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As editorial policy, we do not accept free samples. We purchased this pair at Running Warehouse with our own money.
Review written on 31st July by Olivia Yoder Ultrarunner, personal trainer and soccer coach.
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ON Cloudvista Verdict

The On Cloudvista is a great entry-level trail shoe or a shoe that does well from road to smooth trails. It's beautifully built and looks great but does lack in some areas that would help make it a great trail shoe.

The pros

  • Good entry level road to trail shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Well made

The cons

  • Narrow/ Not true to size
  • Not a shoe you want to get wet

Rating breakdown

Build quality
Sole unit
Value / Price

Facts / Specs

9.9 oz (281 g)

33 mm.
24 mm.
Heel drop
9 mm.
Carbon plate
Plate in other materials


Buy half size bigger
Heel fit
Midfoot fit
Toebox fit

Cushioning & ride

Type of cushioning
Amount of cushioning
Little cushioning
Some stability

Trail specs

Average protection
Average Traction
Water resitance

Best for these distances

Regular training  
Long, slow training runs
Speedwork on flat surfaces
Short trail races (up to half marathons)  
Marathon and 50k trail races
Ultra distances, 50 miles and greater

Best for these terrains

Moderate trails  
Technical trails
Rocky areas
Muddy areas
Through creeks and streams
Through snowy or icy sections
Dirt trails  
Paved trails  
Through grassy sections  

Who should buy the ON Cloudvista ?

This is for the individual who is looking to find a shoe that can serve a few purposes. It’s for the runner who might be thinking about getting into some trail runs or for the person who just wants a shoe that can transition easily from various surfaces.

Who should not buy the ON Cloudvista ?

This shoe is not for the ultra trail runner. If you are looking for a well-cushioned shoe, this might not be for you either. It runs on the firmer wide like most On shoes and is felt when put to the test on the trails.

ON Cloudvista Introduction

Picture of On Cloudvista

The On Cloudvista is a good trail shoe that performs well on trails that are hard-packed dirt, lakeside loops, and meandering well-groomed paths. It will lack when tested out on more rocky and technical territory.

It’s a perfect road-to-trail shoe, suitable for most terrain and easily worn as a road running shoe. Its modern look makes it’s also a great choice to wear around.

It falls into that moderately priced category. It will cost you $149.99. Do I think that’s a justifiable price? Yes, because of the many different ways you can use the shoe. Plus, On has a superior quality that is hard to match.

Another shoe that is an all-terrain road-to-trail shoe would be the Altra Outroad. It’s my top pick for that category.

When talking about sizing it does run a tad narrow and snug. I would suggest sizing up a half-size to a full-size. I like my trail shoes bigger so I can use thicker socks If I were to buy another pair of them I would buy the next size up.

They are very light compared to other trail shoes, coming in at 235g/ 8.2 oz and there is a 9mm heel-to-toe drop.

On uses their CloudTec®, Helion™ super foam, and Missiongrip™ when taking a look at what technology is packed into these shoes.

ON Cloudvista Impressions

Picture of On Cloudvista

When you look at the Cloudvista you will notice that they stay true to the signature On brand look. They have a stylish silhouette and their unique cloud-pocketed midsole also known as CloudTec.

Looking at first glance they resemble the Cloudventure, which is marketed towards everyday trail running shoes. If you’re looking for an On brand shoe that can handle a little more mileage and trail you can check out the Cloudventure Peak.

Let’s dive deep into all the features that this shoe has to offer.

The area that is most known is the CloudTec technology that you can see on every midsole of On shoes. The Cloudvista does an exceptional job of allowing the midsole to flex on its own and connect you to the ground. As stated by On, Helion Superfoam combines rigid, stable sections of the midsole with more flexible foam elements to provide both impact cushioning and energy return.

One of the biggest areas a trail shoe can shine is its outsole. On developed their own outsole called Missiongrip. It’s multidirectional lugs that are supposed to cling to all surfaces. While they did ok on some more technical surfaces, they are a shoe that does well on packed dirt paths and that’s where I use them.

Last area that On markets is their TPU mudguards. This is said to give the shoe durability and helps to hold up when faced with tough trails.

Lacing them up for the first time I was fully aware of how firm they are. On is known for that, but the Cloudvista had firmness from the midsole to the upper. They hugged my feet all over but were almost a little too constricted. I had to wear them for many runs/ walks to get them broken into a point to enjoy them. But, just looking at them they are really cool.

