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  • Good Grip
  • Maximal Cushioning


  • Heavy (Especially when Wet)


The Altra Olympus 3.0 is a maximally cushioned trail shoe that works well on just about any trail. If you’re going to be out on the trail for a substantial amount of time, you’ll likely appreciate the cushioning that the Olympus 3.0 provides.
Olympus 3.0
10.70 oz. (303 gr.)
150 US$
0 mm
Heel Drop
May / 2018
Release Date
The Altra Olympus 3.0 is a great shoe for any runner that will be hitting the trails for long distances. Trail marathoners, ultra runners, and long distance hikers are sure to love the comfort of the Olympus 3.0s even after many hours of running.

The Altra Olympus 3.0 is a beast of a trail shoe! This maximally cushioned shoe will certainly protect your feet from any rocks, roots, or other debris that you’ll come across on the trail.

According to the Altra website, the Olympus 3.0 provides improved support, stability, and traction over previous models of this shoe. This is my first pair of Olympus’ so I am unable to confirm or deny those statements.

Altra Olympus 3.0 General Info

Altra Olympus 3 - Medial Side+Toe

Altra Olympus 3 – Medial Side+Toe

The Altra Olympus 3.0 continues to be Altras most heavily cushioned trail shoe. With a 33 mm stack height, it provides an additional level of comfort and protection than the Altra Lone Peaks (25 mm) or the Altra Timps (29 mm).

My first impression of the Altra Olympus 3.0s was that this was a heavy-duty shoe! The 33 mm stack height just makes this shoe look bigger than it is. That said, the Olympus 3.0 was quite comfortable from the first time I put them on.

Altra Olympus 3.0 Sole Unit

The sole of the Altra Olympus 3.0 is made up of a durable rubber/vibram outsole and an EVA/A-bound midsole.

Altra Olympus 3 - Pair

Altra Olympus 3 – Pair

One look at the outsole leaves no doubts about the amount of grip that you’ll expect to get while wearing this shoe. The Altra Olympus 3.0 features ample lugs and provides excellent traction under any trail conditions.

The Olympus 3.0s also features angled treads under the toe box and near the heel to limit the chances of the sole accidentally catching on the trail while running up or down a hill and resulting in a fall.

As would be expected in a shoe with a 33 mm stack, there is plenty of cushioning in the midsole of the Altra Olympus 3.0.

The combination of EVA foam and A-Bound cushioning work together to feel very comfortable and keep your feet protected while also providing a very smooth ride on the trail.

And just like every model of Altra shoes, the Olympus 3.0 is built a the zero-drop platform.

Altra Olympus 3.0 Upper Info

The upper of the Altra Olympus 3.0 is made of a breathable mesh material.

Altra Olympus 3 - Toe

Altra Olympus 3 – Toe

The upper of the Olympus 3.0 is every bit as comfortable as the sole. The heel cup has enough cushioning to hold the heel in place and prevent any unwanted moving/sliding while wearing the shoe.

Neither the toe cap nor the heel of the Olympus 3.0 is as reinforced/offer as much protection as the Timps.

If you typically run/hike through heavier brush and/or unkept trails, this is something you may want to consider before purchasing a pair of the Olympus 3.0s.

While the mesh upper of the Altra Olympus 3.0 is comfortable and light-weight, it offers very little resistance to water.

If you run through any amount of wet grass or other water, your feet will get wet. As mentioned above, in my experience the heel is snug enough that my foot didn’t slide at all no matter how wet my feet got in these shoes.

But my feet were wet after just about every run in the Olympus 3.0s.

The upper of the Olympus 3.0 also features Altra’s standard foot-shaped toe box, which allows the toes to be able to splay with every step.

Altra Olympus 3.0 Conclusions

All things considered, the Altra Olympus 3.0 is a good trail shoe.

Obviously, the amount of cushioning in this shoe is second to none in the Altra lineup. But in my opinion, it’s a bit much.

I tend to prefer shoes with a bit less cushioning, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the feel of some of Altra’s more heavily cushioned models in the past, specifically the Timps.

For me, the Olympus was just a bit too much and didn’t provide as much ground feel as I like.

The Olympus 3.0s are listed as weighing only 10.7 oz, which really isn’t that heavy for a shoe with as much cushioning as this. That said, the Olympus 3.0 definitely felt heavier when it was wet, which was a major negative for me.

We purchased a pair of Altra Olympus 3 from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Altra Olympus 3.0 Price Comparison

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