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Review written on 07th November by Larry Lam Larry runs since high school any distance up to 50k.
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Puma Magnify Nitro Verdict

The Puma Magnify Nitro is a highly cushioned shoe that can be an all-around shoe for most runners. While it’s not the softest or most plush shoe in the max cushion category, it makes up for all of this with a smooth ride that makes all paces feel easier while providing great traction with it’s outsole.

The pros

  • Comfortable ride
  • Great tration
  • Versatile

The cons

  • Not plush feeling
  • No bounce from midsole
  • About 1/4 size too long

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Rating breakdown

Build quality
Sole unit
Value / Price

Facts / Specs

Magnify Nitro
10.7 oz (303 g)

38.5 mm.
29.5 mm.
Heel drop
9 mm.
Carbon plate
No plate


True to size
Heel fit
Midfoot fit
Toebox fit

Cushioning & ride

Type of cushioning
Amount of cushioning
Highly cushioned
Very stable


Daily training  
Long distance racing
Ultra distance racing

Who should buy the Puma Magnify Nitro ?

Any runner of any ability would do well with this shoe. I really recommend this shoe to anyone who is looking for a versatile daily trainer that gives you plenty of cushioning for all different types of runs.

Who should not buy the Puma Magnify Nitro ?

Don’t buy this shoe if you’re looking for a soft, plush feel in a max cushioned shoe. If you need a lightweight shoe, this will not do the job either.

Puma Magnify Nitro Introduction

Picture of PUMA Magnify Nitro

The Puma Magnify Nitro is Puma’s max cushion shoe that combines a generous amount of NITRO cushioning with EVA ProFoam to give you plenty of comfort on any run.

On the outsole is a super-grippy and durable PUMAGRIP that really gives you confidence on any road surface.

There is some padding on the upper that gives it some cushioned feel to keep your feet comfortable for all those miles you will put on these shoes.

Puma Magnify Nitro First Impressions

Picture of PUMA Magnify Nitro

When I first opened the box, the shoe looked very plush and soft.

Upon putting it on for the first time, though, I was disappointed in the feel.

It didn’t feel as plush as a Triumph even though it looks the part. It also didn’t feel bouncy.

On my first run, though, the shoe came alive. My easy pace not only felt easier but the pace ended up being a little faster.

The shoe has a great ride that helps you feel like the cushion is helping you even though you don’t necessarily feel the plushness of that cushioning.

Puma Magnify Nitro Upper

Picture of PUMA Magnify Nitro

The upper on this shoe seems relatively simple. The entire upper is a mix of mesh with soft padding on the tongue and around the ankles.

It was never too tight or too loose and allowed for some foot expansion while on the run. The laces are flat and don’t come untied even if you forget to double knot.

The overall upper is relatively breathable. The size of the shoe might be about a quarter size too long. It wasn’t long enough for me to want to go down a size but it definitely was a little longer than my normal size 9 shoes.

Puma Magnify Nitro Sole Unit

Picture of PUMA Magnify Nitro

The sole unit in this shoe is made up of a combination of two foams: NITRO foam and ProFoam.

The NITRO foam is Puma’s own technology that increase responsiveness while giving a cushioned feel. Below that is an EVA-based ProFoam that adds to the cushioned feel on the ride.

While this isn’t as plush and soft as other max cushioned shoes, the feel of the shoe stands out.

On the bottom of the sole is a generous amount of Puma’s PUMAGRIP outsole. Many shoes these days seem to have cut down on the rubber outsole to save weight. This shoe doesn’t and it helps to increase the durability and traction of the shoe.

I had no concerns taking corners on wet roads at a tempo pace. The overall ride on this shoe is what makes this shoe stand out. Easy runs, tempo runs, and speed workouts all felt great on this shoe because the ride felt so good.

It really did feel like I was just floating by.

Puma Magnify Nitro Conclusions

Picture of PUMA Magnify Nitro

Overall, the Puma Magnify Nitro was an awesome shoe and is definitely a major part of my shoe rotation.

While it wasn’t as plush and soft as I would expect from a max cushioned shoe, it is my new go-to daily trainer.

It is heavier than something like a Saucony Ride 16 but it makes up for that weight with a very smooth ride.

I recommend this shoe to just about anyone looking for a daily trainer that can also fit the bill as an easy day shoe.

How does the Magnify Nitro compare?

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40
Puma Magnify Nitro
Asics Gel Cumulus 25
Expert score
User score
Retail price
9.4 oz
10.7 oz
9.3 oz
Heel Drop
10 mm
9 mm
8 mm
Recommended for
Daily training
Daily training
Daily training
Cushioning type
Cushioning amount
Medium cushioning
Highly cushioned
Highly cushioned
very stable
very stable
very stable
true to size
true to size
true to size

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Reviewed by Larry

This review was written by Larry Lam on 07th November.
Larry lives outside of Raleigh, NC with his wife, 3 kids, and his dog. He's been running since high school and loves pretty much any distance up to the 50k. Larry enjoys running for both fun and competition - in that order. Outside of running, Larry chauffeurs his kids around to their various exploits - soccer, swimming, track, dance, music, etc.

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