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Review written on 16th October by Josh McClurg Josh McClurg is from western Pennsylvania, close to Pittsburgh. He is 33 years old and is a diesel mechanic for work and a fitness fanatic for hobby.
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Nike Metcon 9 Verdict

The Nike Metcon 9 is supposed to be a slight step up from the 8 but I believe it fell short and they took the shoe in the wrong direction, but hey maybe thats just me!

The pros

  • Reconstructed hyperlift plate
  • More lateral and media rubber
  • Wider toebox

The cons

  • Heel counter too high

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Rating breakdown

Build quality
Sole unit
Value / Price

Facts / Specs

Metcon 9
Previous model
 oz (0 g)

Heel drop
4 mm.

Size, fit and comfort

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Heel fit
Midfoot fit
Toebox fit
Amount of cushioning
Medium cushioning
Very stable

Best for

HIIT / Crossfit  
Weight Lifting / Strength Training  

Who should buy the Nike Metcon 9 ?

The person who should buy this shoe is the typical crossfit athlete or someone doing consistent HIIT workouts. Fast paced, low impact movements are perfect for this shoe.

Who should not buy the Nike Metcon 9 ?

Like the Metcon 8 if you are a runner, I would not suggest this shoe or if you arent an advanced athlete. A powerlifter could use this shoe but definately not the best option!

Nike Metcon 9 Introduction

Picture of Nike Metcon 9

The Nike Metcon 9 is an advanced performance crossfit shoe meant to be versatile in any gym setting. This shoe is designed for HIIT and crosstraining with its wall to wall rubber, its flat base and cushioned sole.

Like its predecessor, the Metcon 8, this shoe is great for competition settings and hard training.

Shoes like the No Bull trainer and Ryka Destination XT, the Metcon exceeds them all.

At a price-point of $150, you really get what you pay for although like mentioned before if you are a daily gym goer, I wouldn’t say you need this shoe – but for the advanced crossfit athlete, these are perfect.

Like the Metcon 8, these are very similar with minimal changes aside from a reconstructed hyperlift heel plate and a wider toebox.

They did add a rubber compound to the toebox for more grip and extended the rope guard rubber on the sides of the shoe.

Nike Metcon 9 Impressions

Picture of Nike Metcon 9

When I first opened the box I noticed a very similar shoe to the 8 with minimal changes in uppers yet a more aesthetically pleasing shoe.

A simpler design thats easier on the eyes. When I first put them on I was kind of let down.

I noticed right away a break in period was needed and it was a shoe id have to really get used to. There was no slip in and go feel. It was rigid.

I decided the first workout to included wall handstands, box jumps and squats to get a real feel and although it needed broken in, it exceeded my expectations and handled what I through at it!

Nike Metcon 9 Comfort and fit

Picture of Nike Metcon 9

The Metcon 9 is an updated version from the previous 8 that I did not find to be comfortable.

Some people may like them but the wider toe box left too much room for my feet to slide around, I didn’t feel locked into the shoe.

The heel counter also came up too high and rubbed my ankle bones which was very unfortable. The fit would probably be a half size smaller.

Is the Nike Metcon 9 good for running?

In my opinion these flat cross trainers are not setup for running. Although they reconstructed the hyperlift system to be more nimble around the heel, the shoe is still clunky.

Is the Nike Metcon 9 good for HIIT / Crossfit?

Picture of Nike Metcon 9

Crossfit and HIIT are a great match for these shoes. Like the metcon 8 they were designed for just that with their fully rubberized sole and ropeguards on the sides. They are versatile in the crosstraining space!

Is the Nike Metcon 9 good for weight lifting?

For weight lifting they will work as well but are not specifically designed for it. They do have a nice flat bottom for keeping good balance and are stable to squat or deadlift. Are they the perfect shoe, probably not because they do flex a bit but overall yes you can strength train in them.

Is the Nike Metcon 9 good for dance classes?

Picture of Nike Metcon 9

Dance classes would not be fun in these because like most crossfit shoes or lifters they have a very flat base for landing solid and not being nimble on your toes.

Dancers need to flex their feet and move freely. These shoes are to solid to move in that manner.

Is the Nike Metcon 9 good for general gym use?

In my research, using these shoes in the gym I wouldn’t recommend your average gym goer to use these.

Though they are good for crossfit and HIIT workouts, the pricepoint on them is extreme and most average people going to the gym just need a shoe that allows them to walk and workout not “train”.

Is the Nike Metcon 9 good for other types of training?

Like the 8 these shoes are to flat and clunky to use for anything other than what they intended for. I walked around my sons school and grocery store was very uncomfortable. They are solid and flat so each step felt like you were stomping!

Nike Metcon 9 Conclusions

Picture of Nike Metcon 9

Overall this shoe is like the Metcon 8, suitable for the experienced crosstraining athlete and not so much for the begginner.

If it were me I would opt for the 8 or a different shoe all together. Even after breaking in these shoes I didnt enjoy them.

I have a more narrow foot and with the widened toebox, I noticed my foot slipping around inside the shoe as if I needed a small size or just a different shoe in general.

Aside from that downgrade to me, the heel counter is too high and rubbed my ankle bones. No matter what sock I had on I was always irritated when training in these.

I believe the Metcon 8 was a step above the 9 and if I were to tell someone to get a cross-trainer, it wouldn’t be these.

How does the Metcon 9 compare?

Nike Metcon 8
Nike Metcon 9
Reebok Nano X3
Expert score
User score
Retail price
12 oz
Heel Drop
4 mm
4 mm
Recommended for
Cushioning type
Cushioning amount
Medium cushioning
Medium cushioning
Medium cushioning
very stable
very stable
very stable
buy half size bigger
buy half size smaller
true to size

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Reviewed by Josh

This review was written by Josh McClurg on 16th October.
Josh McClurg is from western Pennsylvania, close to Pittsburgh. He is 33 years old and is a diesel mechanic for work and a fitness fanatic for hobby. Josh grew up running with his dad hours before school and rode bmx with his friends in his spare time. Running and being in shape were always on the forefront of life! Eventually he grew out of that and had to deal with real life working. When he found out he was having a little boy at 28, he knew he had to change his life. Ate poorly, gained

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