My first run was a short road-to-trail run. It was 3 miles. I had zero problems when running on the pavement, transitioning to a more rocky terrain is where I was hesitant. I suffer from ankle problems and have a fear of rolling one of my ankles.

With the Cloudvistas, the midsole runs a tad narrow and too high for me. I prefer a shoe that has a wider midsole, especially one that will flair out around the heel. It gives me more peace of mind and stability.

This shoe runs more like a road shoe than a trail shoe for me. I feel confident in my stability when using them on the road or packed flat trails.

ON Cloudvista Protection

Picture of On Cloudvista

The Cloudvista is much lighter in weight when you put them on than what it shows on paper. The lightweight breathable upper combined with the Helion super foam and the CloudTec midsole make the Cloudvista exceptionally light but on the same note, on has included enough trail features to create a shoe that is decently stable and protective out on the trails.

Like I mentioned, just not as stable as I would like but I think overall it’s a good shoe.

On days the upper is made of “70% recycled polyester and as well as a TPU mudguard for added protection.” The mudguards are properly placed for some mild protection. I did take them through a creek and the multi-layers of the upper felt like they just contained the water. Not a fan.

The midsole compared to the Cloudultra has a softer feel to them. The reason for this could be the purple insole that you see when you’re about to put your shoes on.

When you remove this insole and flip it over you will notice that it is built up from the midfoot to the heel. This allows for a nice flex in the shoe.

ON Cloudvista Durability

Picture of On Cloudvista

Durability wise so far they have held up for 50-plus miles with little wear to them on the outsole. I have worn them a great deal on blacktop and the lugs do show a small amount of wear. I think if I would have kept them on trails or just dirt paths they would look brand new still.

Can it handle tough mountain terrain? The short answer is yes they can. But I have other trail shoes I would rather wear for those types of trails so I would not pick these if given the choice.

I would not want to wear these for anything over 10k. They do a great job performing their job up to moderate distances but for those longer runs, I need more cushioning and support.

ON Cloudvista Responsiveness & speed

Picture of On Cloudvista

Out on the more technical trails, these do feel lightweight and nimble. It is easy to find your foot placement over rocks and roots. But with the pods on the bottom of the shoes I just don’t feel fully confident going my fastest speed over the rugged paths. In the back of my mind, I was constantly thinking I was going to roll my ankles.

ON Cloudvista Comfort and fit

Picture of On Cloudvista

The comfort and fit of the shoe is overall mediocre.

From the midsole to the upper it’s not plush in any way. At first, it’s a very stiff shoe that gradually warms up the more you wear it. It is a form-fitting shoe, those with wider feet would want to steer clear of this shoe. Even though it’s form-fitting it still doesn’t give me the lockdown over the midfoot I like.

The laces are very thin, but I’m a huge fan of Salomon’s trail lacing system so maybe that’s kinda On’s idea behind the skinny laces. Once you pull the laces and tie them you will notice there isn’t any padding at all in the tongue.

It’s made up of a microfiber material, so when you have your laces done and pulled tight you feel pressure on the top of your foot. This is fine for short distances but when you push past those, that’s when I want a little expansion in the shoe to let my feel swell.

ON Cloudvista Conclusions

Picture of On Cloudvista

On’s trail shoe, the Cloudvista is geared towards the entry-level runner who is starting to see the value in having a road-to-trail shoe in their rotation.

It’s a great-looking shoe that by just looking at them you can see how much thought is put into creating them. I would suggest wearing them for everyday trail shoes that would be used for gravel paths, dirt roads, or mild trails.

How does the Cloudvista compare?

Altra Outroad
ON Cloudvista
Nike Wildhorse 8
Expert score
User score
Retail price
Shoe type
10 oz
9.9 oz
11.4 oz
Heel Drop
0 mm
9 mm
8 mm
Recommended for
Moderate trails, rocky areas, muddy areas, through creeks and streams, dirt trails, paved trails, through grassy sections
Moderate trails, dirt trails, paved trails, through grassy sections
Moderate trails, muddy areas, dirt trails, paved trails, through grassy sections
Cushioning type
Cushioning amount
Medium cushioning
Little cushioning
Highly cushioned
some stability
some stability
some stability
buy half size bigger
buy half size bigger
true to size

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Reviewed by Olivia

This review was written by Olivia Yoder on 31st July.
Lives in Marietta, Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and dog. Olivia is a personal trainer and soccer coach. She has been running for 10 years and competes in various distances. For the past few years she has been concentrating on the ultra distances. She never would have thought that one sport would change her whole outlook on life like running has.

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