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  • Adidas’ STABLEFRAME plus Boost foam midsole offers a near perfect ride for mild to moderate overpronators.
  • A solid plastic shank in the midsole of the medial heel keeps the support base unwavering no matter how long the run.
  • The upper is nicely locked down in the midfoot which maintains a snug feel…
  • and opens up in the toe box (a pro if “roomy toe box” is on your list of must-haves).
  • Somewhat lightweight, lighter than the previous model.


  • This shoe is a bit stiff but not bad considering the support that it offers.
  • The molded height aspect of the toe box is a “con” for my particular preference; it stands 1/8” higher than what I’d call typical for a running shoe, and my foot needs a more snug toe box.


The adidas Supernova Sequence 9 road-running shoe is a top tier stability shoe that offers a superbly cushioned ride together with support coming from both the midsole and the overlays locking down the engineered mesh of the upper.

Despite the bulked-out features of the shoe, it’s surprisingly light, coming in at 1.2 ounces less per shoe than the previous model in its line!

Sequence 9 offers a “floaty” ride which adidas correctly terms as “endless energy” that is disrupted only a tad by some stiffness in heel-to-toe transition. This shoe comes with a significant price tag, but the fit and function do a good job justifying it.
Supernova Sequence 9
11 oz. (312 gr.)
130 US$
10 mm
Heel Drop
Sep / 2016
Release Date
This is a great shoe for those wanting both a superbly cushioned ride and an overall stable shoe offering the support needed particularly for high-mileage training. It’s also a shoe that I’d recommend to heel strikers, particularly those who come down hard on the medial aspect, or to forefoot strikers who are looking for a stability shoe whose cushion keeps the ball of the foot from getting sore as the miles clip on.

My first run in the Sequence 9’s was a (much slower) 13.1 miler the morning after I ran a half marathon in the HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 2‘s, and I was pleased to note the increased stability of this shoe when my legs were tired and needing the extra help with maintaining proper running form.

I do feel the heavier weight (from the Cliftons), but the increased stability has to go somewhere! Besides this first run when I was overly fatigued, the shoe has felt light.

I’m wearing my regular shoe size in the Sequence 9, and here’s where I’ll compare and contrast with my favorite shoe for the past decade plus, the ASICS Gel-Kayano, to which these have a strikingly similar ride.

They actually feel very much like when I tried going up a half size in the Kayano 22.

The comparisons of the Supernova Sequence 9 to the Kayano 22 of both sizes are the excellent stability (without feeling like you’re wearing a block) and a nicely snug upper in the mid foot.

To contrast, size being equal, the Sequence 9 heel slips slightly more for me, especially on my left (smaller) foot.

Additionally, the Sequence has significantly more room in the toe box. What I noted about the GEL-Kayano 22 was that it “fit like a glove.”

Well, gloves are great if that’s the fit you’re going for, but if you want a little more toe room with the same feel of shoe, I recommend the Sequence 9 for you.

I also noticed that the Sequence 9 feels like it’s slightly longer than the Kayano, which makes the toe box feel more like the half size up felt for me in the Kayano.

Since my right foot measures a hair over size 9.5 and my left a shade under, I feel discomfort with the increase in length only in my left foot at the base of the metatarsal heads due to my own ligament laxity.

I felt the same forefoot numbness and increased heel slippage in the Supernova Sequence 9 that I’d experienced with the Kayano in the half size up.

Interestingly, the external length is the exact same as the Kayano of the same size, but the internal fit is longer by 3mm as the Kayano’s heel counter juts back farther.

Really, you’ll have to see how the shoe feels on your feet because in my regular size one feels perfect, and the other causes slight issues for me due to the roomy toe box.

I’ve read it recommended to size up half a size in the Sequence 9, however I counter that by saying that my standard shoe size is plenty big for my right foot and borderline too long for my left.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 General Info

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 - Medial Side

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 – Medial Side

Upon unboxing this shoe, I was first struck by its somewhat bland appearance (the silver/white model) but quickly appreciated the color enhancing the ethereal effect of the brand’s boost foam as I started walking around in them!

The Supernova Sequence 9 follows in the line of the Supernova Sequence Boost 8. (The brand took the name “Boost” out of the title but thankfully left it in the shoe’s midsole.)

The midsole appears largly unchanged from the previous model — why change a great thing? — with it’s ample distribution of boost foam underneath a solid EVA platform, but the outsole pattern has been revamped.

Some modifications have also been made to the shoe’s upper regarding both appearance and changes to the overlays to enhance fit.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 Sole Unit

The Boost foam in the midsole feels fabulous, a very pleasant, firm cushion for my mid foot strike, and I feel the noticeable STABLEFRAME technology from foot plant, as my heel comes down onto
the counterbalance shank in the medial heel, and back into rolling through the toe-off.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 - Sole

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 – Sole

The outsole offers excellent grip and is made of the Continental rubber used on the previous model yet is distributed over the shoe’s base in wider segments.

The pattern is not very raised and similar to the brand’s Vengeful, may not maintain its superb grip through higher-end mileage being put on the shoe.  This grip pattern is perfect if you need a shoe that can be worn  both outside and on the treadmill because it does not collect small stones which can harm a treadmill if they were come loose. This is a notable difference from most outsoles.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 Upper Info

The snug fit of the upper through the midfoot, without the pinching on my lateral side that I’ve felt when tightening two models from HOKA, is a comfortable feel for me.

The mid foot stays tight no matter the run’s distance thanks to synthetic overlays that lock the engineered mesh upper down.

This overlay is now segmented out per shoestring eyelet, a change from the previous version, which provides for an extremely customized fit. The shoe opens up when it comes to the toe box.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 - Top

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 – Top

A firm casting on the front of the toe box holds it up 1/8 inch higher than both the ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 and adidas’ own brand-new neutral trainer, Vengeful.

The top of my foot feels the edge of the left shoe’s tongue when walking around, but this hasn’t caused any irritation during the run.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 Conclusions

If you want excellent stability with a comfortable ride; a sole that delivers the feel of its name, boost; superb grip; and a roomy toe box, I recommend the adidas Supernova Sequence 9.

The shoe delivers on its promise to provide endless energy and adaptive stability. Sticking with your regular shoe size should be adequate. What have you noticed about this shoe?

We thank the nice people at Adidas for sending us a pair of Supernova Sequence 9 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 Price Comparison

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