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As editorial policy, we do not accept free samples. We purchased this pair at Running Warehouse with our own money.
Review written on 18th March by Olivia Yoder Ultrarunner, personal trainer and soccer coach.
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Altra Outroad Verdict

The Altra Outroad is a shoe that does it all for me. It’s one of a kind and should have its own category. You can go from the road to the trails flawlessly. It’s a shoe that gives you the best of both worlds.

The pros

  • Built for road and trail
  • Great for traveling
  • Aesthetically pleasing

The cons

  • Shows sweat
  • Break in time needd

Rating breakdown

Build quality
Sole unit
Value / Price

Facts / Specs

10 oz (283 g)

27 mm.
27 mm.
Heel drop
0 mm.
Carbon plate
No plate


Buy half size bigger
Heel fit
Midfoot fit
Toebox fit

Cushioning & ride

Type of cushioning
Amount of cushioning
Medium cushioning
Some stability

Trail specs

Lacks protection
Average Traction
Water resitance

Best for these distances

Regular training  
Long, slow training runs
Speedwork on flat surfaces
Short trail races (up to half marathons)
Marathon and 50k trail races
Ultra distances, 50 miles and greater

Best for these terrains

Moderate trails  
Technical trails
Rocky areas  
Muddy areas  
Through creeks and streams  
Through snowy or icy sections
Dirt trails  
Paved trails  
Through grassy sections  

Who should buy the Altra Outroad ?

This shoe is for all types of runners and any level. It’s made to be worn on and off trails. I would recommend this shoe to the runner who wants to run trails but may not be able to get out as often as they want. It’s a good in-between shoe if you don’t feel like spending money on an additional type of shoe.

Who should not buy the Altra Outroad ?

It’s not a shoe for the individual who has problems with zero-drop shoes. Although your toe box area gives your toes room to splay out, they are a slim-fit shoe and I would not recommend them to someone with a wide foot.

If you are looking for strictly a trail shoe I would not suggest the Outroad. Definitely wouldn’t choose to wear this for an ultra or any super long distance. It does well on rough terrain but lacks in other areas that I would look for in a trail shoe.

Altra Outroad Introduction

Picture of Altra Outroad

I was pumped to try this shoe out when I heard about it.

I’m always on the go doing various activities throughout the day.

My first impression of the shoe would be a surprised one. In my mind, I didn’t believe that you couldn’t notice the lugs on the bottom. I assumed I would feel them and prefer to just wear them for trails only. Wrong. When you first slide your foot into them you will notice the all-over plushness of the upper that hugs your foot.

The sizing is wrong with this Altra shoe. I wish I would have gotten a half-size up to make my foot comfy. Breaking them in did initially take longer than most shoes I have tried recently. After you do that, they are great. Wearing them on the road you don’t notice the lugs because of how short they are but when you take them on trails they provide enough traction to prevent slipping.

The sole of this shoe is what makes this shoe a hybrid. Altra includes MaxTrac rubber outsole. This is loaded with multidirectional lugs that cover the entire bottom of the sole. The lugs provide plenty of grip on an array of surfaces.

It has Altra signature FootShape toe box that allows your toes to spread out. Although this is labeled as the “slim fit “ Altra shoe, you will be happily surprised by how much room you have.

Balanced Cushioning is strategically placed so your heel and forefoot are the same distance from the ground, which promotes less stress on the feet when striking the ground.

A feature that I was very appreciative of was the 5mm contour insoles that are there to provide additional support. That with the Altra EGO midsole gives you a responsive yet soft ride. Comparing it to another shoe would be Altra’s Timp. The big difference would be the midsole.

Timp 4 has Altras EGO MAX midsole that is the plushest, while the Outroad has the standard EGO midsole. Another difference between the two would be the Outroad has a stack height of 27 mm and the Timp has a 30 mm. Overall, the Outroad is less bulky.

Altra Outroad Impressions

Picture of Altra Outroad

My first time taking them out I wanted to see what they were all about.

