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  • Boost midsole offers excellent cushion with enough bounce-back to provide a superb ride.
  • Very responsive and moves with my foot.
  • Offers a stable ride in it’s sole despite being in the “neutral” shoe category.


  • Flexibility of the upper material creates a loose feel as the miles increase throughout the run.
  • Some trouble with shoe strings coming untied even when they'd been double-knotted.
  • Low-profile outsole may not offer as much traction as more miles are put on the shoe.


The Adidas Vengeful is a neutral shoe debuting onto the running shoe scene and offers a comfortable amount of adidas’ boost foam in the midsole.

The soft flexibility of the boost technology allows for a responsive ride and smooth transition from heel to forefoot as this shoe moves with my foot.

The 3.5 rating that I gave this shoe is really only due to its performance over eight miles into a run, so don't let the overall score dissuade you if you want a quality low-mileage trainer or, particularly, a responsive, stable shoe for speed work.

I think it's an excellent shoe for races of 10K on down despite the slightly heavier weight; it feels light, and I absolutely love the boost foam in the midsole.

The flexible upper is minimal, and the lack of support shows as the run continues on toward double digits. The price is attractive for those used to a more expensive stability shoe yet is still an investment.
11.80 oz. (335 gr.)
110 US$
10 mm
Heel Drop
Sep / 2016
Release Date
The Adidas Vengeful is a shoe well-suited for beginner through experienced lower-mileage racers who want excellent cushion and a shoe that moves with your foot.

The Vengeful is pared down as compared to the brand’s Supernova Sequence 9 regarding stability in the heel and plushness and support of the upper, all of this aiding in the shoe being more flexible and breathable.

The toe box is slightly more fitted without feeling too closed-in. The feel of the toe box, responsiveness and the forefoot boost foam are my favorite features of this shoe, my biggest issue with it being the name.

Something more like “Resilience,” “Overcome,” or “Tenacity” leaves me with a more positive vibe, but I searched and found that these names are already taken!

Adidas Vengeful General Info

My first thought upon unboxing and wearing these shoes was “Oooh, I like these!”

This is an extremely responsive shoe that moves with my foot and offers the same perfect landing in the forefoot that I get from adidas’ Supernova Sequence 9s: the boost foam is amazing!

I don’t notice anything significant about the heel regarding stability other than a snug fit and a solid base throughout due to the Vengeful being outfitted with adidas’ STABLEFRAME technology in the midsole.

Adidas Vengeful Sole Unit

Adidas Vengeful - Sole

Adidas Vengeful – Sole

Adidas’ boost foam surprised me with its superb blend of cushion and responsiveness: it’s soft but springy, too! Long trials done on the foam show it to hold up well after hundreds of miles.

I’m used to running on traditional EVA midsoles, and adidas offers a breakthrough technology as the brand has added thousands of small pebbles of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) in this section of the shoe underneath the midsole’s STABLEFRAME technology which is a thinner layer of EVA along the lateral side of the shoe with a solid plank of EVA along the medial edge.

This is the black part of the midsole which runs the full length of the shoe and under the full toe to aid in a firm toe-off. (Interesting irrelevant side note—this TPU is currently in the dashboards of BMW automobiles! )

The STABLEFRAME aspect of the midsole gives the shoe a moderately stable ride; I feel as though my foot is supported throughout the heel-toe transition and has a solid (yet springy) feel in the forefoot of the shoe.

The STRETCHWEB outsole provides excellent grip and covers the entire base of the shoe. It performs well on wet, dry, smooth, or small-pebbled terrain, not recommended for rocky or muddy landscapes.

The ground-contact pattern is not very raised and seems to have worn down slightly over the fifty-plus miles I’ve run in them.  This grip pattern is perfect if you need a shoe that can be worn  both outside and on the treadmill because it does not collect small stones which can harm a treadmill if they were come loose. This is a notable difference from most outsoles.

While this isn’t noticeable by feel, I just can’t see the outsole holding up for high mileage if you’re one who is able to push the higher end of the recommended range for running shoes (300-500 miles) or beyond.

Adidas Vengeful Upper Info

The toe box feels (and is) more snug, but the AIRMESH upper is stretchy which allows for movement despite the initial compressed feel.

Adidas Vengeful - Medial Side

Adidas Vengeful – Medial Side

This is the perfect shoe if you don’t have a strong preference either way regarding a roomy or more fitted toe box as it offers some features of each.

The negative aspect of the upper’s flexibility really becomes apparent to me in runs over ten miles, at which point my feet start noticing the lack of support straps locking the upper into place.

On these longer runs I also notice less arch support, an attribute that really is hidden until later miles because the boost foam in the midsole feels so outstanding- I really can’t get over it!

At first I thought that the sock liner of the shoe lacked some of the support that the brand’s Supernova Sequence 9 offers, but when I took them out I found that the serial numbers match!

The lack of support that I feel must be due to there being less stability features in the midsole and upper of the Vengeful—all of which allows for the flexibility and responsiveness that I praise!

Adidas Vengeful Conclusions

The Adidas Vengeful fits the bill for what I think a neutral running shoe should be: it offers cushion and a little stability without going all-out in either direction.

This is a great shoe for speedwork and low-mileage training with its midsole that I LOVE, responsive ride, and low-moderate stability.

I was shocked to find that the Vengeful is actually an ounce heavier than adidas’ more plush looking-and-feeling Supernova Sequence 9; it feels light.

My regular shoe size fit great in this shoe with plenty of toe room for my average width foot. What do you think about this new line of shoes from adidas?

We thank the nice people at Adidas for sending us a pair of Vengeful to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Adidas Vengeful Price Comparison

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