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  • Superb ride stability
  • Highly cushioned midsole
  • Reliable outsole traction


  • Heavy
  • Poor Tongue design
  • Require a break in period.


The Solar Glide 5 is a daily trainer that is highly cushioned but a stiffer shoe with a smooth traditional ride for daily mileage training. It’s a nice versatile choice for the runner that also likes to split time between the gym and the road.
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Solar Glide 5
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36 mm
26 mm
10 mm
Heel Drop
Runners that prefer or are looking for a Neutral shoe that provides a stable well cushioned platform without sacrificing firmness.

The Solar Glide 5 is a neutral daily trainer built for durability and dips its toe in the water of the max cushion world. The 5 is very different from its predecessor and looks more similar to the newest Ultraboost. This version integrates Adidas LEP system sandwiched between an increased boost platform. This adds more weight to the shoe than before but aims to provide a smoother ride for runners.

adidas Solar Glide 5 First Impressions

picture of adidas Solar Glide 5 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of adidas Solar Glide 5

Big! That pretty much sums up the first thought that came to mind after Unboxing and holding the SolarGlide 5 in my hands.

Not only the sheer size of the shoe but also the weight. However, once on I was surprised at how they felt lighter than I had expected.

My initial miles were disappointing as the shoe was very stiff, particularly in the forefoot. I stuck with them though and my patience paid off as the ride improved greatly and also my attitude towards them. Keep on reading and see how I got there.

adidas Solar Glide 5 Sole Unit

picture of adidas Solar Glide 5 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of adidas Solar Glide 5

Boost Foam and a lot of it.

The midsole of V5 has a generous helping of the bubbly foam more that the previous version with a stack height from 32 mm to 36 mm in the heel and from 22 to 26 in the forefoot while the extra foam gives the shoe a bouncy ride it has also added some weight about 12.6 Oz.

New to the Solarglide is a full-length LEP system. This is a plastic torsion system that extends into the heel and forefoot that also spans medically and laterally in both areas, an H-shaped design.

This adds a fair amount of rigidity to these areas giving a bit of torsional resistance. The medial and lateral sidewalls provide guidance through a runners stride keeping the foot in a neutral position without the need for a post.

My first couple of outings in the shoe felt really stiff, especially in the forefoot. However, after a couple of 6-mile runs the shoes did break-in and had a nice cushioned underfoot feel and is exceptionally stable and smooth.

The SG5 has some responsiveness but more bouncy as I don’t want to give the impression that it has the energy return needed for faster paced running.

This midsole coupled with a new rocker design provides a smooth well cushioned ride that does feel lighter than the shoes actual weight.

picture of adidas Solar Glide 5 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of adidas Solar Glide 5

The SolarGlide 5 is a chunky bottom-heavy shoe and that bulk really gets in the way of uptempo work that I found difficult and something I had to force, so for this reason it is better for logging daily miles where pace is not an issue.

The Continental rubber outsole has a slightly different geometry than previous versions but continues to provide excellent durable traction on the roads, and I have also found them to be respectable on mild off road conditions as well.

adidas Solar Glide 5 Upper Unit

picture of adidas Solar Glide 5 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of adidas Solar Glide 5

The upper of the Solar Glide 5 has a very accommodating interior and fit true to size.

The upper is made from Primeblue knit material that is made entirely of recycled materials, 50% parley ocean plastics and 50% recycled polyester, that breathes well.

This material lacks stretch has of any kind but the spacious toe box makes up for it. Soft suede interior overlays and a 3 stripe logo fused on both sides provide simple but comfortable and effective support to the shoe.

The biggest disappointment I have with this upper is the tongue which is awful. First off it is not gusseted which isn’t necessarily bad if designed right, but this one is not which caused it to roll off every time to the lateral side of my foot.

The second mistake they made was leaving the edges unfinished and no quilting. This leads to the tongue easily folding under and when added to the already lateral migrating the dumpster fire slowly builds.

Finally the lack of padding along with the two previous issues there is no protection from the laces which could rub at times and I could also fell the pressure from them which led to loosening them more than normal which is a bummer because the mid foot fit is really good.

So there you have it the complete breakdown of the dumpster fire that is the tongue of the SolarGlide 5.

Moving on to the heel which is generously padded making the fit plush and comfortable.

picture of adidas Solar Glide 5 - copyright Running Shoes Guru

picture of adidas Solar Glide 5

The Counter design is very interesting. The center of it is soft and only the sides have a stiff counter. This design kept pressure off my Achilles and kept it from being irritated while providing great grip and lockdown.

adidas Solar Glide 5 Conclusion

As I pointed out earlier in the review this shoe is heavy.

That stated, I have found that its best for daily running at slower speeds. The weight also makes it difficult to run over 10 miles, or 90 minutes, as anything for me past that and the mass of the shoe is certainly felt in my legs and pace.

However, there is a trade off for all that foam plastic and rubber which is a shoe that has an excellent smooth stable ride, and the level of foam makes it highly comfortable.

I think that with the exceptional stability of the shoe, it would also be a good choice for the gym and weight training making it attractive for runners looking to blend both activities together.

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