I have a trail near my house that has a paved part but also has trails that extend out from it. The change of surface left me unphased. It offers the perfect balance of comfort and grip.

This is Altra’s first variation of this shoe and I hope that that they continue to update it. If I were to pick when I would use this shoe it would be for traveling and on easy trails.

I think I could definitely run many types of races in this shoe and be fine but it would not be my go-to choice for a long-distance run or race.

Other than using the shoe for traveling, I’ve been using it for outings with my kids. We like to be outside most days and this shoe allows me to be ready for whatever adventure we find that day.

Altra Outroad Protection

Picture of Altra Outroad

The overall protection the Outroad offers would be minimal. The upper is made up of a engineered mesh material with a nylon lining. When you place your feet into them, you’ll feel all over cushioning.

It is all one piece and has an additional protection strip that runs along where the midsole meets the upper. It’s super light and allows for superb breathability.

There is no rock plate so taking it out on very technical terrain wouldn’t be the best choice but it would be able to get the job done. The tongue is partially padded and with the tiny area to pull it. Lacing them up you’ll notice that there are two additional loops on either side of the mid foot.

These are there to help secure a nice locked in feel. Up around the collar and the heel of the shoe has nice padding and caused me no irritation or slipping.

With each step I took, I noticed Altras signature roomy toe box, but not as roomy as your typical Altra shoe. I used these for all-day sightseeing and hiking through Italy with absolutely no issues.

Others in my group complained about their feet hurting them, while mine felt A-OK.

The only complaint I would have with it would be that when your foot starts to sweat, it shows.

Altra Outroad Durability

Picture of Altra Outroad

Durability-wise, they are fantastic. I have put well over 150 miles on them and there is hardly any visible wear.

Some minor wearing is showing in the upper. I did notice that from when I first opened the box and saw them to now, the upper does have a “softer” look to them.

They are very broken in and comfortable now. This shoe was not made for tough mountain terrain. The upper itself is well-made but not designed to deal with rocks, tree roots, and other types of debris.

Altra Outroad Responsiveness & speed

Picture of Altra Outroad

Out on trails these shoes perform fairly well for what they are. You can engage the qualities of the shoe when you hit parts of the trails that are flatter and less rocky. Not having that pronounced rock plate really makes you pump to the breaks when getting into terrains such as rocks and boulders.

I took them out and all over to be used on any type of surface you could think of except for snow. Overall, their traction is decent and there were no particular surfaces that stuck out to me that made the shoe struggle. In the rain, no problems of slipping and they did dry out fast.

Altra Outroad Comfort and fit

The fit and feel of the Outroad caught me off guard. I was expecting a wide toe box area which is one of the things Altra is known for. Instead when I first put them on they were quite snug. Few runs in them and they were perfect.

I love how these shoes look too. They are aesthetically pleasing on and come in nice neutral colors.

Altra Outroad Conclusions

Picture of Altra Outroad

My conclusion of the Altra Outroad is that it’s a perfect hybrid shoe. It allows you to go from road to trail without any issues.

The upper of these is lighter than your typical trail and I enjoyed using them for that reason. It’s not made for extremely rugged trails but for light trails and mid-distances. On the road, there’s nothing over the top about them but they keep your feet comfortable and help you get that run in.

This is my go-to travel shoe now when I can’t decide what to take .

The Outroad is a shoe that gives you the best of both worlds. I highly recommend this shoe .

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Reviewed by Olivia

This review was written by Olivia Yoder on 18th March.
Lives in Marietta, Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and dog. Olivia is a personal trainer and soccer coach. She has been running for 10 years and competes in various distances. For the past few years she has been concentrating on the ultra distances. She never would have thought that one sport would change her whole outlook on life like running has.

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    Shoe does not have good durability on fabric. Caught on small branch and ripped down to rubber on toe while running down a trail. No wear on tread, but company declined credit due to natural wear and tear.

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