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  • Ample cushioning for all runs
  • Very flexible and you can push the pace
  • Upper is soft and supportive
  • The ISOFIT upper adapts to your feet as you run


  • Tongue can bunch on longer runs
  • Costly


The Saucony Triumph ISO 4 is a maximum cushion trainer with flexibility to push the pace while needed.
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Saucony Triumph ISO 4
11.10 oz. (315 gr.)
160 US$
8 mm
Heel Drop
Jan / 2018
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This shoe is for any runner who is willing to put down the cash. Tons of cushioning for long runs or newer runners but flexible and light enough to push the pace.

The Saucony Triumph ISO 4 is a top-of-the-line trainer that can log tons of miles and just keep going. I put over 100 miles on these shoes prior to finalizing my review, and they were great from mile one.

The sole unit now uses the ultra lively EVERUN midsole that creates great energy return and pushes you forward. The upper has been redesigned with a new version of the ISOFIT technology that expands and collapses as you run.

These updates have created a great shoe, and one I will happily continue wearing past this review.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 General Info

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 - Toe

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 – Toe

The Triumph represents the top-of-the-line neutral trainer for Saucony. With all of the top-level technologies the company has to offer.

Sometimes when companies do this, it results in what I like to call a “Franken-shoe”, something that is just the mixture of what worked on other models. However, in this shoe, these technologies meld together to create a truly great experience.

At the cushion level and price range, the Triumphs will compete against the Brooks Glycerin, ASICS Nimbus, Nike Vomero and New Balance 1080. Of those models in which I’ve run, I would rate the Triumphs as the top of the list.

They truly shined in most of my tests, only faltering in two tests — which I’ll mention later.

When unboxing, I thought these shoes were very visually appealing. They were visually ready to go from the moment I unboxed them. The amount of cushion and the design made them a dream for my all-day teacher test.

And when I took them on my first run, they were great. They felt fully broken in from the very beginning, and the way the ISOFIT upper molded to my feet was truly amazing.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 Sole Unit

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 - Sole

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 – Sole

The sole unit has been completely redesigned. So let’s start with the outsole and work our way up.

The outsole uses the same rubber material as in previous models, however the tread pattern has been changed.

Where as the previous model used lateral breaks in the outsole to increase flexibility, the ISO 4 uses five vertical breaks to provide more lateral flexibility as you go through your stride.

The outsole is one of the few places on this shoe where I was slightly disappointed.

The outsole lacks the full traction control that I like to have for all weather running. While on the streets during light rain/mists and when during snow/ice runs the traction felt a little washy.

Now, this was expected on the snow/ice, but I was a little caught off guard by that feeling during the slightly wet concrete of mist/light rain. However, this did not show up during runs on soaked concrete and during actual full rain.

From the outsole we move up to the midsole, and this is where the shoe really starts to shine it’s true potential. For the first time ever, Saucony used their lively EVERUN material for the entire length of the unit. This creates some amazing energy return throughout your crash to toe off.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 - Medial Side

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 – Medial Side

The EVERUN continues on the topsole to create a feeling of bounce that pushes you that next level. The energy return from each stride is evident from the first step, and greatly appreciated once you hit the double-digit mile mark.

These two layers of the EVERUN truly work together to make a great ride. Using a slightly more aggressive — yet traditional — 8mm offset, with 28mm under the heel, there is enough padding to last marathon lengths without issue.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 Upper Info

Although the sole unit is stellar, the upper is where the Triumph ISO 4 truly shines. I don’t know that I’ve ever ran in a shoe where the upper felt as good from the very beginning.

The mesh material of the upper is incredibly breathable, while not getting to the point of being porous during wet runs. Your feet will still get wet, but not to the point of being uncomfortable.

The updated ISOFIT technology used in this model is truly a top notch product. The ISO eyelets now expand beyond just the first two and actually encompass the entire lacing system.

This means that the upper moves and conforms to you throughout the entire length of the foot. This technology locks your foot in while still letting it move. That is a sensation I have never had in another shoe.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 - Lace

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 – Lace

True to size, this upper is tightest in the heel while conforming through the midfoot and splaying slightly in the forefoot. Creating an upper feeling that your feet will love the entire time you run in them.

About the only drawback I could find during my time in these shoes and in this upper is that on two of my longer runs — one of 9 miles and the other 11 — the tongue bunched a little towards the top of the shoe.

However, this did not happen on my other runs, even the ones of 8, 10, 13, 12 and 9 respectively. I believe it was more of an issue of my lacing, however, I thought it was worth noting.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 Conclusions

Overall, the Saucony Triumph ISO 4 is one of the best maximum cushioned shoes in which I have run. The combination of technologies mix to the point where these shoes feel like a true culmination of their designs.

The only real negatives I could find during my time wearing them were both quite negligible.

The price tag is steep, $160, but if you have the funds and you’re in the market for a maximal trainer, these might just be the shoes for you.

I know that I’ll be looking into them when they go on sale to have another pair. They are a great shoe.

We purchased a pair of Saucony Triumph ISO 4 from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Saucony Saucony Triumph ISO 4 Price Comparison

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