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Review written on 04th April by Kristin Lassen Experienced Runner and Stability Shoe Expert
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Saucony Omni 22 Verdict

The Saucony Omni 22 is a moderate stability shoe built for durability with comfort and a smoother transition with lighter weight. A supportive heel stands out in this shoe and limits inefficient torsional movement as the foot begins to roll forward.

The pros

  • Stable base
  • Durable
  • Smooth ride
  • Comfortable, supportive heel fit

The cons

  • Lacks energy return
  • Long break in

Rating breakdown

Build quality
Sole unit
Value / Price

Facts / Specs

Omni 22
10.1 oz (286 g)

35 mm.
27 mm.
Heel drop
8 mm.
Carbon plate
No plate


True to size
Heel fit
Midfoot fit
Toebox fit

Cushioning & ride

Type of cushioning
Amount of cushioning
Medium cushioning
Some stability


Daily training  
Long distance racing
Ultra distance racing

Who should buy the Saucony Omni 22 ?

Wear Omni for regular runs up through about 10 miles. Runners who overpronate may benefit from the extra-secure heel to minimize excess movement. The regular fit is best for narrow feet; medium to wide-footed runners should try the wide fit.

Who should not buy the Saucony Omni 22 ?

Omni is not the best option for runners wanting a trainer/racer combined. While it rolls forward with a comfortably-smooth transition, the shoe lacks the spring into toe-off desired in speed work and racing.

Saucony Omni 22 Introduction

Picture of Saucony Omni 22

Omni hits the “sweet spot” in Saucony’s stability line up as it sits between the max-plush Hurricane and trimmed down Guide. Hurricane is definitely more cushioned, which may be your preference, but I would go with Omni any day over the Guide, at least the Guide 14 I ran in a few years ago.

In my experience Omni has a smoother ride and more propulsion than Guide, but this is likely due to some updates in Omni for this latest version. A new PWRRUN sockliner increases comfort, and an updated HOLLOW-TECH GUIDANCE SYSTEM takes weight out of the heel while still providing needed push-back to early pronation.

The 22 is a full ounce lighter in a men’s 9 (10.1 oz) and weights 8.9 oz for a women’s 8.

Offset is 8 mm. from heel down to toe, up 1 mm. of midsole with a 35 mm. heel to 27 mm. forefoot, and list price remains at $140 USD.

Omni feels nicely stable upon foot-plant and supports the heel well, which is my favorite part of this shoe. The transition is smooth and toe-off is “meh” – it’s OK but not as propelling as you’ll find with HOKA’s rocker-base and adidas’s energy rods.

Omni competes with the Brooks Adrenaline and ASICS GT-2000 as a mid-level stability running shoe.

Both GT-2000 and the newest models from Brooks accommodate a slightly wider forefoot-to-heel ratio better than does Saucony, as does the Lululemon Blissfeel, a shoe designed particularly with this common feature of a woman’s foot in mind.

The solid base in Omni reminds me of the much less expensive Nike Downshifter 12, the key difference being flexibility.

Omni rolls forward with a smoother ride, while Downshifter is better for runners who need a shoe that is stiff from heel to ball of the foot.

Saucony Omni 22 First Impressions

Picture of Saucony Omni 22

The look out of the box makes me immediately think of a lone runner out braving the road—maybe because many don’t buy such a bright shoe simply for casual wear!

Slipping it on I could tell this was a narrow shoe throughout but fits long. Would I need to send it back for a wider forefoot? I decided to try a few runs first.

Walking around I was happily surprised by a quicker transition than I was expecting.

On the first run my heel felt so good snugly supported in the back. It took about 40 miles for the forefoot to stretch enough to fit comfortably.

Saucony Omni 22 Upper

Picture of Saucony Omni 22

This version’s engineered mesh upper is flanked by “windows” on both sides offering a lighter weight and increased breathability.

Without this the shoe would get warm given it’s sturdy, reinforced construction and partially gusseted tongue. Perforated, flexible material attaches both sides of the tongue to the base.

The sturdy, narrow-fitting upper is a plus for durability and lock-down but also means a long break-in for some foot shapes. Omni fits long for its size, so order “wide” rather than sizing up to accommodate medium to wide feet.

Picture of Saucony Omni 22

The shoe is narrow throughout, with a cozy and well-supported heel. This is my favorite aspect of the shoe.

