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  • The cushion is firm for when you up the pace
  • Breathable and flexible upper
  • Good grip on most surfaces


  • Shoe laces are too short
  • The tongue is a little short and thin


The ASICS Pursue 5 is a balanced ride for neutral or mild stability runners. It straddles both categories and offers a versatile shoe that loves picking up the pace.
Gel Pursue 5
10.7 oz. (303 gr.)
120 US$
10 mm
Heel Drop
Previous model
This shoe is for any neutral or very mild stability runner who wants a medium cushion shoe that is willing to up the pace. This shoe is probably better for runners who already know how they run and what type of support they may need.

Asics Gel Pursue 5 Intro

The ASICS Pursue 5 is part of a new trend of shoes that are meant to straddle the line between neutral and stability trainers.

With added guidance, but not to the point of being “stability” it helps those who could be considered very mild overpronators.

This opens the doors for comfort for a decent number of runners, and can make some neutral runners feel more stable in through their gait.

This shoe comes in at $120 and will compete against the likes of the ASICS Cumulus, Brooks Ghosts, Saucony Rides, New Balance 890 or Nike Pegasus.

Asics Gel Pursue 5 First Impressions

Asics Gel Pursue 5 - 06

When these shoes arrived, I was both impressed and a little nostalgic. I thought they looked very nice, in a clean, understated way.

But the more I looked at them, the more they reminded me of older Nimbus and Kayanos I remember seeing as I started running in 2011.

This little play at the throwback brought a smile to my face. It has some bright, eye-catching colors and a nice overall design.

When I put them on, they felt nice, but quite a bit firmer than I was expecting. They were wonderful for a full day at school.

And I enjoyed them for my first run — a 4-mile progression run. They held up quite well. However, these shoes needed some break-in before they were long-run ready.

Asics Gel Pursue 5 Sole Unit

Asics Gel Pursue 5 - 05

The sole unit of this shoe is interesting. Built on the GT-2000 6 platform, you can see elements of stability and a balance of different materials that try to make this shoe as “down the middle” as possible.

ASICS uses a blend of their Gel Cushion System and Flytefoam as the midsole to give a cushioned, but still firm feel. They coupled this system with a SpEVA material as a full topsole that offers high energy return and a “bouncy feel”.

As is the case with almost all ASICS shoes, the Pursues also include the Impact Guidance System, the Guidance Trusstic System and the Guidance Line on the outsole.

These systems are used to help keep your gait and to help guide you through an economical transition.

On the outsole, the shoe uses ASICS High-Abrasion Rubber to help with traction and flexibility.

All of these technologies work together to offer a sole unit that is soft enough for most runs, yet firm enough that when you up the pace it seems to revel in your choice. These materials feel responsive and seem to live for the tempo runs.

Asics Gel Pursue 5 Upper Unit

Asics Gel Pursue 5 - 01

On the upper, although they look like older offerings from the company, ASICS has used new technologies to ensure comfort for their runner.

Using seamless construction and a jacquard mesh to help with breathability, ASICS created a supportive, yet flexible upper.

This upper fit true-to-size in length, and was surprisingly roomy for an ASICS shoe. The heel locks in well with a rigid heel cup that opens into a midfoot that feels the support of a logo overlay.

From there it opens into, perhaps, the widest ASICS toebox I’ve ever experienced. I actually felt that my toes had some room to spread out. This is not something I am used to with this company.

In the past, I have been worried about the toebox height of ASICS shoes — a problem I encountered in both the Nimbus and the Cumulus — however, that was not a problem I encountered in the Pursue.

Instead, my feet felt a comfortable last and materials the both supported but didn’t constrict them through my gait.

The upper felt quite comfortable in basically every use I had. The only issue I had was that the tongue felt a little short — my shoe laces knotted just below the top — and thin.

This was not an issue on shorter runs. However, on runs of 8 or more miles, I felt the shoe laces through the tongue, and this was something I didn’t particularly enjoy.

Asics Gel Pursue 5 Conclusion

Asics Gel Pursue 5 - 04

In the end, this shoe is about as “down the middle” as one might be able to find. With hints of stability, good energy return, and decent flexibility, the shoe can pick up the pace.

However, this firmer cushion make it a little tough for my feet on the long run.

The upper is comfortable and I think they look good. I enjoyed most runs in them, although — as I said before — my long runs left my feet feeling a little beat up.

However, for short-to-medium runs or anything that picked up the pace, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

This shoe also felt a bit more stable through most of my winter runs. Something about them gave me the confidence to take them on most surfaces during my long winter months. This is something to be said about that.

I believe that a lighter runner would really enjoy this shoe for its combination of stability and willingness to pick up the pace. At a decent price-point, it is worth a look.

We purchased a pair of Asics Gel Pursue 5 from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Asics Gel Pursue 5 Price Comparison

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