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  • Ample rubber coverage on the sole
  • Tech-filled midsole
  • Mildly stretchy laces provide a consistent fit


  • Overlays around the laces can get uncomfortable if you tighten the shoes a lot
  • High price point


The Saucony Hurricane Iso 2 is a cushioned stability shoe that will impress current fans of the Hurricane line of shoes, but may not bring enough to the table to stand out against the competition.
Hurricane Iso 2
10.80 oz. (306 gr.)
160 US$
8 mm
Heel Drop
Jan / 2016
Release Date
Previous model
This shoe is for an experienced runner looking for a cushioned stability shoe without too much arch support.

I really like Saucony shoes, so I was happy to get this pair for testing. Unboxing them revealed the flashy “slime green” color scheme, which was a much tamer color scheme to the Saucony Zealots I ran in last year.

The Saucony Hurricane Iso 2s I was looking at really resembled the Zealots I tried, they had similar overlays, similar lacing setups, and similar external heel counters.

What makes the Hurricane Iso different is that it weighs a tad more to pack more support in the shoe compared to the Zealots.

I can agree with that, but I don’t think it’s that much more support. FYI, if you want more support, go for the Omni, the Xodus or the Redeemer line.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 General Info

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 - Heel

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 – Heel

The Saucony Hurricane line of shoes are a highly cushioned shoes with enough support to be considered stability shoes.

Saucony provides a cushioning scale and they rank these shoes just 2 points away from maximum possible cushioning. Their shoe with maximum cushioning is the Triumph.

The Hurricane line is probably on the high end of cushioning for Saucony, but it’s not a pillow-like slipper experience. You’re still getting a responsive ride while wearing these shoes.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 Sole Unit

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 - Sole

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 – Sole

The outsole has fair amount of rubber in the bottom, and I would categorize it as rugged when compared to many other types of stability shoes of the same class.

The zig-zag pattern under the forefoot is a more aggressive tread pattern when compared to the previous model that had patches radiating outward from the inside of the forefoot.

This newer pattern of tread for Saucony won’t probably be great for intense trail running, but it looks like the shoe is designed with road and mixed trail running in mind.

Saucony put their highly durable XT-900 rubber at high-wear locations, and their softer iBR+ rubber near the midfoot for better cushioning.

The midsole gets pretty fancy, Saucony is using their EVERUN technology as a stability and cushion boosting insert just beneath the heel. This EVERUN technology is also used in the entire topsole on the Hurricane shoe.

Yes, this is another tech term to throw around, so here are the numbers for EVERUN: 3x better property retention than standard EVA foam, 83% energy returned on each stride.

It’s no flubber, but I would agree it’s better than your standard running shoe foam and I enjoyed the benefits during my longer runs.

Oh, Saucony isn’t done yet with the midsole. They also have their signature PWRGRID+ tech for even more added cushioning, and they have a dual density medial post for added stability.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 Upper Info

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 - Lateral Side

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 – Lateral Side

Note: A previous version of this review claimed the upper bled ink.  Saucony noted this was an early production issue and provided a second pair of shoes for testing which showed NO bleeding issues.  

The upper on this shoe is on the heftier design side when compared to other Saucony shoes. Saucony used thick overlays on the midfoot, a strong heel counter, and squeezed in some thinner overlays around the toebox.

This hefty upper comes with some drawbacks. It’s not seamless, and it adds weight. I’m not too worried about the extra weight since this is a stability shoe. I just don’t like the thicker overlays that much.  I think it’s time for Saucony to cut back on the thick synthetic overlays used to hold your midfoot into the shoe.

You can totally get used to them, and they do hold your feet in well, but other companies are managing the same tight feel without the bulky overlays.

Adidas has the thin rubberized overlays going to their laces on the Ultra Boost shoes, Nike has Flyknit which uses strings to keep everything tight, but Saucony has oversized synthetic cutouts that reduce breathability, add weight, and crumple up if you really tighten the shoes.

This does add a bunch of durability, but I think it’s too much. My Saucony Zealots, which have near identical thick overlays ultimately failed at the mesh and outsole while the overlays looked almost untouched and over engineered.

The shoe is still pretty good, I just hope Saucony will improve the overlays on their next model.

The rest of the upper is standard when it comes to modern stability shoes. Saucony has a breathable mesh running the length of the shoe, and they fused some thin overlays into the mesh near the toe box for some added durability.

The fabric used in the tongue is a different material from the rest of the mesh, and uses a denser material to reduce pressure points on the top of the foot. One last comment is the heel counter is uber-strong looking.

There’s a layer of plastic with the Hurricane logo going enveloping a thick overlay, enveloping the mesh, enveloping foam, enveloping your heel. I’d almost call these the Saucony Envelops.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 Conclusions

For the price and what you get, I hesitate to recommend this shoe.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 - Pair

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 – Pair

There’s a lot going right with this shoe, but not enough to justify the high price. .

I think those that enjoyed the previous Hurricane shoes will love this model, however, I would suggest newcomers to this model should try a few stability shoe alternatives before settling into the Hurricanes.

We thank the nice people at Saucony for sending us a pair of Hurricane ISO 2 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Saucony Hurricane Iso 2 Price Comparison

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