The midsole extends up to frame the heel and reinforce an internal heel counter that offers support around the back of the shoe.

This is like the Brooks GuideRails only more centered around the ankle versus extending into the midfoot.

Saucony Omni 22 Sole Unit

Picture of Saucony Omni 22

Omni’s midsole is made of Saucony’s long-running PWRRUN foam, a standard EVA foam that offers structured cushion. On the positive, it is durable; on the negative it lacks responsiveness / spring. Weight is on the lighter side of average.

The support in the Omni 22 has changed from a dual-density midsole in the 21 to the plastic “HOLLOW-TECH” system that was introduced in 2022 with the Guide 15.

HOLLOW-TECH is a medial post that curves up like a semi circle through the medial heel in place of a large post of dense foam that overtakes half the medial side. This change is a big part of the shoe losing weight this year – one ounce lighter depending on the size.

HOLLOW-TECH does its job; the shoe continues to offer sufficient support.

Picture of Saucony Omni 22

Patches of XT-900 carbon rubber cover high-wear areas of the outsole with a vertical grove cutting weight and transfer of torsional force.

The shoe is decently stiff with a slight bend past the halfway point, under pressure. The TRI-FLEX design attempts to find the balance between stiffness and lack of support, and it does a decent job for moderate support needs.

Saucony Omni 22 Conclusions

Picture of Saucony Omni 22

Omni continues to bring the faithful support beloved by faithful followers for over two decades.

The heel support and solid feel upon foot-plant stand out as key features of this shoe. A narrow fit makes the “wide” option necessary for many runners.

This model brings a more smooth ride than in the past and feels good to run in. What keeps it from being “great” is lack of propulsion which so many shoes offer these days.

If you have run in past models of Omni let us know what you think of the new HOLLOW-TECH medial post.

If you are new to Omni like me, how does it compare with your past shoe? Let us know in the comments!

How does the Omni 22 compare?

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23
Saucony Omni 22
Asics GT 2000 12
Expert score
User score
Retail price
Shoe type
10.1 oz
10.1 oz
9.5 oz
Heel Drop
12 mm
8 mm
8 mm
Recommended for
Daily training
Daily training
Daily training
Cushioning type
Cushioning amount
Medium cushioning
Medium cushioning
Medium cushioning
very stable
some stability
some stability
true to size
true to size
true to size

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Reviewed by Kristin

This review was written by Kristin Lassen on 04th April.
Running long for over twenty years, Kristin has found peace and solidarity with like-minded 'soles,' cheetahs of all speeds and walks of life. Kristin holds a bachelor's degree in exercise science and an MA in theology; running is where her dual passions for truth and fitness merge. She teaches college classes and together with her husband raises four children, corn, and soybeans in rural Iowa.

User feedback (3)

  • avatar-comment-1037288
    1 month ago

    I ran in all omni versions between the Omni 16 and 20 and ran marathons and a couple of ultras in them. The Omni 22 is certainly not like the original Omni series. It is more like an updated and rebranded guide series.
    1) The wide base in the midsole and heel is replaced by the tpu frame. That is not the biggest problem as the tpu hollow tech still delivers a stable base although it needs some time to get used to.
    2)A big thing to take into account is that the outsole rubber does not role into the nose of the shoe. It just stops when the outsole starts bending to the nose. As a result the nose does not have any structure and you can even press it with your pink after 60 miles. I think this construction caused that I suddenly experienced pain in my big toe. This construction is inherited from the previous guide but there the rocker was not present so it may not have much impact. You may need to consider sizing up 1/2 a size or more

    • avatar-comment-1037306
      1 month ago

      Forgot to add the following in my comment:
      Original omni had a powerrun+ layer on top of the sole and on top of that a “standard” factory insole was delivered. This made it easy to use your own custom soles as you still kept the supplied powerrun+ layer. In the omni 22, this layer is gone and the powerrun+ is integrated in the thicker delivered insole. So when you use your own custom sole you loose the powerrun+. So when you use your own sole, this shoe is probably not for you.

      • avatar-comment-1037318
        1 month ago

        Thank you for adding your experience after running in multiple versions of this shoe. It is especially helpful to know three change underfoot for those who have supplied their own inserts in the past.

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