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The Altra Escalante is a versatile road shoe that works well in just about any setting. From track workouts to road marathons, the Escalante can pretty much do it all!
8.20 oz. (232 gr.)
130 US$
May / 2018
Release Date
The Altra Escalante would be a good addition for any runner that regularly runs on the roads or other hard surfaces. The Escalante strikes a near-perfect balance between being light enough to go fast while having enough cushion to be comfortable after several hours of pounding the pavement.

The Altra Escalante was a new addition to the Altra line in 2017, and it quickly became a favorite of many Altra fans.

Like any other Altra, the Escalante is built on a zero-drop base and features a foot-shaped toe box. The Escalante also features a fully knit upper, which was a new addition to the Altra line at the time of the shoe’s release.

The Escalante reminded me of the One 2.5s in that it has a very flexible sole and upper that feels more like you’re wearing a thick pair of socks than a proper running shoe. Needless to say, this is quite a comfortable shoe.

Altra Escalante General Info

The Altra Escalante was added to the Altra line as a bit of a do everything shoe—both in running and beyond. The shoe is marketed as an “athleisure” shoe, something that can be worn for running and while going about your daily life.

Altra Escalante - Lateral Side

Altra Escalante – Lateral Side

My first impressions of the shoe were mostly positive. The shoe fits true to size and is quite possibly the most comfortable running shoe I’ve ever worn.

My only initial concern about the Escalante was that the sole was a bit spongier than I typically prefer in my running shoes.

Altra Escalante Sole Unit

The Altra Escalante has a stack height of 25 mm, which provides plenty of cushion without feeling bulky under the foot.

The outsole is made with FootPod Technology, which is designed to mimic the bone structure of the human foot to allow the shoe to bend and flex at the same places that your foot bends and moves while running.

The midsole is composed of a proprietary foam blend (Altra EGO) that provides a comfortable ride with a little bit of springiness with each step.

Altra Escalante - Sole

Altra Escalante – Sole

The Altra Escalante definitely provides a very smooth ride on the roads, though if you like to “feel” the ground beneath your feet you may be a bit disappointed.

The softness and springiness of the EGO foam is as comfortable as advertised, but I definitely missed feeling the road beneath my feet in these shoes.

The sole of the Escalante is also quite durable, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. This shoe will hold up to many miles on the roads, without losing much (if any) of its spongy comfort.

Altra Escalante Upper Info

The upper of the Altra Escalante is different than the upper of any shoe I had ever worn before I tried them for the first time. The upper is fully knit and completely seamless, and as such it feels more like a thick sock than a shoe.

If you like/need some structure or support for your shoe’s upper, the Altra Escalante is NOT a good shoe for you. The knit upper really fits snugly to your foot but doesn’t go so far as to be restrictive.

Altra Escalante - Top

Altra Escalante – Top

I have yet to experience any rubbing, hot spots, or other problems while running in the Escalante.

While the knit construction of the upper provides a great level of comfort while running in this shoe, it doesn’t provide much of a barrier to water.

If the Escalante gets wet, your feet will get wet. That said, the Escalante is also incredibly breathable, so your feet won’t be wet for long.

Altra Escalante Conclusions

In case you can’t tell already, I REALLY like the Altra Escalante. The shoe is beyond comfortable, even after 26.2 miles on the roads.

I wouldn’t mind if the shoe provided a bit more ground feel while running, but the comfort and durability of this shoe more than make up for the one minor issue I have.

If you haven’t tried the Escalante yet, I’d definitely encourage you to do so sooner rather than later!

We purchased a pair of Altra Escalante from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Altra Escalante Price Comparison

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