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  • Improved upper vs previous versions
  • Stability in sole unit great for lifting with good grip and traction
  • Lightweight, breathable upper
  • OK for running compared to other training shoes
  • Wide fit suitable for almost everyone


  • Durability in sole- ripped after rope climbs
  • Durability in upper- looks very worn after a few wears


The Reebok Nano X2 is packed with features and improvements to produce a great, all round premium workout shoe. Designed to be a wide, stable base for lifting, with responsive foam for short runs, all wrapped up in a lightweight breathable upper, the Nano X2 is a good shoe for people training in CrossFit and functional fitness. What it lacks in durability it makes up for in functionality, style and substance.
Nano X2
10.00 oz. (283 gr.)
135.00 US$
7 mm
Heel Drop
Previous model
This training shoe is for runners who are looking for a shoe that will see them through all types of strength and cardio training outside of their normal running programme. As the Nano has evolved it has transitioned from being aimed solely at CrossFitters to athletes training for a more broader vision of fitness.

Reebok’s Nano X2 is the 2022 version of the versatile training shoe aimed and the CrossFit and functional fitness market.

Versatility in a training shoe looks like a shoe that you can lift, jump, skip and squat in. Whilst not a complete overhaul of the Nano X1 (the ‘even’ numbered Nano’s see only moderate improvements, whilst their ‘odd’ numbered predecessors feature more drastic design changes) there a few more bells and whistles on the Nano X2 that on the whole make it an improved iteration.

Since moving away from their affiliation with CrossFit (with the games now being sponsored by NoBull) Reebok’s Nano range has appealed to a wider range of fitness enthusiasts and is now the go-to shoe for a whole variety of workouts.

The Nano X2 is designed to be the most wearable Nano to date, designed with both durability and style in mind.

Reebok Nano X2 First Impressions

picture of Reebok Nano X2 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of Reebok Nano X2

First impression wise, I was very impressed with this shoe. It felt light on the foot, very breathable compared with other training shoes, and stayed in place on my feet.

The fit, as I find with all Nanos, was generous. I went my normal shoe size, and half a size down from my running shoes. The toe box feels very wide if you’re used to training in other brands, and there is also room around the heel but not enough for the heel to slip.

picture of Reebok Nano X2 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of Reebok Nano X2

If you have a wider foot, the Reebok Nano range is definitely the one for you. The laces are tongue are spread wide and give good lock down throughout the length of the foot. Overall a really comfortable shoe.

During my first workout, the shoes took some getting used to, feeling wider and flatter than the Nike Metcon 7 that I’d been training in previously in the same size. It felt much flatter, less supportive and my toes moved around more than normal.

Aesthetic-wise the Nano X2 is probably my favourite Nano to date. The wide and exciting range of launch colours in bright, subdued and mono-chrome shades offers a look to everyone’s taste. No doubt more colors will be launched, and limited editions over the next few months.

Reebok Nano X2 Sole Unit

picture of Reebok Nano X2 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of Reebok Nano X2

The Nano X2 now features Floatride foam in the sole unit, found in Reebok’s running shoe range, which is designed to provide lightweight, resilient and ultra responsive cushioning. On the foot I didn’t feel a huge difference in the sole unit vs the Nano X1, but there was a considerable change vs the earlier Nano models on lightweight performance.

The durable rubber outsole gives fantastic grip on both a gym floor, wood, concrete and tarmac. Slipping and sliding is definitely not an issue in the Nano X2 thanks to its wide flat base giving superb traction. This is another aspect that has remained unchanged in this update, and for good reason, it works.

The heel drop (vertical distance from where your heel sits to where your forefoot sits) is 7mm which is ideal (for most people) in a training shoe.

Enough heel raise to assist with ankle and knee mobility in squats, but not so much you become unstable. This 7mm heel drop is higher than most other training shoes, which generally sit at around 4mm, which makes the Nano X2 more suited to running.

The Floatride foam also offers adequate underfoot cushioning for short- medium runs, anything up to a couple of kilometers, especially if you’re a mid- or fore-foot striker.

Sole flexibility is adequate, and coupled with a knit upper means the toe can bend comfortably when running, lunging or performing burpees.

Reebok Nano X2 Upper Unit

picture of Reebok Nano X2 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of Reebok Nano X2

The upper is constructed with Flexweave material which is stretchy and gives support in high abrasion areas. It also features a TPU cover over the middle of the shoe and a nylon, more durable material at the back.

Starting at the back of the shoe the heel cup raises up high and is very stiff to begin with, risking rubbing on the back of the heel if you wear it for an extended period on its first outing. This did soften up over time and I didn’t have any issues here, possibly due to the fit being on the larger side.

The tongue is wide, and stays put well, underneath long wide flat laces which stayed put once double knotted. Rubber enforced eyelets, joined with an overlay on the Reebok vector logo keep the laces held down well, and foot locked in.

The toe box is wide and coupled with a the very flat outsole felt ploddy on a run. Although whilst lifting I appreciated the extra space, and this wide base gave good ground feel. The toe box features reinforced Flexweave in areas where there is high abrasion e.g. the front of the shoe that may wear away sooner when doing burpees.

The nature of workouts these training shoes are designed for means whilst the knit material remains functional, it looks warn very quickly, especially in the lighter colorways. After a month of wearing, 95% of the time indoors, these shoes look much older.

A key performance point in a training shoe is durability and this is where the Nano X2 is disappointing. A rope pro wrap extends up the medial and lateral sides of the sole and onto the upper. Despite this after just one workout with rope climbs in (about 12 ascents in total) the sole unit has pulled away from the upper and created a hole.

picture of Reebok Nano X2 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of Reebok Nano X2

For activities like double unders and box jumps, the sole is fantastic, the grip, traction and foam perform well. When it comes to lifting heavy weights the heel drop and forefoot stability work well to create a stable platform, adding up to a great all rounder. When squatting, the Nano X felt cushioned yet stable enough to lift heavy, and a thousand times better and safer than squatting in a running shoe would feel.

Reebok Nano X2 Conclusion

picture of Reebok Nano X2 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of Reebok Nano X2

The improvements with each Nano in the range are impressive. I found the shoe comfortable, a functional, aesthetically pleasing upper, and a grippy sole. The shoe’s overall quality is good and performs better in most tests than previous versions, but the big letdown for me is durability, and the fact this shoe was rendered virtually unusable after a few rope climbs.

Whilst not my favorite shoe for any specific activity, it would likely sit in the top 3, for most, so would be a good entry shoe, yet at a premium price.

One of my favorite things about the Nano X2 is how lightweight it is, and if you steer clear of rope climbs, makes for a fantastic all round training shoe. It is one I’d wear in summer months when heavier thicker training shoes feel too warm.

The Nano X2 is a shoe for lighter workouts, and classes with a running and lifting component, but in my opinion, there are better training shoes out there in the same price bracket that are more fit for purpose.

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