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A solid update to an already great line makes the Glycerin 15 a shoe that must be considered for high mileage daily running.
Glycerin 15
10.30 oz. (292 gr.)
150 US$
10 mm
Heel Drop
Previous model
This shoe is for runners preferring a highly cushioned shoe with a soft and comfortable ride.

The Brooks Glycerin 15 is an update to an already great shoe model. For those not familiar with the Glycerin line, it is their most cushioned shoe and its built to withstand high milage while providing comfortable and soft ride.

The previous version of this shoe was outstanding. I was glad to see that the new version included minor updates and maintains mostly the same platform as last year.

The Glycerin 15 uses a Super DNA midsole material and 3D-fit print technology in the upper. These two features were also used for last years model although the upper design has been changed slightly by the way of some rearranged overlays.

New for the Glycerin 15 model is the addition of a plush transition zone with the goal of making transition from heel to toe soft and smooth.

The first thing I notice about the Glycerin 15 is the redesigned upper. The new mesh stands out more in appearance than last years model.

When I put the shoe on I noticed once again how plush and comfortable the upper is. The shoe felt very similar to its predecessor. This got me amped up to start testing it.

Brooks Glycerin 15 Sole Unit

Brooks Glycerin 15 - Lateral Side

Brooks Glycerin 15 – Lateral Side

The midsole of this shoe is comprised of Brooks Super DNA foam. As far as I can tell this midsole is identical to the of the Glycerin 14. This means you get a ride that is soft and smooth.

The shape of the midsole tapers up slightly in the toe area to give this shoe a nice transition from heel to toe.

The outsole is once again covered with a ton of rubber giving this shoe excellent durability.

Brooks Glycerin 15 - Sole

Brooks Glycerin 15 – Sole

From the midfoot forward the rubber has grooves in it that allow the shoe to flex remarkably well for the amount of rubber.

New for the Glycerin 15 is the addition of a “plush transition zone.” The idea of this is to have a softer area on the lateral side of the outsole right round the midfoot to allow a smooth and soft transition from heel to toe.

What this amounts to is an area on the outsole of exposed midsole material. So while last years version included rubber covering the entirety of the outsole, this years has a small area of exposed foam.

I have to say that I really notice no difference in the heel to toe transition compared to the Glycerin 14. Despite the lack of enhancement, it also hasn’t hindered the ride either.

My initial concern was that this exposed area may breakdown quickly but it has held up well so far. It is not often that I mention the insole of the shoes that I review. In most cases insole are rather unremarkable.

Usually the insole of a shoe does its job but their is nothing specifically happening with the insole thats creating a noteworthy experience. The Glycerin 15 has an insole worth noting.

I removed it to see what it is called and inscribed on the bottom are the words “biomogo sockliner.” This insole is not overly thick but ti comforts to the shoe of your foot very quickly and it makes for a really comfortable experience while running.

I usually experience a similar thing with other insoles, but in the Glycerin 15 the insole is something very different. It reminded me of getting fitted for ski or snowboarding boots.

There is a process where you put your foot in the boot and they heat it up. This molds the inner liner to your foot making for a very comfortable and consistent fit.

The insole of the Glycerin 15 is just like this. Little depressions for your toes, heel, and the ball of your foot are created giving your foot the ability to fall right into place every time you put the shoe on.

Brooks Glycerin 15 Upper Info

The upper of the Glycerin 15 is constructed using four way stretch air mesh and 3D Fit Print Technologies. The mesh feels very thin and has a noticeable ability to stretch. It is a seamless upper that is built for maximum comfort.

The upper also has a plush heel and tongue. This makes for a very comfortable fit around the heel and both side of the ankle.

Brooks Glycerin 15 - Medial Side

Brooks Glycerin 15 – Medial Side

It is also nice to have a thick/plush tongue that gives you the ability to tighten your laces the way you need to without causing irritation. In terms of sizing this shoe is exactly the same as the Glycerin 14 for my size 10.

The first thing you notice when putting this shoe on is how soft the materials used in its construction are. Every material used for its construction are made for comfort.

The new mesh material is a larger than expected upgrade compared to the Glycerin 14 because I liked that upper a lot. This new mesh is thin and stretchy providing enhanced breathability and comfort compared to last year.

It provides a sock like fit that maintains comfort for as long as you want to run int it. I am impressed by the quality of the materials used in its construction. This is Brooks premium shoe model and it shows.

Brooks Glycerin 15 Conclusions

The Glycerin 15 is a great upgrade to last years Glycerin 14. The shoe was a pleasure to run in and performed excellent in durability, ride and comfort. Last year was my first introduction to the Glycerin line.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. The shoe provides a ride that is almost on par with some of the other maximum cushioning shoes I have tested.

You won’t necessarily feel a pillowy soft squish in these shoes like you would with a shoe like the Hoka One One Bondi 5.

That is ok though because the shoe still does a great job at cushioning your foot, and it has a more comfortable upper. Another shoe that is similar to the Glycerin 15 is the Nike Vomero 12.

I would say that in terms of ride, the two are very similar, but in terms of build quality and upper construction the Glycerin 15 prevails. I will personally continue to put many miles on this shoe in between testing others.

It a great shoe for high mileage training as it is durable and comfortable with regards to both ride and fit.

We thank the nice people at Brooks for sending us a pair of Glycerin 15 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Brooks Glycerin 15 Price Comparison

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