Written by

Brandon Law

Marathon Runner and Shoe Expert
The Nike Pegasus is a mid-tier, neutral daily trainer with a durable build; the 880 is New Balance's neutral mid-tier daily trainer with a balanced ride character. Here we will be comparing these two shoes.

The Pegasus 37 is a crowd-pleaser which has received sweeping updates from the ground up. It gets a brand new React midsole, a thicker Zoom Air unit and a new outsole layout. It costs $120 and weighs 9 oz.

The New Balance 880v10 is a widely popular, versatile trainer which has also received major upgrades. Version 10 has a Fresh Foam X midsole, a knitted upper and a new outsole configuration. It costs $130 and weighs 9.9 oz.

Which of these two every day workhorses is the one for you?

Similarity and differences: Zoom Pegasus 37 vs Fresh Foam 880 v10

Zoom Pegasus 37

Fresh Foam 880 v10

Expert score
Expert score
Expert score
9 oz
9.9 oz
Heel Drop
10 mm
10 mm
The Pegasus 37 is a reliable daily trainer that can do it all. The switch React foam has quite possibly created the best version yet.
The New Balance 880v10 is a versatile trainer that hits almost all of its marks. From the regular run to the long distance, this shoe can cover it all.
Who is it for
The Pegasus 37 is a wonderfully Versatile shoe cushioned enough for beginners and has a snappy ride for picking up the pace. This is a do it all kind of shoe that works for any runner.
This shoe is designed for people logging high mileage or going for slower runs. This shoe can fit most runners, and is a great beginner shoe.
Recommended for
Racing, speedwork, daily training, long distance racing
Daily training
Cushioning type
Cushioning amount
Medium cushioning
Medium cushioning
not particularly stable
some stability
true to size
true to size
Retail price

Sole unit: Zoom Pegasus 37 vs Fresh Foam 880 v10

The midsole of the Pegasus 37 is made of React foam compared to the 880v10’s midsole of Fresh Foam X. The Pegasus 37 has a Zoom Air unit in its forefoot which the 880v10 does not have.

The ride of the Pegasus 37 is firmer than the ride of the 880v10 and is more suited to shorter, tempo runs. The 880v10 is better suited to longer runs at relaxed paces because of its more cushioned ride and it’s heavier weight.

Responsiveness is better in the Pegasus 37 thanks to the Zoom Air unit in the forefoot which adds a nice “pop” on toe off. This extra bit of responsiveness comes in handy on tempo runs when you need a snappy toe off.

Stability is better in the 880v10 than in the Pegasus 37. The 880v10 has a midsole which flares out and has a wide, stable base so foot strikes feel more planted.

The outsole of the Pegasus 37 is made of hard carbon rubber on the lateral crash pad and blown rubber on the medial side and forefoot. The 880v10 also has hard carbon rubber on its rearfoot and toe areas with softer, blown rubber on its midfoot and forefoot. Overall, the Pegasus 37’s outsole is much more durable than the 880v10 as its outsole rubber is firmer and harder-wearing.

The React midsole of the Pegasus 37 is a durable material which doesn’t lose much cushioning over the life of the shoe. The Zoom Air unit will also not lose any cushioning as the air is encapsulated. The Fresh Foam X midsole of the 880v10 is an EVA blend which will eventually lose cushioning over time.

Upper unit: Zoom Pegasus 37 vs Fresh Foam 880 v10

The upper of the Pegasus 37 is made from a light and airy engineered mesh. It has a thin, flat, racing-inspired tongue in order to save weight. The heel counter of the Pegasus 37 flares away from the Achilles to not irritate but this results in a loose heel hold. The forefoot of the Pegasus 37 runs narrow but the shoe is available in additional narrow, regular, wide and extra wide versions if you need them.

The upper of the 880v10 is a knitted material called Hypoknit which is soft and comfortable but it runs warmer than the Pegasus 37. It has a chunky external plastic heel counter for heel support that makes the shoe heel-heavy. The 880v10 runs true to size and comes in regular, wide and extra wide versions.

Which one to buy: Zoom Pegasus 37 vs Fresh Foam 880 v10

If you’re a runner who wants a durable, responsive trainer for mainly shorter, tempo distances, get the Pegasus 37. The Pegasus 37 has a breathable upper, a Zoom Air unit for extra “pop” on toe off and one of the most durable outsoles on the market. It has a narrow fit but is available in wider sizes.

If you want a shoe for longer distances and you don’t mind the extra weight, get the 880v10. The 880v10 is $10 more than the Pegasus 37 but it is more cushioned, more stable and has a more comfortable upper. The 880v10’s outsole is not as durable but it has better ground feel and contributes to a softer ride.

This expert review is written by

Brandon Law

Marathon Runner and Shoe Expert
Brandon is a South African who lives and trains in Singapore. He is a marathon runner who eats, sleeps and dreams running shoes. While most people wear shoes to run, he runs to wear shoes.

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