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Both the Pegasus and the Vomero are extremely popular cushioned running shoes in the Nike lineup. Here we will be comparing the latest version of each shoe: the Nike Zoom Pegasus 38 vs Nike Zoom Vomero 16.

Both shoes are part of the Nike Zoom lineup of neutral trainer. They share similar design cues, technologies and intended usage. The main difference is that the Vomero is the premium of the two shoes: it features more expensive materials and executions and boasts of being “more plush”.

Let’s have a look in detail at the two shoes.

Similarity and differences: Pegasus 38 vs Air Zoom Vomero 16

Expert score
Expert score
Expert score
10.2 oz
10.90 oz
Heel Drop
10 mm
10 mm
The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 is a very well-built daily trainer which is not as versatile as previous Pegasus models but is soft and cushioned enough for long distances.

Version 38 is an upper only update which fixes the narrow fit and heel slippage of the previous version
The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 is a plusher, more comfortable version of the Pegasus 38 that has greater versatility because of its ZoomX core. Version 16 is only an upper change with the main difference being that it now has a thick, padded tongue which makes it feel more luxurious.
Who is it for
If you don't buy running shoes often and you're looking for a durable trainer that won't break the bank, the Pegasus 38 is the shoe for you.
If you find the Pegasus 38 too soft and slow, the Vomero 16 is a great alternative which is more expensive but does much better at handling faster-paced runs. The Vomero 16 is extremely comfortable and has a more durable outsole than other daily trainers.
Recommended for
Daily training
Daily training
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Cushioning amount
Highly cushioned
Medium cushioning
very stable
very stable
true to size
true to size
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Sole unit: Pegasus 38 vs Air Zoom Vomero 16

The sole unit of the two running shoes has a very similar design, with an aggressively bevelled heel that is inspired by the breaking2 running shoe.

Both the Vomero 16 and the Pegasus 38 have large, thick forefoot only Zoom Air units which have firm but springy toe-offs.

The Pegasus uses Nike’s React foam in its midsole which is firmer than the SR-02 foam used in the Vomero 16. The big difference between the two shoes is that the Vomero 16 has a ZoomX core which is Nike’s premium, more responsive midsole foam.

The rides of the Vomero 16 and the Pegasus 38 are similar in that they both have a firm forefoot and softer rearfoot which makes them more suitable to heel strikers who benefit from the extra cushioning.

The Vomero 16 feels slightly softer than the Pegasus 38 due to the SR-02 and ZoomX being softer than the React of the Pegasus.

Upper unit: Pegasus 38 vs Air Zoom Vomero 16

The Vomero is a premium shoe and therefore its upper is more comfortable.

The Vomero 16 has a double-layer engineered mesh upper which runs warm. The upper has a comfortable fit and a heel counter which is filled with plush foam. The heel counter has an external plastic clip which holds the heel in place to prevent heel slippage. The tongue of the Vomero 16 is wide and generously padded and no tongue slide occurs because it’s attached to an inner sleeve. The Vomero 16 fits true to size and is only available in a normal-width version for now.

The upper of the Pegasus 38 is made from a light and breathable engineered sandwich mesh. It has a lightly padded, long tongue which is sleeved so no sliding occurs. It has a heel counter that flares away from the Achilles and heel lockdown is great. The Pegasus 38 has an accommodating forefoot and midfoot so the upper feels very comfortable. The Pegasus 38 is available in narrow, regular, wide and extra wide versions.

Which one to buy: Pegasus 38 vs Air Zoom Vomero 16

The Pegasus is Nike’s best seller and for a reason: it packs an incredible amount of technology and premium materials (and research!) in a reasonably priced shoe with an almost universal fit. As many people say “it’s hard to go wrong with the Pegasus” – it will fill the needs of both beginner and experienced runners looking for a daily trainer that is comfortable without being too heavy.

The Vomero though is achieving what many brands are trying to: delivering an incredibly versatile running shoe in a very durable package.

Buy the Pegasus if you want a softer ride for mainly easy runs. Buy the Vomero if you want a faster ride which is more versatile and more durable.

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Ruggero Loda

Founder and Publisher, Running Shoes Guru
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