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The Vomero is Nike's premium, neutral daily trainer. Here we will be comparing the Vomero 17 with the Vomero 16.
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The Vomero used to be Nike's top-of-the-range, neutral daily trainer before the invention of plated super trainers. Now, it's known as an upgrade of the popular Nike Pegasus but it has some noticeable improvements. The Vomero has had some very big updates in years gone by.

This comparison will inform you of the differences between the Vomero 17 and the Vomero 16 and help you choose between them.

Similarity and differences: Vomero 17 vs Air Zoom Vomero 16

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The Nike Vomero 17 is a good, premium trainer that delivers a cushioned, stable ride. It has a balanced ride suitable for most types of runs. While it isn't as exciting as some of the other premium trainers, it excels in outsole durability. Version 17 is an improvement over version 16. It has a plusher, more energetic ride with smoother transitions due to the removal of the outdated Zoom airbag.
The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 is a plusher, more comfortable version of the Pegasus 38 that has greater versatility because of its ZoomX core. Version 16 is only an upper change with the main difference being that it now has a thick, padded tongue which makes it feel more luxurious.
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Daily training
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Sole unit: Vomero 17 vs Air Zoom Vomero 16

The Vomero 17 has a dual midsole foam setup with Cushlon 3.0 on the bottom and ZoomX on the top. The ZoomX provides energy return while the Cushlon provides stability and durability.

The Vomero 16 has a ZoomX core with SR-02 foam encasing it. ZoomX in the middle of the midsole makes the shoe more responsive while the firmer SR-02 creates stability and durability.

Overall, the the Vomero 17 has a softer ride than the Vomero 16. This is due to the fact there is a lot more ZoomX in the midsole of the Vomero 17. This makes the Vomero 17 better for slower paced runs and longer runs because it has more comfort under foot. The Vomero 16 has a firmer ride which is more suited to faster runs which are shorter.

One of the big differences between the 2 trainers is the inclusion of a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot of the Vomero 16. This provides extra firmness and springiness to the forefoot of the Vomero 16 for when you want to pick up the pace. The Vomero 17 doesn’t have this airbag.

The Vomero 16 has a more stable ride than the Vomero 17. This is due to its firmer ride and its thinner midsole which places your foot closer to the ground.

Both trainers have incredibly durable outsoles. The Vomero 16 has more outsole rubber than the Vomero 17 which makes it more durable. The Vomero 17 has some exposed midsole foam which the Vomero 16 doesn’t have.

Upper unit: Vomero 17 vs Air Zoom Vomero 16

The Vomero 16 has more padding than the Vomero 17 which makes it more comfortable but also warmer. The Vomero 17 is better for warmer climates than the 16. The tongue of both Vomero versions is attached to an inner sleeve so there is no tongue slide. The Vomero 17 has a thinner tongue.

They both fit true to size and they have accommodating fitting uppers.

Which one to buy: Vomero 17 vs Air Zoom Vomero 16

If you’re a runner looking for a shoe for easy paces or long runs, the Vomero 17 is the better shoe for you. It has more cushioning and has a softer ride resulting in more comfort. The Vomero 17 has more energy return due to the thick layer of ZoomX in its midsole and it has smoother transitions because it doesn’t have a forefoot airbag.

If you’re looking for a shoe for fast paces or short runs, the Vomero 16 is the better shoe for you. It has a firmer ride which shines more during fast runs. It also has more stability and better outsole durability.

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