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Saucony Freedom Crossport review

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As editorial policy, we do not accept free samples. We purchased this pair at Running Warehouse with our own money.
Review written on 02nd July by Josh McClurg Josh McClurg is from western Pennsylvania, close to Pittsburgh. He is 33 years old and is a diesel mechanic for work and a fitness fanatic for hobby.
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Saucony Freedom Crossport Verdict

The Saucony Freedom Crossport is a very versatile training shoe that can be used for a quick run to a stacked day in the gym!

The pros

  • Flat surface for solid lifting
  • Wider toebox for toe splay
  • Powerrunpb foam for soft landings

The cons

  • Arch is to high
  • Heel counter could use improvement

Rating breakdown

Build quality
Sole unit
Value / Price

Facts / Specs

Freedom Crossport
8.6 oz (244 g)

27 mm.
23 mm.
Heel drop
4 mm.

Size, fit and comfort

True to size
Heel fit
Midfoot fit
Toebox fit
Amount of cushioning
Medium cushioning
Some stability

Best for

Running short distances  
Running on treadmill  
HIIT / Crossfit  
Weight Lifting / Strength Training  
Squash / Padel  
Agility Training  

Who should buy the Saucony Freedom Crossport ?

The typical person who would be into the crossport would be a crossfit athlete whether new or seasoned. Somebody doing plyometrics or HIIT workouts with intermittent running would benefit greatly from this shoe!

Who should not buy the Saucony Freedom Crossport ?

A powerlifter looking to step on the stage and really make some PR heavy lifts or somebody signing up for a marathon would’nt benefit from this shoe. I wouldnt recommend running long distance and or lifting superior weights!

Saucony Freedom Crossport Introduction

Picture of Saucony Freedom Crossport

The Saucony Freedom Crossport is a shoe designed to jump between running and working out like shoes such as the Nano x3, Nike Metcon or even in my opinion the Saucony Kinvara.

The Crossport took a jump from the freedom 5 with powerrun pb foam and a PEBA midsole to better transition between running and lifting. The Crossport has a much wider toebox to allow your toes to splay and really feel the ground to giving you stable sidewalls to keep you planted during a squat session.

It is a neutral shoe ready to take on your day at the gym. It is great for box jumps, stepups, squats, deadlifting, running and more.

With a 4mm heel to toe drop, this shoe sits close to the ground letting you dig in when needed without feeling like your rolling off of the base like some shoes do.

The heel counter is wrapped in leather to really hold you in there even though I had quite a bit of movement when transitioning to side to side movements. I would suggest revamping that but it was a solid attempt for this crosstrainer.

At a pricepoint of $150 I believe its a solid shoe with movement in mind. Though a price drop to maybe $120 or $130 would probably excel this shoe in the crossfit market, saucony did a very good job at making a crosstrainer with running on the backburner.

The shoe is wrapped in a synthetic upper material which really grabs your foot and keeps you intact.

The tongue itself is gusseted so no slippage or side setting can happen, and I believe every crosstrainer should have this option!

Saucony Freedom Crossport Impressions

Picture of Saucony Freedom Crossport

I am a huge Saucony fan, so when I got this shoe I was more than ready to hop in and take them for a spin! With other Saucony shoes, the designs are always on point, with great colorways, overlays, foams and tread patterns.

The very first workout I did to break the shoes in was a 5k just to really get a feel for the shoe and they performed excellent. Yes they are a crosstrainer but with the powerrunpb foam, I bounced right along the road without any pain or discomfort and transitioned from road to gravel without a problem as well with the tread utilized on the bottom.

The traction was great and well purposed.

Secondly, I did a HIIT workout with some box jumps, kips, split squats and more. I never felt an issue with these shoes.

They are light enough to stay in control yet stable enough to carry me through the entire workout!

Until I did some side to side movements I thought these shoes were perfect; but upon doing some cutting movements I found some heel movement that I really didn’t enjoy.

Not every shoe will be perfect so I cant say that this would deter me from purchasing them but it was a slight complaint!

Saucony Freedom Crossport Comfort and fit

Picture of Saucony Freedom Crossport

The Crossport fit is a wider yet true to size design built from a synthetic material to stay in place and hold you firmly in the shoe.

The toebox is seamless so you do not have any snags or odd feelings and it which allows the toe to be comfortable and open enough to really settle in.

The midfoot and heel counter have a few overlays to give more stability without getting in the way or irritating the foot or heel.

The tongue itself is gusseted giving a strong lockdown on the foot with no movement. With no overlays on the toebox, it allows for breathability.

At no point in any of my runs or workouts were my feet sweating or hot like in some of the past saucony shoes I have worn.

The synthetic material does allow for water or rain to bead off a bit and not get soaked immediatly but in no way are they waterproof. Id say atleast waterresistant for minimal time!

Is the Saucony Freedom Crossport good for running?

For short distance runs even up to 5k id say these shoes work great! I truly enjoy running in them.

Is the Saucony Freedom Crossport good for HIIT / Crossfit?

HIIT workouts are perfect for these shoes! Flexible, comfortable and dependable!

Is the Saucony Freedom Crossport good for weight lifting?

The Crossport isnt the best option for “heavy” weight training but it will get you through most weight training activities with ease!

Is the Saucony Freedom Crossport good for dance classes?

For dance classes you could most definately use these shoes, they may not be best for ballet because the wide toebox wouldnt give you a hard base to toe stand on like they do in ballet but to move around and really feel your groove, they could work.

Is the Saucony Freedom Crossport good for general gym use?

I believe general gym usage is where these shoes really excel! From light workouts to strength training to even kickboxing, they aee comfy, light, have a wide base to let you stay planted and overall look amazing too!

Is the Saucony Freedom Crossport good for other types of training?

A day on the boardwalk or walking around the theme park with the family does work well for these shoes, i had a bit of irritation from the arch but the more i wore them the less it was! I really enjoyed these shoes for casual outtings!!

Saucony Freedom Crossport Conclusions

Picture of Saucony Freedom Crossport

This shoe is great!

I only have two minor inconveniences with them:

  • The arch of the shoe pushes up in an odd way when normal everyday wear but during activities I never had an issues. So if anything for me I just wont wear them casually!
  • The other was the heelcounter movement I felt in lateral transitions. Once again nothing I would actually complain about but is worth noting.

Overall the Crossports held up really well.

Running wise I put about 15 miles in them without any discomfort or issues. For a cross-trainer, these shoes performed the best during a run compared of other shoes!

For my workouts, they propelled me forward in all activities.

I really enjoyed the soft cushion and the traction these shoes gave. I’d suggest these shoes to any of my friends if they really wanted a shoe that is made to perform in all elements!

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We purchased this pair of Saucony at Running Warehouse  with our own money.

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Reviewed by Josh

This review was written by Josh McClurg on 02nd July.
Josh McClurg is from western Pennsylvania, close to Pittsburgh. He is 33 years old and is a diesel mechanic for work and a fitness fanatic for hobby. Josh grew up running with his dad hours before school and rode bmx with his friends in his spare time. Running and being in shape were always on the forefront of life! Eventually he grew out of that and had to deal with real life working. When he found out he was having a little boy at 28, he knew he had to change his life. Ate poorly, gained

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