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  • Responsive, smooth ride. Perfect for long runs and recovery days.
  • Adaptive fit. Does not feel restrictive.


  • Lacing system not consistent.
  • Sock liner does not breathe well in hot weather.
  • Price


The Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 is incredibly plush, flexible and comfortable. There are issues in the upper, but overall it great for long distance training.
Hurricane ISO 3
11.10 oz. (315 gr.)
160 US$
8 mm
Heel Drop
Previous model
This is great for beginners that are looking for a feature heavy shoe. It has all the latest and greatest tech that Saucony has out right now.

Saucony returns with their ISO equipped Hurricane. This is a heavy duty stability shoe that offers continuous cushioning in a responsive ride and utilizes a unique upper.

With a price tag of $160, it has just about every one of Saucony’s premium features. It is a great alternative to the ASICS powerhouse Kayano.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 General Info

This is the successor to the Hurricane ISO 2. It is one of Saucony’s flagship shoes in their stability arsenal. It competes with the likes of ASICS’ Kayano, Brooks Adrenaline GTS , and Mizuno’s Wave Inspire.

I was excited to finally get my hands on one of Saucony’s ISOfit shoes. I really think Saucony is the best running brand out right now.

Unboxing, I liked the dark color scheme with neon highlights and asymmetrical accents. I was also a fan of the over abundance of reflective materials; as I run best when the sun is down.

I had some issues lacing up for the first time. I liked how the individual eyelets on the upper half wrapped around my feet, but didn’t understand why it wasn’t like that on the lower half closer to my toes. The fit on the upper just wasn’t consistent for me.

Nevertheless, the ride was very smooth and my first run in them was pretty comfortable.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 Sole Unit

There is a high amount of cushioning on this shoe. This is thanks to Saucony’s premium midsole, Everun. It is an extra layer of compounded foam close to the foot that boasts to be substantially lighter than the standard EVA foam on most running shoes.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 - Medial Side

Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 – Medial Side

It is bouncier and gives more of “all over” feel for continuous cushioning. Landing down felt effortless and the bouncy nature of the foam allowed me to lift off with ease.

The material is light and bouncy and coupled with an 8mm drop gives me a springboard like feel. This makes the shoe feel substantially lighter than it actually is.

I found myself striking and lifting off more on my mid foot. It is apparent when I look at how the shoe wore during testing.

The ride is incredibly smooth. The Triflex design of the outsole is a favorite of mine in other Saucony lines and this is no different.

The absence of hard plastic that is found in many heavy stability shoes allowed for a smoother feel and did not make it sound like tap dancing shoes when I struck down. There were never any issues with traction and I felt in control the entire time.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 Upper Info

The shoe is like a glove with stretchable air mesh throughout. it is form fitting and there is very little room in the toe box. It is not too narrow, but if toe box room is an issue for you, I’d buy half a size up.

The tongue is almost entirely attached making the upper nearly one solid piece of material. This gives it a booty like feel. The material is very lightweight and breathes well.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 - Lateral Side

Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 – Lateral Side

The heel unit on the other hand was NOT as breathable. The sock liner around the heel was almost too plushy and it did not fare well in hot weather. There were more times I liked to admit that this part of the shoe was drenched in sweat to the point of discomfort.

I thought it was the socks I was wearing, but this happened with every type that I own. Going out the next day in a different pair of shoes in my rotation didn’t have this problem, so I knew the shoes were at fault.

The heel locked my foot in place when I first started my runs, but because it would get so wet, it would slide all over the place.

The lacing unit is standard lacing on the lower half and the unique ISO eyelets on the upper half. These are individually attached eyelets that are separated from the upper and stick out when unlaced. When you tie them, they wrap around the top of the foot giving a snug fit.

This is a unique system, but I don’t understand why it is only like this in the upper half, especially when I look at past models and see the lacing was uniform. It gave me some consistency issues when lacing up.

I liked tying the attached eyelets tight, but couldn’t find a comfortable way to lace the lower half. I was constantly lacing, unlacing and trying to find the right fit. I dont like it when there are inconsistencies in in this part of the shoe.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 Conclusions

I really wanted to fall in love with these shoes. Saucony has been a long time favorite of mine and a staple in my shoe rotation. I had been really itching to try a shoe with Saucony’s ISO system for quite some time.

I really liked the ride and loved the seamless, booty fit. Sadly, the lacing and sock liner really did it in for me.

When I look at previous models, I see that the lacing system was uniform and had the separated eyelets. I wish it wasn’t altered and the eyelets were the same throughout.

The fact that my shoes were drenched in the mega plushy sock liner really annoyed me and it annoyed my fiance even more because they started to smell.

I will say that I tested these in some of the hottest days in the very humid Maryland area, but this was too much of a concern to ignore.

The saving grace is the design of the sole unit. I was never able to go incredibly fast in them, but these were life savers on my recovery days and when it was time to start building volume for racing season.

Despite its flaws, it is still a solid shoe for training. I think it out performs the Kayano and the Everun foam in it is the best out there. Its flexibility and smooth ride allowed me to look past the bad and see the good in it.

We purchased a pair of Hurricane ISO 3 to test at runningwarehouse, paying with our own money. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 Price Comparison

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