durable road shoe. I still have no idea why they added the texture to the exterior of the shoe, but that peculiarity aside this is a good shoe for anyone that logs some serious miles on the road.

We purchased a pair of Altra Torin 3.0 from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Altra Torin 3.0 Price Comparison

Sorry - Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.
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